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Arby's Restaurantbad service

On October 10, 2008 at 7:40 pm my son and myself entered the Arby's Restaurant on Paris St. in Sudbury Ontario for supper. Upon entering the restaurant, the door pane and glass were filthy. When we entered the restaurant I noticed that not one single table had been wiped down as well as the chairs. The floor was littered with garbage and looked like it had never been washed. Both my son and myself needed to use the washrooms before placing our orders. When I entered the ladies bathroom the floor was littered with papertowels the sink was filthy and there was the distinct smell of feces and visible feces on the floor. For some reason, as we are a CLEAN family, I thought I must be imagining things and proceeded to the counter to place our order. The front counter girl was NOT, nor was any other employee in uniform. She was wearing dirty jeans and a top that showed half of her midrif. No hair nets were worn by any of the employees. There was no greeting at all, and beside us was another family who were having trouble getting the correct order from the staff. The fountan machine was so dirty that I told my son not to get fountain pop to order bottled. We placed our order and the girl asked if that was to stay and I replied "If we can find a clean place to sit". No attempt was made to clean off any tables. A few minutes later another employee came over to ask what the problem was with the other family's order and then asked the girl if our order was "to stay". The employee then turned to her co-worker with a smirk on her face and said loud enough for me to hear "if they can find a clean place to sit". I have never (and I am a 48 year old educated woman) been spoken to and about as ignorantly as that. After about 10 minutes and a LOT of confusion my son took the order to a, of course, dirty table. I stayed at the counter, waited for the "maybe shift-manager" and told her I wanted the Manager's name and phone number. She went into the office and after waiting about 5 minutes came out with the name and phone number. I asked her, her name and she wanted to know why and what the problem was. I then noticed she (and only she) had a name tag on. I didn't answer her and just pointed to her name and wrote it down. I then told her that this was the most disgusting restaurant I had ever been in, it was filthy and the bathroom had "###" on the floor. I then went over to the table of the other family and had a chat with the mother who told me how she had been treated. I then gave her the Manager's phone number and told her I would certainly be calling the Manager myself. As soon as I arrived home, I called the Manager, of course, getting voice mail (this was at approximately 8:00 the SAME evening and to this date (Oct. 11/08 5:00pm I have received NO reply). I will NEVER eat there again. October 11/2008 had to make another phone call to the Manager of the restaurant. The Manager told me she got my message and talked to her staff. I told her my story and she said that she "was going to have to challenge me on that". I was in total disbelief and told her that I was the consumer. Her restaurant was filthy and had she been there she would have seen the conditions of her restaurant. I told her that my job was to nofity the Manager as I was doing and that I had placed an email to Head Office with my complaints. There was NO apology, no reimbursement for my meal, NOTHING. She basically made me feel like a liar and I told her I would never eat at her establishment again.


  • Ig
    igot14utonight22 Nov 30, 2009

    My reply to this is simply, why would you even order food from there if it was so dirty? Were there no other restaurants around. I think I would have went home hungry and made me something to eat.

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 25, 2010

    Not that I'm siding with the management here, but why would you want to eat in a filthy disgusting restaurant that has [censor] all over the washrooms, filthy tables and improperly dressed employees? I'd see just one of those things, turn around and walk out. A five minute walk onto Regent and you have several different choices on where you want to eat. What made you want to choose a place like Arby's anyways? o_O

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  • Jr
    J. Richards Jun 17, 2011

    I went to Arbys in Medicine Hat to have a meal. As sometimes happens my husband proceeded to make the order for both of us with me standing there to clarify if that is what I want or not, and when I agree I sometimes motion by pretending to kiss him on the cheek. Not physically touching, just the motioning of pretending to kiss him. The man waiting on us, mumbled something. I heard the man waiting on us mumble something and smirked. I felt very uneasy and asked said 'excuse me' and he said, 'Go get a motel!!! I was mortified! I stood there for a few seconds, waited for myself to calm down enough to say, "I am not going to eat here" and I walked out. He was there to wait on me in a mannerly fashion, nothing more, nothing less. He deserves to be 'fired' to say the least then sent to 'etiquette' school. I have been in the work force longer than he is old, and this is not the way to treat customers. Had he been working for me, , , we would have been dismissed immediately!!! What is happening to is going to rock bottom for sure. J. Richards

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