Aspen Dental / horrible care

RED BANK ROAD, Evansville, IN, US

Went sept 4 for dentures, xrays, taken saw dentist and hurried to office manager, theresa campbell, pressured into expensive dentures coming to over $4300. She ran my care credit full amt. And told me I needed $144.80 when I came the 14th for extractions. They did impressions the 4th. Returned the 14th and was told no lowers were made as impression was not good, I had been told by dentist and theresa I would have teeth the 14th. I was given upper which do not fit and was told by the hygienist not to wear them as they would fall out. At no time was I given any more impressions or did they ever try to fix the uppers, never looked at them in 3 visits. They ran up insurance up to the max of $1500 also. This place is a real pressure money making group and no care for their patients. They refunded $1945 to care credit, but I have no teeth and never had bottoms made, think it should all be refunded. They have really messed me up. I feel they need to be examined by indiana dental board. They are not the kind of dentists you want for sure. I now have to start all over with a new dentist and my money is down the drain. Told me on 4th visit I needed bone ground off, said a dr. Griffin would do it, well a call was made the next day and said they were bringing an oral surgeon down from indianapolis the 23rd, but I needed to pay another $580, well the next week it had gone up to $645 as they forgot his consult fee. I said no way were they getting any more of my money. They are nothing but a big corporation wanting to make more money.

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