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Arbys / overcharged for food

1 PrincetonWV, United States Review updated:

I stopped by Arbys in Princeton where they where advertising 4 roastbeefs for $5. I ordered 5 sandwhiches. Thinking that the man behind the counter gave me my total as $6.89 I went on my way. Only to realize my check card was charged $16.79. I dont think that the 5th roastbeef would have been $10.

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  • Lj
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    I stopped by arbys and went thru the drive-thru. Upon arriving at the menu board I did not see the $1 menu, for which I was sure that the jr. roast beef would be on.
    However when I went to place the order for 2 jr roast beef and a small soft drink, I was given a total of $6.89. I couldn't believe the amt and ask the order taker to repeat the amt and when she gave the amt to me, i ask her if she had gotten my order wrong, and repeated it. I was told by her that it was correct and the amt. was also correct. So since their was several other restaurants nearby I cancelled the order and proceeded to them.
    Several days later(3 days) I returned to the restaurant and ordered inside using coupsons. When I arrived I looked at the inside menu board to find the $1 menu, and their was the jr. roast beef.
    At that time I also found out that the $1 menu was in effect the previous time I was there. Where this particular arbys got the total of $6.89 is beyond me, it should have been more like $3.80.
    I recommend doing the math before you hand you money over and always make sure your order is correct. This is only one instance that I was overcharged for something along with being short and item also.

  • Ro
      5th of Mar, 2011
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    I hate being overcharged...even if it's only a tiny amount. It's not fair. It's MY money. My husband had some friends over helping him work on his truck. I was in charge of lunch. I went to Arby’s in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Iordered 10 Jr Cheddar Melts & 2 ½ gallons of sweet tea. When the man taking my order gave me my total, I couldn’t understand him but I knew the amount shouldn’t be more than $20. When I got to the window, the lady told me my total was $19.63. I thought that sounded high, but I gave her a $20 bill. I was given $.37 in change. Then she gave me my tea & food, and my receipt was attached to the bag. I pulled off because there were other cars behind me and I didn’t want to make them wait. Before I left the parking lot, I got the receipt off the bag & saw that my total was actually only $16.63. I figured they made an honest mistake so I pulled in the front of the store & went inside to get the rest of my change. I explained my situation to the manager & she left with my receipt. She was gone for quite a while & I saw her in the back counting down the drawer. Finally she came back & told me that the drawer was only off by $.03 so she would not give me my change back. She talked to me like I was lying, like she believed that I was trying to scam Arby’s out of $3.00. That is ridiculous, and I will not be returning. I have talked to my friends & family already & told them of my experience. Some of them have told me that they will also not be returning. I wouldn’t have even been this angry, except the manager spoke to me like I was a liar or a thief. I’m not saying the woman overcharged me on purpose, but perhaps she charged me for someone else’s order. Or maybe she stuck the extra $3 in her pocket. $3 from every few customers would add up to quite nice sum at the end of the night. I am very upset. I go to Arby’s at least once a week and usually twice or three times a week. Usually our orders are a lot bigger than $20 because when we have people over, everyone likes Arby’s, it’s close to our house, it’s fast, it tastes good (usually), and it’s a pretty good deal, until you get overcharged.

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