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Anfi inc / Fraudulent Debt Collection Agency

1 TX, United States

So this Anfi Company sends an anonymous form letter insisting that 7 years ago I owed Cingular $50. How is it that in all of those years I never received anything in the mail from Cingular?
Their website is fake. Their phone number connects to some guy that tells you that you are a deadbeat for not paying your bills and tells you to pay-up.
I heard this was the start of some new work-from-home business scam where they buy un-verified debt for $0.03 per dollar owed and then try and collect on it. I guess as long as more than 3% of the saps they contact pay up- they make thier money back and then some.

Since my "debt" isn't real- I end up getting put out MY time, money, frustration, and hassle to prove to them that I don't owe anything? I requested verification of the debt and I assume that after a litany of annoying phone calls, letters, and payments to USPS to pay for certified mailings it will disappear on its own- but my complaint is WHAT A PAIN! Why are these scam artists allowed to operate on the fringes of legality trying to make honest people squirm. It should be illegal!

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