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Aspen Dental / insurance fraud

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I went to AspenDental, Woburn, MA for my routine cleaning for the first time on March 16, 2006. $47.80 was charged to my credit card for exam and x-rays and a treatment plan was laid out without any further discussion. I either walked away with what had paid and without teeth being cleaned or go along with their plan.

I didn't want to waste the $47.80 payment so I went the second time for teeth cleaning. On the first visit I told them I had two dental insurances, Cigna and Delta so patient's portion should be much less. They pretended they acknowledged that however they demanded the full payment and told me I'd get reimbursed once they received payments form both insurance companies.

Over half year treatments, I kept on paying the fees and never received a penny for reimbursement so I stopped going and started calling. It's been more than a year, with numerous phone calls and hours of waiting and conversion I got a bill for $132.40 instead. This morning I called again they said they made a mistake and would take a look later when they had a chance.

The total treatment charged by AspenDental was $471, insurance allowed amount was $341.60. I don't know what Cign , my primary dental insurance company had paid. However what I had paid, $167, and Delta, my secondary dental insurance had paid $311.60 had exceeded the insurance total allowed amount $341.60. In other words, AspenDental committed insurance fraud. Other than post the info here I am to write a complain letter to my DA office, and will cc AspenDental, Cigna and Dental.


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N  16th of Dec, 2007 by 
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AspenDental - Unethical business practices!
United States
Phone: 57053 0555

Went to have old dentures replaced with new set. Upper set was fitted well but the lower set forget about it. I went back and forth for over three months and at the last visit the Dentist said that they don't have control over the technicians that make up the dentures. Poor excuse for not being able to get a good fitting dentures. I have been wearing dentures for 45 years and this place was like going to a fast food place. The dentist tried to talk me not getting inserts into my lower jaw but I declined. I am still waiting for a refund on my lower set because they would not take another impression. I think they should be investigated.
A  3rd of Jun, 2008 by 
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I feel that Iwas scammed by aspen dental. They signed me up with a health card and charged over $2, 000.00 on this card on my first visit. Has been over 6 months and I still do not have dentures. I was their at aspen dental over 4 weeks ago and the dentures I tryed on did not fit my mouth. Aspen dental had taken three impression of my mouth and these dentures I tryed on were way off did not fit my mouth. I need my money back. I am still paying for these dentures through this credit card they had set up to get their money at one lump sum on my first visit.
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by 
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AspenDental - poor quality dentures workmanship
United States

I went to have work done on my mouth, and had some tooth s removed. they inserted me with immediate denture. and I have to wait 6 months. now they want to charge me $900.00 more.
N  29th of Nov, 2011 by 
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AspenDental - poor quality dentures workmanship
Aspen Dental
North Dirksen parkway
United States

My previous dentures were a good fit; however they were about 20 years old and 2 teeth had broken off and I was tired of super gluing them back in. So, I went to aspen Dental. The new teeth cause me to bite my inner mouth flesh, don't lineup top and bottom and suction is not as good as my previous dentures. I also had to wait an hour for them to bring in my new dentures the day I was to pick them up. It would have been longer if I had not gone back out to the receptionist and complained. The doctor had to leave a patient to come address my issues. I would think twice about going back to Aspen.
N  2nd of Jul, 2013 by 
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Aspen Dental - Insurance Fraud
Aspen Dental
United States

Called Aspen Dental for my daughter-in-law today. She provided them with my insurance card. She called 3 times to see where the claim was because she kept receiving a bill from them, and they said they submitted the claim to her Insurance, 3 times. She finally paid out of pocket to get them off her back. I called my insurance company today and was told that a payment was made to Aspen Dental on Nov 30, 2012. I called and spoke with Will the (Extremely RUDE and UNKNOWLEDGEABLE office manager). He stated that they had never submitted the claim to her insurance, but would submit today. (later in the conversation he stated maybe they did sumbit something but he wasn't there at the time, and they go through a lot of staff so its hard to follow up) I can see why people don't stay there with rude, arrogant people like WIll. I asked him to call her insurance company, because they stated that they had sent Aspen Dental a check back in November 30th. His comment is "We don't call insurance companies. It's not our job!!!" WHAT???? This looks like Insurance Fraud to me. Just confirmed that they were paid and check was cashed by Aspen. Getting paid by and Insurance company and then harassing the client to pay and now they have full payment from both (double dipping, which is not legal). Next step complaint to Insurance Commissioner to report FRAUD.
A  19th of Jul, 2013 by 
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I agree completely. Good complaint

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