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Argos / Delayed Delivery, Undue Stress no Apology

1 Acton, stafforsdhireUnited Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 0845 640 2020

I made a purchase through Argos for my cot and pram. I wanted to buy things early as with the numbness and my SPD) Symphosis Pubis Dysfunction, I found through my last two pregnancies difficulty walking, so wanted to be ready.

I bought them on the 29th of August and was told it will arrive in 21 days. My pram came 10 days after purchase. It was 28 days when I enquired after the cot, as I had not heard from them whatsoever. They apologised and said it was delayed a day, it did not arrive. We called when it did not arrive and was told that it wold come on the 13th October, slightly annoyed we saw we had no choice.

On the 30th of Septembe we received a call to say that it will not arrive until the 27th of November. I was so upset, I said they charged by Debit card all that time and did not allow me to cancel my order. They will not discuss compensation until the item was delivered, when asked could they definitley 100% say the item will arrive then they said categorically no. I felt that this was unacceptable.
I asked them for my money back and asked them to come and pick the pram up, they did so by the 1st and said I would receive my money in 3 working days, so I went to purchase the cot from mama and papas they came in 3days and can you believe cheaper. I bought the pram from Amazon and again it arrived within a couple days. I received the money back for the cot but not the pram. Until now I am fighting to get my money back, each time I call I get the run around, and told to write in if I have a problem, there is no complaints procedure.Each time they say its been done and it has not. the bank says I have to fill out a dispute, in the meantime, I have no money because I was reassured the money will be back in my account in three working days from collection. I called up and was told it was refunded on the 7th. I called on the 10th and was told .
I used my family money to replace the pram because, I was sure to get my money back. we have no spare money or alternative income, we work and spend what we work for. We have two other children four and five and have been struggling for 2 weeks to get the money back, We wont be wages for another couple of weeks and Argos, seems to think that it is not their problem. 129.99 may not bemuch to some people but to our family it was to get us through the month.

They are so horrible when we call, I cry, my partner talks to them and nothing has been done. I have been to the bank but they advise it can take a few weeks before it is sorted out. Trading standards are also a long winded process. Whatever happens I think I should be compensated for length of time, they have had my money and the undue stress caused. As I write we are concerned as to what will happen this week as last week was such a struggle.

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    Totally agree with this, I have had a HORRIBLE stressful day waiting for a cross trainer to be delivered, they have already made one feeble attempt to deliver it on tuesday the 27th, they called my phone that day 6 times within the space of about 2 minutes and when I got to my phone and called back..NO REPLY! They made no other attempt to find us WHATSOEVER!

    Today I have taken a half a days holiday to receive this item which was supposed to be delivered to my address in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. between 7am and 12pm and ended up having to take the whole day off as at 12.30 no delivery!

    I called the offices of DHL number and I was told the drivers would be contacted and if I wanted to chase it up myself in the mean time I could take the number!!! Is that MY responsibilty as a customer to chase up delivery men?????? Unbelievable. I tried the delivery number but wnet through to voicemail 3 times.

    I finally get a call from the absent delivery men at 4 O'clock - They tell me that they called both the mobile phone numbers this morning they were given (my personal and work mobile) to announce the delivery - There were NO missed calls - So a blatent lie..

    I at no time recieved an apology from anyone, and when I said this to the delivery man (eho seem to dodge every question I put to him) he well that does happen sometimes???!!! What does that mean???

    Furious absolutely furious..Just the general attitude that I was being a hassle all round, and no admission that there was any fault on the side of the delivery guys, Very frustrating!

    My sister had to leave her work to go and pick up my children and as I have just arranged this I discover this was a waste of time as well as I am not going to recieve my item today!

    I will no have to wait til thursday! Another morning off work!!!

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    Do totally agree with the lady from Acton, They are SO unhelpful and treat you like its your fault for being annoyed and frustrated, quite upsetting!

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      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Sara weller, Managing director of argos shes the ceo, then it will be passed to her executive response team.



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      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I used to work for argos and this is the kind of crap they tell their employees to spout, when they say its been delayed by one day it usually means that the original time of 28 days meant that they didnt have the product in stock but are still selling it anyway (something I personally found infuriating) and when they tell you it's been delayed by another day, that usually translates to "still not in stock, but the system hasnt updated to tell us that there will be another 14, 28, 32 days wait for delivery".
    Needless to say I don't work for them anymore, I would advise anyone against buying large items from argos as their buisness practices in this department are questionable at best and downright criminal to anyone who lives in the real world.

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      13th of Dec, 2009
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    no matter who you work for if you actually care about your customers then you wouldnt 'spout' such garbage, you would be honest

    i have a hard time believeing that they would tell you to lie to customers, it sounds more like incompetent staff (very few and certainly not all) not having the personal strength within themselves to actually make some moves and investigate a customers enquiry

    whatever it told you on the system would be vague at best, and you know that by making a few well placed calls you could find out a lot more information, but no, you're ever so busy that you would 'spout' lies to a customer so you could continue your conversation

    you dont work for argos anymore because you have the inability to actually assist customers

    complaining about a cot and pram i can understand completly, im glad you got sorted via m&p's, but to be completly fair with you, if your set out on buying m&p goods then i dont think 129.99 is such an issue, yes its a gd bit of money, but again, just to get back to reality, if you cannot afford it dont buy it, if you cannot afford to pay out for such expensive brands then i suggest shopping a little more wisely.. failing that, dont have children, if it is such a struggle to go from week to week then im not sure it was a wise option, apologies if that sounds harsh but the most expensive thing we ever have is children and a mortgage, i dont suggest either unless you can afford it and still have enough change for over payments

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