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My daughter just has two fillings (which we had to pay extra for- we did not want the black filling - they did white which did not match her tooth color. It looks like they poured white out into her tooth! They billed us for services that were supposed to be free... took long to get reimbursed. when you call customer services - you are on hold for ever THEN they tell you sorry for the delay and leave a message and a rep will call you back... so you press the number to leave a message and they disconnect you... I have never, never dealt with such a poor organization. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THESE PEOPLE TO ANYONE!!!


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    Christyd592001 Jan 11, 2013

    I've been a patient for about 5 years now. 3 weeks ago I made an appointment for a loose front crown. The office is about 45 minutes from my home. The dentist on duty told me to wait 2 weeks to make sure there wouldn't be any problems with infection and then come back to it permantly put back in. I went yesterday and got a whole different story from another dentist. He said the tooth needs to be removed and a bridge made. Now mind you, it's my front tooth and my insurance won't cover the bridge until April. After having the crown put back in, it fell out again. You never see the same dentist, it's always a problem, they want big money when you have insurance etc. I had a partial made for the bottom of my mouth that I've never been able to wear. The dentist told me to brush some rough toothpaste on it to wear it down in the spot where it was rubbing. I've delt with enough bs from this company and I'm tired of it. I can only go to certain dentists due to insurance so is this the treatment I should receive when it's paid for every month? I need to find a new dentist or sue these so-called denists. Aspen is a company where you are taught to be a dentist, then you move on. It's a RACKET!!!

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    InIndiana Jan 03, 2011
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    I would like to describe my experience with both Aspen Dental Fort Wayne, IN offices.

    It began in September 2010, when I went in for a cleaning, and to have a sensitive tooth fixed. After the examination, I was told I had a major cavity in the top right area of my teeth, and that the sensitivity I was complaining about wasn't exactly a cavity, but was merely a deep abrasion. Additionally, I needed to have a dental 'abridement' because of alleged gum deterioration, in addition to a typical cleaning.

    The problems began after my fillings. The 'sensitivity issue' actually turned out to be a rather problematic issue, as it became a deeper fix, and they kept drilling to get to the root of the problem. Basically, the small abrasion in the front became a cavity that needed extensive fixing - not at all the 'surface issue' they claimed it would be. But they drilled their holes, and patched them up and I went home.

    The next morning, I began have excruciating pain in the areas of the fillings. I called the doctor and complained of serious pain, and was given vicodin to use before I was asked to come back in, about 5 days later. In the meantime, the ilocalized pain subsided, and only medium sensitivity remained in the filled teeth, but I still had a general throbbing in my mouth. When I did get back to the follow up, I was told that they needed to scrape a bit of the filling off, which they did, but this did nothing to help.

    About three weeks later, I was still experiencing severe sensitivity, but did nothing about it, other than to try purchasing Sensodyne toothpaste which helped for about 5 minutes.

    Again, my teeth sensitivity had started becoming more and more of a problem, so I began taking ibuprofen to ease the pain in my teeth. My ibuprofen use gradually became problematic to the point where I was taking 3200 mg worth per day, and just before Thanksgiving, I'd started waking up in the middle of the night to extreme pain, eat more ibuprofen, and go back to sleep.

    After Thanksgiving (at which I wasn't able to eat hot or cold foods) I went back to the original dentist at Aspen, and told her of my story. After only about 2 minutes of inspection, she said that she didn't know what was wrong, and that I might have TMD, and that the only thing I could do was to get the fillings done again. (Amazingly, there isn't much left of the original tooth that they 'worked' on)

    I decided my best bet was to try another Aspen Dental location - maybe one with a more experienced dentist; so I went to another office across town. They took an x-ray of the area, and could find nothing wrong, so I was told I would need root canals as the only recourse of action to eliminate the pain. I pointed out that before my fillings, I had nothing even remotely close to this kind of pain in my mouth, and I was told something to the extent of "Well, the drilling might have caused a trauma to the tooth, necessitating a root canal." In other words, the doctor that gave the fillings screwed up the nerves in your mouth, and we aren't responsible for it.

    Even more odd, was that while looking at the x-rays, they told me the original dentist noted that she did a filling on the tooth that was causing pain, but in actuality, she really just filled in the front of the tooth - the area that was sensitive. The filling they claimed they put in was one I'd gotten in high school! When asked about my options, it was either pull the teeth out, or spend 1000 dollars each for the root canal, plus the cost of the Orthodontic Surgeon (another $1000). Also, I'd asked about taking so much ibuprofen (I have been up to about 4000 mg of ibuprofen per day for over a month) and he told me that 4 pills, 4 times a day is ok. Since when is taking 3200 mg of Ibuprofen a day for two months OK??????

    I know that directive was irresponsible - the human liver cannot repeatedly take such abuse without long term damage. Fortunately, I had my liver tested in early September, and have those results available. I know that a follow-up liver test will show damage corresponding such medication intake.

    At this point, I really have no options. The pain in my teeth wakes me up in the middle of the night, every night, and I'm constantly popping pills to attempt to help alleviate the throbbing in my teeth.

    And maybe the icing on the cake is that the treatment costs they quoted me, that included insurance payments, was just a front - I've since gotten bills saying I have to pay an additional $200+.

    I will be talking to a lawyer this week about Fraud and Malpractice against both dentists, and will be filing with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the District Attorney's office. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, COUNT ME IN.

    Extremely dissatisfied in Indiana
    [email protected]

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  • Ve
    Very unsatisfied! Mar 05, 2010

    I am so upset with Aspen Dental and am not happy that the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating. Why hasn't anyone complained to them or have we? I am in the process of starting a complaint and may be taking them to court, even if it's only civil court. There should be a lawsuit for poor work and shady business practices regarding billing!! Oh and if you use Care Credit, well it does say you don't have to pay the bill while in dispute. We'll see how that goes, as that's my next letter!
    [email protected]

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  • Dr
    dreemesicle Oct 04, 2009
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    Hi There...I found your web site very informative and helpful...As I too, am a victim of failed dental work which has/still causing me extensive treatments and surgeries because of this Dentist many mistakes. Other Dentist are shocked at the work he did and have commented it's nothing less than abuse.
    I'm in the process of getting reimbursed for all the work needed to correct his mistakes and still need. I was told by this Dentist that they will reimburse me for all the work needed to correct everything. However, this was almost a year ago and I'm not so sure that it's as easy as that. I'm trying to find a sample letter to include with all my information supporting my claims (files and files). I've kept everything and have it ready to go. Now, I'm having trouble figuring out what to write as far as asking for the reimbursement. I'm at a stand still and not sure how to proceed. I am including a copy of the letter I sent to my ins co. which goes into great detail of the problems I've had and all the treatments, surgeries I've went through and still must go through.
    I just now need to write a letter requesting the reimbursement and what ever is needed. I'm hoping you can steer me in the right direction, as to what I should write. Or even a sample letter would be great.
    I've worked very hard at getting all the info and everything together to send but can't go any further until I get this other letter done. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
    Thanks so much and have a fantastic day!
    Tammy* Hazen

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  • Co
    Constance RP Sep 19, 2009

    I actually just googled 'Aspen Dental Lawsuit' out of curiousity because I have had the worst dental experience there. And you can definitely count me in on a lawsuit. I had a tooth break at the root and went there just because my dentist was closed on the weekend. Worst idea ever! I have spent the last 2-3 years having them put bridges on and have them fall out within months. When it was all said and done I am now missing my 4 front teeth!!! I am young and have perfect teeth, minus the butcher job they did. I have a bridge in now that looks nice, but they cemented it about 2 months ago...and like every time before I can move it.

    The first bridge was loose for a while and I didn't know what it should feel like. I finally went to have it looked at, at another Aspen Dental location and the dentist said the bridge was horrible work and that the gap had damaged the exposed tooth. But he advised he did not want to touch it and I need to go back to the other location because I guess they bill seperately and did not want to fix the other dentists work. So basicly, " he did a horrible job, but go back to him, because we don't want to take the loss fixing it". Thanks!

    I went back to the original dentist over and over again. Lost a crown he put in about a week before my wedding and lost an entire temporary bridge the actual day I was leaving for our honeymoon. I called and could barely talk without my teeth, had my bags all packed and was ready to go and they said, " can you come in tomorrow?"

    The dentist did a bunch of work for free after the initial amount which was maybe like 5, 000.00. But still after paying 5, 000 I do not have secure front teeth!! So that's not much of a bargain if you ask me. Since my front teeth were ruined I have basicly ghetto Aspen Dental Implants. They're two metal studs with a bridge. They dont screw on and feel secure like real implants. The only reason he did them was because he broke the last tooth 'stub' standing after he pulled off one of his crappy ill fitting bridges. If you can imaging cementing something on your front teeth. Leaving them there for 2 months, until one side starts to wiggle loose and then it gets pryed off and done all over again for a few years. There's no way teeth are going to survive that.

    At any rate, I am STILL paying of my credit card bills from the butcher job and am trying to locate a REAL dentist because this 2 month old bridge is ready to fall out again!

    I had them actually offer me a job as I was there all the time anyway and I actually considered it because the pay was much more than what I make, but when I had the regional manager interview me and tell me in a nutshell that they basicly look at people and try to judge whether the person can afford a "the works", I couldn't do it. I knew what she was implying, and that's why she also said that they don't like to hire customers. I guess I got 'the works'.

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  • Allie at Aspen Dental Apr 10, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. Roberta, we sincerely apologize if your visit to our office was anything less. We want to do everything we can to address your concerns. I have forwarded your message to a member of our Patient Satisfaction team who will get back to you shortly. Roberta, we are committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you for letting Aspen Dental serve you.

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  • Ge
    Gerald Hennessy Oct 17, 2008
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    Shading billing practices has been my experiance. Still trying to get them fixed.

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  • Mi
    mistygirl06374 Oct 29, 2007

    I have to admit. I have visited 4 Aspen Dental offices. The one in West Warwick, Rhode Island was competent and I was satisfied. However, I switched to the Waterford, Ct dentist office because it was closer to my home and... it was a nightmare.

    First, the office staff does NOT know what they are talking about when it comes to the billing, nor to how insurances work. I tried to complain to the main office... they said she was competent at her job. However, they fixed her errors because they knew I was right.

    I then had suffered from one dentist who was putting in a temp. crown until the permanent one were to come in, and first he tried to numb the opposite side of my mouth.. actually did, then could not understand my state of panic that the crown placement was on the opposite side of my face.

    This same dentist also left a gap between the temp. crown and my gum....which caused me severe pain for two weeks. I went back prior to my permanent crown coming in because I could not stand the pain any longer. They fixed it. When the permanent crown was placed... I have had sensitivity since them and that was 2 years ago.

    The Waterford, Ct office also hurt my 13yo daughter. I think that they exaggerated her problems. They said a back tooth needed a crown because the filling was too deep and needed both a root canal and then a crown. I had deep fillings in the past WITHOUT the necessity of root canal nor a crown and these fillings lasted many years. Up to 15 to 20 years some of them.

    Yet, they chose to drill it out to the point she had to have a root canal and temp. filling.

    I then took her to the Framingham Massachusetts Aspen Dental to see the endodontist for the root canal. (Waterford CT has no on-call endodontist) I have to admit, he was great. However, things for my daughter went downhill from there. They filled the tooth after the root canal. IN two weeks time... her tooth broke and the METAL filling came out. They refilled it with the white composite filling and there has been NO further problem... but, the dentist should have known to use the white composite on a filling that large. The other dentist there said that the dentist that did it used the wrong material.

    Convinced the second dentist was competent, I let them do other work that needed to be done... HOWEVER, I am now convinced MUCH of the work done was NOT necessary. I am also convinced that some of the fillings were manufactured for more money.

    I used Unicorn financial and they too charged the fees to be done prior to the work being done. They charged a set amount and DID NOT show a regular tabulation of the account.

    I mentioned this many times to the front desk girl, who did not comprehend English in the light she needed to, to print out the info I needed.

    To make matters worse a crucial filling fell out today... more of their work and it was also a cosmetic issue, so it was an emergency. So, we had to call the Framingham, Ma office and they said they could not get us in today. But, they could get us an appointment at the Worchester, Ma office. We took the appt because it is closer to our home and it worked out.

    This dentist was efficient and she did good work and quick work. I had NO problems with the billing people or the office staff. Maybe this Aspen office will be the one I can trust.

    I liked the Framingham staff and had NO problems with the staff. However, I am now wondering what they did to my daughter.

    I would like to be in on the class action lawsuit. I feel that the billing process is screwed up. I used to work for medical billing and it is similar. A lot of shady practice went on when I used Unicorn and they were able to charge all those fees and did not/would not provide consistent and complete documents showing what fees were taken out when and so on.

    I also wonder if my daughter had things done to her dental health that should not have been done!

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  • Ot
    otis boatwright Oct 04, 2007
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    Verified customer

    aspen dental have been over billing me countless times i had to go to their office to have them take, care of this matter only have them it has corrected . while my stay in hosptail icc united they lost my teeth the hosptail has sent a check to aspen dental back in sept.2007 here it is oct.2007. so if their are group of people who have class action law suite out there please add me to the list. a very pissed off person

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  • No
    no mas Aspen Sep 27, 2007

    Add me to the first class action suit against Aspen Dental. I got a quote for 3948.00 discounted to 2477.00 then covered by care credit 1471.00. When I looked at my statements from Delta dental to see what they were actually billing for I found out they were billing for a partial plate that was supposed to be covered in the 1471.00. I called and the salesperson says right, we are going to need MORE MONEY!!! I told her to take off the deep cleanings that she charged for and never even explained to me. She said there would be enough to cover the partial with that cancelled. I also received horrific care there too. The x-ray lady kept demanding , not asking, for me to move. The female doctor was all bizness. She did two fillings. One left me with a chipped tooth. She said nothing about it. I got home and felt it with my tongue. Then she did two extractions. I have had several extractions and these were the most painful I have ever felt. In pain for more than a week. I could not even wear the temporary denture they made. I next got a root canal and cap. That was done well by another Dr who filled in for the female dentist. The crown comes in and they put it in. The partial plate that I wear does not fit over the crown so the dentist wants to cut off the wires that hold my upper plate in place. I say whoa. Then I let her grind down some of the metal clips on these partial teeth. Now they do not fit over the crown so I have to use poli-grip on my upper and lower partial dentures. They said I would get a lower plate In January 2008. I am disgusted to the max. If you are a lawyer reading this call me [protected] By the way this was Aspen Dental in Monaca, Pa. at the Beaver Valley Mall

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