Applebee's Restaurants / fingernail in my salad

Portsmouth, NH, United States

I visited a location in Dover, NH two Sunday afternoons ago.
We ordered drinks and oriental salads. I took most of mine to-go, and my two other friends took theirs to-go completely.
The next day when I was eating my salad, I noticed that there was a piece of an artificial FINGERNAIL in my salad. I was so disgusted and immediately texted my two friends, who had not eaten there's yet and we all ended up throwing them away, considering they were all probably prepared by the same employee.
Initially, I sent a complaint email to guest relations-did not receive even a confirmation email it was received. A few days pass, I call the actual location and ask for a manager. The manager was very nice, stated he would contact someone else to send me an e-gift card. Wait a few more days, nothing!
I asked for a refund of just my salad but at this point considering this is over $30 in a complete waste, I want a FULL refund and also am considering never visiting Applebees again. I come dine with you guys weekly if not twice weekly, I do not understand if maybe my email was written down incorrectly, but honestly, you are a corporation how hard is it to replace $30? I should have just called the health department. It's not like the salad was cold, this is a legitimate complaint.
I need an e-gift card sent to me by the end of the day or I am never stepping foot in one of your locations again. This is taking way too long.

Oct 25, 2017

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