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CareCredit reviews & complaints

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CareCredit - This company keeps charging me late fees without being valid and interest on a promotinal purchase

I have spoken to them regarding of my no-promotional purchase that has been paid off already. for about three months and they keep saying that is fixed that I will only see the promotional purchase but, they continue charging me interests and late fees. today 11/12/2021 I asked to speak to a supervisor after speaking to a rep for 45minutes without solving my issue, she transfer me to "supervisor" and left me waiting for an hour on phone no supervisor came to the phone..

CareCredit - Never got my bill by mail

I've already called and talked to not 1 but 3 people about never receiving my bill by mail ! They all stated that my address was correct ! But the 3rd person said ok everything looks correct, you should receive your bill in 10 or more days by mail! But she also states that sometimes you don't receive your bill when you first sign up !! Umm what that's not a me problem that's a business problem and I think it's a way so they can get you to pay by phone and I tried that and they want to charge a 10$ fee for using my debit card umm no that's not happening and when you go to your account online they specifically ask for your bank account number and routing number yeah that's also not happening as well !! Now it's been 10 or more days and I still haven't received no bill in the mail but instead I'm getting hounded by carecredit debt collectors !!! I WANT TO MAKE PAYMENTS BY MAIL !!! NEED I SAY MORE !! STOP TRYING TO RIP PEOPLE OFF!!!

Desired outcome: I want my bill by mail

CareCredit - Account closure

These guys are rip offs. Please stay away from them as a merchant and as a consumer!!!

What happened with us is that there were some payments that we were still to receive from Care Credit, which were supposed to take only one or two business cycles. However, the account was transferred to another merchant and now it's been 7 months that we still haven't received our payment.

We've been calling them for the last 7 months and every time we have received a different response from them. They have been dodging the request and are keeping our money.

Now they are saying that because the account was closed they can't do anything and they won't be issuing any payment.

CareCredit - care credit customer service

I am informing Care Credit about a depute I, ve had for many months. The first time I notified Care credit about the dispute the out come was in the merchants favor. The dispute was with the dentist that did not provide the service to my husband.The paper I signed at the dentist was for a proposal in the amount of $946.00 for my husband not the completion of work. Lesson learned from this experience. The dentist should not have received payment from you until work was completed. After the first outcome in the dentist favor we subitted Xrays from another dentist to prove my husband never received the crown on the molar. Again the dispute was opened. Again we were denied result infavor of the dentist.The dentist sent care credit proof of completed work for Geraldine Noto . The dispute was for my husband Dennis Noto, I never disputed the charges for my work at the dentist.I tried to explain all this many times to a representatives. It got me nowhere I requested many times to talk to the dispute team or a supervisor. I was told the supervisor would call me in 24 hours, never did receive a phone call. The dentist office person did not want to deal withcare credit she finally admitted wrong doing and sent us a check for disputed amount $946.00 I called Care credit to inform dispute dept. that we recived the check.Today i CALLED TO make a payment and the automated syatem said my dipute is $3956.00 do not know where they got this amount ? The representative once again he would notify the team of the wrong ampunt and also the check for $946.00 I am disappointed in you dispute team I would not have disputed any charges if it was not necessary . A credit card company should stand behind their customer. My husband could not go to another dentist to complete the work because the money was tied up in the dispute, it has caused him pain and discomfort and aggrivation . Have reported this to Florida dept of health the y are invetigating.

Desired outcome: CAre Credit Apology in writing Mr & Mrs Noto 14 Holly ct Lakewood Nj 08701

CareCredit - "Counting my blessings"

I planned on obtaining funds to go ahead with my dental impressions and extractions which were covered through medicaid and they told me they need an additional $800.00 to perform a file down procedure on my teeth and gums to provide a smoother fit for my dentures which would be costing an additional $800.00. Like I guess they gonna get their money from me one way or the other, right???!!! I called care credit and printed out the pdf at a library of the terms and agreement which I will not be needing because I didn't "pre-qualify" anyway! I was about to be angry and upset, but I decided to stay positive and think about the fact that I will be able save up my money and hand it straight over to Affordable Dentures, since carecredit wasn't about to be troubled! I read all these terrible reviews and I am counting my blessings because I am on a tight budget, but if they're allowed to screw over people like that that's just WRONG on so many levels!

Desired outcome: hoping BBB puts them out of business

CareCredit - Promotional period

I have just been notified that since my account is over the 30 day "grace" period and extension can not be made so that I may pay off the $4, 000. The financing has now been applied to my account bringing my total due to $6, 125. I made several call and the representative Rachel tells me that there is nothing that can be done. The amount of "grace" should be considered more closly and with consideration to cunsumer needs. I came up with the $4, 000 to pay off the account and when I loggod on I saw the balance to be $6, 125.

Being told to now come up with the additional 2, 125 is such a hardship and now puts me out further with paying off this account.

I had already paid off the $4, 000 on my other care credit account and now this.

I plan to cancel this account and never use care credit again in the future. The is no "care" or "grace" shown by this company.

Desired outcome: I would like the "grace" period to be extended so I can pay the $4,000.

CareCredit - Unethical Behaviour

I have had two incidents of the same situation happened now and I am considering closing my credit card account or not paying the remaining balance because I feel like they have stolen from me. The first incident happened back in October/November of 2020. I had a promotional code that expired that month and if I didn't pay it I would be charged interest on the balance. I could not pay it on time but I was told that I had 30 days to pay it off and they will automatically adjust the corrections, so I paid the full balance within 30 days and they still charged me the interest, which ended up being $1, 207.61 in just interest for a balance of around $4, 000. When I tried calling back they said they could no longer fix it, and I was left screwed. Fast forward to July/August of 2021, I had another promo expiring and I only had around $300 left to pay from the original balance amount, due to COVID I have been struggling like everyone else financially, so I could not pay the remaining $300 on time but I did pay it a few days after and I was charged around $504.44 in interest. At this point I was beyond confused as to why the interest charge was more than my remaining balance, so when I called to ask for clarification, they informed me that they charge us interest on the full ORIGINAL balance. I was shocked and felt like this shouldn't even be legal. If I paid off most of the balance, how can you possibly charge interest on a balance that has been paid off? I tried requesting for an adjustment for the payment to properly reflect that it was paid, but the representative told me that they could no longer correct it during that time because I called back after the 30 days, even though I had already made the payment before the 30 days.
I would like for CareCredit to refund me all of my interest back, for up to a total of $1, 712.05.

Desired outcome: Refund on my interest charges

CareCredit - Horrible customer service

They reduced my credit limit from 7000 to 1000 for no reason. When I called and after getting the runaround on their automated system for 20 min finally talked to someone they said it was do to a credit chance. My credit is over 800 and my income increased. Zero reason to reduce it. Then again today I called and again after the runaround on their automated system I finally said close my account thinking I'd talk to someone. The automated system said ok and closed my account. Still wasn't able to talk to anyone. What a joke.

CareCredit - Care credit

Their payment system was complete garbage about a year and a half ago. As a result, I missed many payments. They have since made paying easier as well as added a better albeit not great notification system. I just want this to be known as I am quite peeved, but not disputing charges either. Oh they also reduced my line of credit from the late payments which I guess makes sense, but they will be losing my business quickly after I pay off my balance.

Desired outcome: All my fees to be refunded to me

CareCredit - Credit Limit Decrease

I have used CareCredit in the past for medical, dental, and vet expenses for the last 5 years but haven't needed to for several months. They decreased my limit without notifying me by 2/3 (from $3900 to $1024)- found out today on my credit report when I noticed a 10 point drop out of nowhere. When I contacted customer service, they told me it was because of my credit report- not that I hadn't used it in a while. I asked for my previous limit to be reinstated, to which they replied "we can ask for an increase again for you." No, because that would ding my credit report further. I asked to speak to someone else, they transferred me to a manager who told me the decrease happened on 7/30/21. I again reiterated my frustration that I was never notified about this and that I know it wasn't related to my credit score as nothing about my spending habits or score had changed in many months. It was then that I was notified of it being because of inactivity and was once again offered to "request an increase, " which, again, dings my credit further. If CareCredit is supposed to be used for medical payments and emergencies, why am I being punished for having good fortune to not need medical care? And to do it without notifying me of the change- what would have happened if I needed to pay a large medical bill and was suddenly short thousands of dollars? I've had the same limit for years without issue and would like my previous limit reinstated without damage to my credit score.

Desired outcome: Reinstatement of previous credit limit without further damage to credit score

This is exactly what happened to me. I had their card for 7 years and they just did this to me. And then they want to run my credit again? Screw them. I cancelled my account.

CareCredit - Synchrony bank is scamming people with a care credit account.

I have had a CareCredit account in perfect standing since 2009. I noticed early on how bizarre it was that it was almost impossible to get the card paid down. Even making double payments after one...

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CareCredit - Billing issues

I recently used this account for some dental services, I never received a billing statement; I only received a text message that my first payment was late, not even knowing when it was due; the same thing happened with my second payment!
I have tried contacting his company by phone, only to be put on hold for lengthy., of which I never did get in touch with a representative. I also tried the live chat, and once I was actually able to chat with someone, I was unable to operate the keyboard on my end, imagine that! I want a paper billing statement mailed to me, but have no way of contacting someone to convey this information; I also want any late charges incurred to be removed from my account, there is absolutely no reason for this! This is one of the most reprehensible companies I've ever had to deal with! I will be getting in touch with the Better Business Bureau if this is not resolved immediately!!

Desired outcome: A response and restitution, as mentioned in my statement

The same thing is happening to me. I've tried numerous times to pay my account off and I can't get past the payment field with no option to submit payment . I'm now just wanting to close my account

CareCredit - Promotion

I called the agent to allocate a full payment to one of my promotional purchases for dental services. I also made a monthly payment that was due. The agent assured me that my payment would cover that promotion. I checked tonight and that money over 1600 dollars was not allocated towards that promotion and my promotion must be paid by December 10th.

Desired outcome: Allocate the money to pay off my highest amount due for the promotion for dental services. I should not have to pay interest in December because they did not do what they said they would and zero out that promotion

CareCredit - Customer service from a manager!

I called into care credit because my credit limit decreased. I asked to speak to a manager because I wasn't understanding exactly why this happened. The manager was very rude and not helpful at all. When I asked to speak to someone above her and she stated that no she couldn't do that just because I can't get my way. When I asked for her name she laughed and hung up on me. This is very unprofessional and rude. I have never had this experience at care credit.

CareCredit - Credit Card CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your website never works to make payments - hit method and will NOT ever let me click on confirm. Your 1800 number is just a series of runaround and avoidance to the customer. I have been trying for 5 days to close my acct and pay balance,
You are purposefully making it difficult for me to do so.
7.4 - 7.6 - 7. 7 - 5/9 7.10 7.13 7.14
Now you have me on hold for 30 minutes to ensure I DO NOT CLOSE this account. I WANT THIS CLOSED TODAY!
BBB - Consumers Affair Washington have been contacted.

Lisa McFarland

Desired outcome: CLOSE MY CARD

CareCredit - Customer Service

I have called this company three times to get my bill sent in the mail. I have not received a bill. They just blame the post office. If I pay the amount from a surgery within one year then it is interest free. However they are not sending the bill. That strikes me that they are slow to bill so a customer gets behind on paying to avoid interest free billing. So shifty.

Desired outcome: Send me the billing statement

I’ve tried calling them, they never answer the damn phone! I tried to live chat, and after I made a couple responses, it wouldn’t let me type anymore!! 🤬

CareCredit - Card security scam

This company knows how to make money. They offered 6 months with no percentage fee and then after six month they charge my card with all the percentage for the past 6 months. I was very surprised when I saw extra $642 interests charge for balance of $5000. I called them and payed off the balance and closed the card. They response was "Sorry but you should ready the statement". It was very sad how they don't care about customers.

This EXACT thing just happened to me as well. I was told the same and that they sent me “emails and notifications” stating that my deadline is coming up. I found ONE email one month before the deadline stating this. I’m fuming. I will never use or recommend “Care” Credit to anyone.

CareCredit - Refund process

I am very disappointed with Care credit, I paid my bill in full and had a zero balance . I overpaid my the balance by 100.00 I requested the refund on 22 February. I was told that it would take 15 days to receive the funds. Today is 23 March and I still have not received the check. I'm actually on the phone with a representative of Care Credit that is telling me she will initiate the process again so that another check will be sent to me. This is unacceptable and ridiculous. It does not take this long for mail to travel overseas. I have been more than patient . The new check was sent out 23 February and today is 23 March and I still don't have my check.

Desired outcome: Send me my check it has been 30 days

CareCredit - Should be held responsible under the consumer protection act

Beware of this company's predatory actions. Care credit uses outdated credit info to decide whether or not they will reduce your credit line while in contact.
This is the second time care credit has reduced my credit limit putting me at 97% credit usage, ultimately dropping my credit rating by 60 points. When contacted and asked for the reason behind these actions, they stated that 60 days ago my credit use was high (christmas, holidays), but had since been paid off...
Their system back dates interest, and will reduce your credit limit quarterly, but not notify the consumer. I spoke with several managers whom were all very nasty and blamed my carelessness for the reason of my reduction... Funny I had a 740 score until yesterday... Please beware. If any attorney read this, feel free to find me...

Yes! They did the same thing to me today! Awful.

CareCredit - Charged services for dentist didn’t deliver

Dentist charged me $8000 for service he didn't provide just before the pandemic lockdown. Do to the pandemic I didn't see the dentist for months yet he charged me full amount on my care credit...

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