Applebee's Restaurantshostess set us and no one ever came to take order we set for 43 minutes and got up and left after being ignored

J Nov 21, 2017

The other day which was 11/19/17 around 3pm my business associate and I met at Applebee's in Bessemer, Alabama. We were set promptly, we starting talking we realized that no one even came and took our drink orders or asked if we needed any service. The restaurant was almost near empty and there was a full staff. We press the button for service and the light lit up and we waited for service. One of the managers was hanging round the bar talking and laughing with his buddies, the servers were all gathered together hanging out like it was a high school hangout, it was some other staff standing against the walls near the restroom grouped up together just laughing and hanging out, no one even acknowledged that the help signal was going off or that we were just sitting with menus waiting to order our beverage and meal. After 43 minutes we got up and told the hostess that we were leaving and that the staff and the environment was very unprofessional. Her response was "my bad" We left and went to another restaurant nearby that gave us excellent service. I will never go there again.

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