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Ashley Furniture / bad quality couches

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After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I purchased 2 leather sofas from Ashley Home Store in Mobile, Alabama in February 2006. I noticed immediately that they weren't really quality because the leather on the sofas really didn't match. I had paid over $1000 for each sofa. I recognize now that I should have called immediately, however, my family had been through a rough year... my 56 year old husband suffered a massive heart attack in March 2005, lingered 4 months, died July 17, 2005; Hurricane Katrina came ashore on August 29, 2005, we had 3' of water in my house; my 85 year old Mother had 2' of water in her house and no flood insurance, she died in March 2006. So, you understand when I purchased the 2 couches in February 2006, I was basically desperate. In March 2007 I contacted the Ashley Store and told them about the couches. Their reply was... "you are 2 weeks out of warranty, but we'll come look at them." And, they did...initially telling me, "too bad!" But, after much encouragement to them, they decided they would reupholster the couches and would ship the leather to my house. The first of April 4 boxes arrived, I called Ashley, scheduled a person to come upholster the couches...on April 25! Well, he came today... there was no leather in any of the 4 boxes, only 12 cushions...for 2 couches. He called the "customer service" department (and, I use that term loosely)... they will "get back with me." Whatever. I have contacted the Ashley Corporate Headquarters, but their response is basically, "we only sell furniture to the stores, they make their own rules." This is very frustrating. The service man took many pictures of the couches...the splotchy leather, the arm rests that are flat... but, because I was 2 weeks out of warranty, I am just out of luck... $1000+ couches should last more than a year. I really would like to load them both up and take them to the Ashley Store in Mobile, AL and sit them out front to warn the consumer to NOT ever shop Ashley. We on the Gulf Coast probably made those folks rich after Katrina.

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  • St
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    I will never buy from Ashley furniture again. My husband and I bought our first purchase of furniture for our house from this company. We have a new home and need a lot of new furniture. I hope you all heed our warning. They will not bring the furniture to your home on time. I hate Ashley!!!

  • Gi
      16th of Mar, 2008
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    As well I will never buy from Ashley furniture again! I purchased a bedroom set in 2001 and the dresser was damaged. It was replaced but took forever to be delivered. In March 2008 my side bed rail split in half and I was told that I can't get it replaced as this model is no longer available. I expect a bed to last longer than six years! This furniture is not cheap in price but very cheap in the quality of construction. We are building a new home and purchasing all new furniture and it will most certainly not be purchased at an Ashley Furniture Store.

  • Ja
      19th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same things, delivery time much later then promised, quality control horrible, customer service a joke. We purchased a 2 recliner sofa for $999 and was talked into this spectacular warranty package( i can imagine how that really works)for $99 your supposed to get a new couch if someone sits on it and rips it open with something in there pocket. Or if a cat urinates all over it and things of this nature all for $99 for 5 years. I can't even wonder how that process would work when you can't even get satisfaction from a defective piece from day one of delivery. Ok our sofa was delivered, it looked good with no rips or anything they put it in the house and they were on there way. Since we waited 2 weeks later then promised delivery we were exited to use it as we had nothing else. My wife picked the side she wanted and we started a night of tv on our new sofa. She asked if I was comfortable and said yes. She said try my side and I did. She asked if seemed different then my side, said yes you sit way down in the back of it and my but rear end is falling thru the huge gap when its reclined. I said we will call them and until then she stuffed 2 throws and 2 pillows in the gap so she could sit there somewhat comfortable. We called Ashley and they made an appointment for a technician to come out a week later. Tech came and affirmed it had a defect and they need to pick it up and bring to be repaired. We stated we would rather have a new replacement sofa sent to us and pick this one up when one was delivered and he went on his way. A few days go by and no call from Ashley about his visit or what was to happen. After many calls to them a much double talk I agreed to let them come pick it up and take it for repairs which was assured it would come back better then new. How do you make something like a sofa with defects better then? Another week or so it was to be delivered again. It came and we had the men set it down so we could test it. The problem was the same and the only thing different was they over stuffed the seat as to where appeared out of proportion and the stitching was stretching so we refused them to bring it in. They called Ashley agreed on the phone to the person they called that also saw the problem, but that person refused to let them take it back with them went in and called my credit card company, they called Ashley on a three way call. The person told them the sofa was used and in fact there was never anything wrong with it that only did us a favor and took it back to adjust the comfort level. When in my possession I have papers from the tech that came to the house stated it needed to picked to be repaired. When did anyone ever hear about a brand new factory built sofa being picked up from your home to adjust the comfort level. We now have it sitting in an unused part of our home awaiting a dispute decision on our credit card. This Ashley is the worst outfit I have ever seen.

  • Ma
      1st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have the leather and the metal insides of a leather recliner in my dining room for over a year now--every time I call the local store to set up the repair they never show or never set a time they always will have the right person call me to set it up--I plan on suing soon--contact me if you want to join this as a class action--I am in Birmingham Alabama----

  • Ni
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I bought a 5 pc Sectional couch from Ashley Furniture on 7/2/2009 this couch has been nothing but a POS When i first bought the couch i reclined one of the recliners and the back snaped and it went sideways the first time i called the store back because I just spent 1, 700 on this couch and it took them 5 months to get me a new one now i have owned this "POS" for about a year now and the new recliner they gave me BROKE AGIAN the other 2 recliners are broken this furniture is nothing but a head ache that will not go away please do not give this company your money I hope they go under in a hurry...

  • Ja
      18th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with the reviews. I regret ever making a purchase at Ashley Furniture. My husband and I purchased a sectional from Ashley Furniture for our new home. Soon after the purchase we noticed that one of the seats and the foot rest didnt have much cushion and had a hard seat. Then we noticed that on the back of the couch on the bottom that stuffing was coming out.

    My husband and I went back to Ashley Furniture and reported it. They made it good and let us choose another couch set (leather with recliners in couch, which was a higher price) and even took back the coffee table that we had purchased to go along with the sectional. They put a new 1 year warranty on the set and delievered it, all free of charge. Needless to say, we were satisfied with this.

    However, not even 3 months later we had problems with the "leather" couch. One side of the couch went flat and neither recliner would close. I called Ashley Furniture, they would not come out until I filed the extended warranty, then the extended warranty, 2 weeks later, stated it was a manufacture problem. So I called Ashley Furniture again and they came out to look at it. Sure enough it was a manufacture problem. They ordered the parts and through another appointment, that I had to take off work for again, since they would not come on a Saturday, they came and re-framed & re-cushioned the couch in my living room. The frame that was taken out of my couch was completely warped. How that happened I dont know other than that Ashley Furniture must make their couches with cheap materials and then sell them at outrageous prices.

    Now I called today, we are having the same identical problems with the couch again. When I called I was notified that my warranty went out just a few days ago and Ashley Furniture will not even attempt to fix it. They said to report it to the extended warranty company.

    I will never purchase anything from Ashley Furniture again! That was the worst decision ever.

  • Le
      14th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I spent 1600 for my so called leather sofas that is peeling like a dam shredded snake. They have in their warranty to protect them about the leather being soft. jThey are full of it . They are getting over on people . I will never buy any furniture from them . I will make my own chinese sit down pillows before i ever buy from anyone.
    Pissed in Tampa, Florida

  • Sp
      5th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I paid $11, 000. for crappy furniture and before it was delivered I called them to get a refund and they said no refunds! I now have terrible furniture and can not get a service tech out to my house to fix any of it.

  • Go
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Never ever buy any furniture from this crappy store .. they sell only junk. Their sales and customer service is very arrogant and cheaters.. Dont even take extended store warranty .. it dosnt work they dont fix any thing..
    Although they promise in-home service .. it takes few days and lot call calls to some one show up at your home to do visual inspection .. Then they will take few months to order the parts .. if you are lucky you may get it fixed or you may hear back that they forgot to order the parts and you need to wait for another month or 2 to get the parts from the manufacturer.


  • Fu
      30th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I used to work as a furniture manufacturer, now i run the . Although all these years i have never heard a complain about ashley, it is true tha big companies lose peronal interest and contact and sometimes emploeyers just don't care to do their job properly.

  • Ja
      16th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    The sectional is peeling and flaking. Looks unsightly and the flakes are a mess.

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