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CareCredit Complaints & Reviews

CareCredit / CareCredit credit card

Cuttlefish98 on Aug 31, 2017
So I filled out an application for the card but I forgot to put the amount I needed and so it denied me of course but then I tried again, this time remembering to put down the small amount I needed. They said they couldn't accept my application because I was already denied. WTF? So I tried...

Care Credit / Card Security Scam

Wendyaj on Mar 16, 2017
I just had to have emergency surgery 2/10/2016 and I saw a brochure for care credit in my Dr. Office. My surgery was $5, 500, I am currently taking care of my aging parents and decided to go with the 5 year financing they offered me... my bill with interest should run under $70.00 a month...

Care Credit / Error on the part of care credit with regard to the amount owed them.

gabortina on Dec 22, 2016
I stopped receiving a monthly statement sometime ago. I have paid them each month online and keep a record of payments made. As of February 12, 2016, my balance due was $2, 940.00. This, incidentally seems to be the last time I received a statement from them. Also about this time I wa...

Care Credit / Credit Card

Jimmyjane on May 12, 2016
I initially got this card when my dog was on the verge of dying. I racked up about 6k in vet bills. I paid about half of it down and then decided to close the account because I wasn't happy with the service and the teaser rate was replaced with a 29% interest rate. Knowing I would never...

CareCredit / Billing statements not being mailed to me.

WVU on Dec 13, 2015
I am CareCredit customer. I stopped receiving statements from them around Spring of this year. Up until August 2014, my payments with them was current until, I had an emergency illness and had to be off from work for six weeks. During that time, I wrote them a letter explaining my...

CareCredit / deceptive credit card

madmegan on May 11, 2015
I was never informed that my medical purchases were only temporary 0% interest. Paid my bill every month on time and now Im over the limit with tons of additional fees and technically past due cause I was unaware of the changes in my minimum payment due.

Care Credit / Fraud with late fee's

Angelina Dimauro on Jun 27, 2014
I signed up with Care Credit about a year ago for some dental services. My total amount of credit though them is 2, 500 in which 1, 800 was the total for my services. They are the worst credit agency I have EVER worked with. My bill is due on the 11th of every month by midnight. On my May...

Care Credit / Paid in full

Gloriamv on Apr 21, 2014
I have used Care Credit two times because, I thought it would help me with the major dental work that I needed to have done. It only caused more problems and it would have been better to get a loan from the bank than to deal with these idiots! I had the perfect credit for single adult...

Care Credit / I will never EVER use Care Credit again

mary7natha$ on Mar 2, 2014
(Sorry. I accidentally sent my complaint in without completing the details, so I'm going to try it again.) I was pressed into using Care Credit when I needed a root canal, and didn't have the cash to pay the entire amount up front. My neighbor warned me not to do it, but I...

CareCredit / Practices

RDelpino on Aug 5, 2013
I had a pet that suffered from seizures. In an emergency care at Oradell Animal Hospital, my friend was informed to apply for a Joint CareCredit account. Being that my credit and her credit was "bad, " they approved the card for $6, 500 with no interest. I paid as much as I could on thi...

Care Credit / Rip-off Loan Repayment Plans

TianaBlue on Jul 29, 2013
After applying for Care Credit I realized that I made a big big mistake!!!. I used the card to pay a portion of my dental work. Not understanding that each time I use the card I had to choose a repayment plan for the same dental work. I reached out to a Representative from Care Credit and...

Carecredit.com / Bad Processing

AmandaBa on Jan 23, 2013
I have the payment sent out at the same time every month as $25 is due the 13th of every month. They said even though they received it, they may have processed it late. I keep getting calls saying a payment was late and its their fault. I don't know how they can hold it against me that they don't process it before the due date.

Carecredit.com / I would never ever resort to care credit again

Milucen on Jan 22, 2013
using care credit to pay off dental bills was the worst mistake I have ever made. I had a 5k dental bill after need extensive repair following a car accident and the interest they charge is RIDICULOUS!! I always make a double payment every single month and in over a year my balance ha...

Care Credit / Fraudulent charges

MaryPlowman on Jan 18, 2013
My son needed dentures. The dentist offered Care Credit as a payment plan. My son applied and was denied due to bad credit. They told him that I(his mom) could apply for Care Credit to pay for it. He used his Visa for part of the payment and the rest on my Care Credit account. They have...

CareCredit Card by GE / Disability Insurance

C. Mason on Aug 1, 2012
I was in desparate need of dental work. I have always taken care of my teeth, but due to suspected medicines I was having to take for a illness that was making me disabled, I did not have any dental coverage, nor the money to purchase any. I had been denied actual Disability from Social...

CareCredit / participating visions overcharge carecredit users

alexandra m covarrubias on Jun 28, 2012
On top of being unemployed and without medical insurance, the only way I could use my carecredit was if I purchased glasses at their participating vision centers. I compared the same glasses at that vision center and at LensCrafters and vision center was $849 and lenscrafters was $423...

Care Credit / Everything about their bill pay

TMBK on May 21, 2012
I had paid my next months payment too soon so they told me that I would have double the interest rate if I didn't make a double payment the next month and that if I ever did it again to where I made the payment too early a higher interest rate would be applied to the remaining...


PV from TX on Mar 27, 2012
I had some dental work done and opted to use CARE CREDIT for the first time ever. My dental work was $5, 500 on a 24 month interest free plan and I paid my bills online. I feel they misrepresented my information because on the statement it said "minimum payment due" starting at $160.00 and...

Care Credit- Ge / Debt settlement

dml72 on Mar 18, 2012
I acquired a Care Credit Card through GE Money back in 2010. Over the past 3 months I have received several settlement offers to pay and close the account. In Feb 2012 I was contacted by a collection company that GE had sold the account to for collection. I made an agreement for an amount...

CareCredit / Finance Charges Scam

Marlene Gravlin on Jan 13, 2012
Skin Speaks Spa MD & Advancements in Dermatology in Burnsville, MN offered the CareCredit financing for their special event. I chose to have my dermatology work done there ($2500 worth) due to the interest free financing for 18 months. My first shock came when I received my first bill and...

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Credit Card Technology May Mean the End of the Wallet
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