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Arbys Fastfood / rude employee

1 Prince Frederick, MD, United States

I dropped my daughter off at Calvert Orthodontics to get a follow-up. In the mean time I run to Arby's to get my 2 other girls some curly fries that they like! It took like 3 minutes before someone even waited on us and then when the girl gets on the speaker she said it 2 times about my order and I said the same thing back and the she said she couldn't hear me. I then reached over to turn off my truck as soon as it shut off we (Me and my 6 year old daughter) heard her call me a ###. I then spoke up and ask her about it. She didn't say nothing back when I said that so I went to the window and demanded to see her straight up if not I wanted to talk to a manager. Some guy came to the window and I told him what happened. He told me to hold on he went back in the room for a few minutes and then came out. He said oh it's 4 she clocked out cause she gets off at 4! No-way like she is gonna stand there and call me a ### and then run. I told him I wanted to talk to another manager cause he was like he didn't know what to do. I told him I will be back tomorrow to see the girl and to talk to another manger about the problem. I was really dissappointed in the way they handled this. I then still couldn't get over how they handled it so I called the place. She said that she just got back from the bank and didn't know anything about it. I told her what had happened and she had the nerve to say well I know the girl and I know she wouldn't say that to anyone. My 6 year old heard it. We go on and on and she had the nerve to say maybe I am theone who is being rude and hung up the phone.

If she didn't do anything wrong why didn't she show her face or say anything to me and to take care of it. Needless to say I will not be going back to the Arbys Fastfood in Prince Frederick Md again. How could they employ someone and they call their customer ###??? And then for my daughter to hear that. She needs to apologize for what she said to me if not to me to my daughter. I will be calling the store in the morning to see if I can get through to another manager and then I'll go from there.

Thanks for listening this kind of stuff shouldn't be going on.


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