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I started getting my upper plate at Aspen Dental about 3 years ago--so far I'm on my 5th plate that they've made and I'm out over $1000 and the plate I currently have in my mouth is cracked--yet again!! The problems have ranged from cracks to terrible fits and poor repairs.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Roseburg, OR The plate I have in that was one I got about a year ago and paid $800 for (supposed to be a stronger plate than the basic)--it developed a small crack about 2 weeks ago and I took it in and was told it was just "veins" and then over Thanksgiving while I was 950 miles from home, it cracked to about an inch long crack. I took it in last week for a repair and two days later I was eating a piece of dried apple (not a rock) and it cracked again. I will no longer be doing business with Aspen Dental and am letting everyone I know not to do business with this particular office in Roseburg, OR.

Dec 03, 2018

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