Aspen Dental Management / bridges

I had went to Aspen Dental because I had a very bad pain in my tooth. I scheduled an appt with Aspen Dental since it was listed under my dental ins plan. According to the dentist I had Periodontist and gingivitis and I needed to get treatment right away because if not I was going to lose all of my teeth little by little. I decided to this treatment because I was afraid and terrified losing all of my teeth at such a young age. I was only 45 at the time. I was told the cost was about $10, 000 and that my insurance would cover $6000. The rest would be out of pocket which I didn't have it so then I was told about a card by the name of GENESIS CREDIT. And that I would pay a certain amount monthly. I agreed to it because I was in so much pain and supposedly this infection that I had. When my bridges where put and mind you I had 6 tooth pulled out because they were infected. I was told a mold needed to get done and that I needed to wear something temporarily. I finally get my bridges and I couldn't bite down very well. I was then told I needed another mold. I go back to the office try this new mold and when they put it, it was very painful! When they showed me a mirror now my new bridges are way whiter then my regular teeth and my left side the second tooth to the left is HUGE! I called them back to tell them about the color and difference and was told that my INSURANCE Company no longer has a contract with them! So I stop making my monthly payment and now am getting calls from GENESIS CREDIT thru a collection agency about the balance due! This is very unfair and am stuck with different color of teeth and a high bill...

Nov 15, 2017

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