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Afni - Collecting on debt past statute of limitations

Just received a collection letter from Afni, Inc. for over $100.00 from Verizon New York for a phone # I did not recognize. I called and I was told that this is a debt from 1994!!! That is over 13 years ago! I told them to stop collections immediately because I cannot prove that I paid this bill without calling all my former banks and possibly paying them money to research months of canceled checks.

I also told them that the statute of limitations has run and they cannot sue me, therefore any further collection attempts would be solely to harass or annoy me.

They tried to tell me that the statute of limitations has run only to report on my credit report, I said, no you cannot sue me either. That was that!


Another fraudulent attempt to collect charges for Direct tv. I have had Comcast for 9 years. Thank goodness I checked here before calling, at least they don't have my number. Did someone get Jessi?

May 04, 2008

Attempting to collect a debt from over 11 years ago. Inever had a phone with Verizon Florida. I have lived in another state for 11years.This is ridiculous and after 7 years it should not even be happening. According to the credit bureau there should not be any thing like this on my report.

Feb 28, 2008

This phone # that they said we owed was not ours or never had been. We have had Verizon phones
and have never been turned down for an outstanding account balance.

Jan 24, 2008

I received notice that I owed a bill from 1999 on a phone number that I still have. I asked why no one has contacted me in 8 years and he told me he would send a letter of validation. Whatever that means. What can I do to protect my credit rating... Plz advise smb!

You are an idiot. The statute of limitations in New York, which is never know as a "debt fairy" says that if you sue me for a debt that is over six years old, I can raise an affirmative defense saying: TOO LATE (in simple words for you to understand). If I do that, yes, the lawsuit (and the right to collect the debt) "magically" goes away!
Also, I DO pay my bills, I explained there would be no way for me to PROVE it because the debt was so old. That is the reason they have that law.
You sound like a complete ###.

Uhhh did you by chance even read what the FTC states is the statue of limt. ... i dont thingk you did. The statues protect you from credit repoting of a debt over 7 yrs and taking legal action after 7 yrs... But sorry bud there is no "debt fariy" that makes your debt go away after years you still owe it, companies can still collect on it and contact you about the debt. Any why do you companies have to be able to sue you for you to think you owe a bill thats kind of an odd comment to make for a person who pays their bills dont you thing???

Jun 13, 2007

Afni - Fraudulent 11 year old verizon bill!

Today I received a letter from a collection agency called Afni, Inc. alleging I owed $63.00 from 11 years ago - 1996. Verizon has provided my phone service for the past 10 years and I don't believe I...

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Jun 11, 2007

Afni - You won't believe this!

I received one of these letters like everyone else is describing: $573 for a Verizon account I've never heard of, for an area code where I've never lived. I was suspicious immediately because it had not appeared on my credit report when I had recently bought a house, the notice was mailed to my new address (which was less than 6 weeks old), and I had never received a bill or overdue notice from Verizon directly.

Anyway, after reading similar posts on this and other web sites, I contacted the local police in Bloomington, IL, where AFNI is located. I attempted to file a fraud report with them, and YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS...

David White, who works in the police department's public affairs office, did not take the complaint. Instead he told me that he was a personal friend of the manager at AFNI, whose name is Jeff Shepherd. He said he'd simply forward my complaint on to Jeff.

So for those of you who actually want a real live person to pester over this thing, I suggest you ask for Jeff Shepherd at AFNI directly. And if you get no relief there, give a call to his buddy David White at the police department. Maybe if David gets enough complaints about his buddy, he'll feel compelled to do more than "forward the message." His number at the police department is [protected].

Mar 12, 2008

I am yet another victim of this bogus so called company. They sent me a letter stating that I owed $146.10 but would settle for $73.10....from a Verizon Phone opened in [protected] in California. I have never lived in Cali or visited this state. I called the Federal Trade Comission filed a report, sent a dispute letter to AFNI my next steps will be determined when I find out what AFNI is going to do with this......DON'T PAY.....if you didn't open it DON'T PAY...that is how they are making their money. They are getting through to some of us but not the smart ones. I have excellent credit and will fight to the end to protect my good decisions that I have made over the years. It is a shame !!!! Good luck to you all.....!


Afni - GTE Southwest Incorporated never received

Afni, inc sent a bill for collection for gte southwest inc that i have never received a bill from gte southwest in regards to this bill.

my name is julia an afni send me a bill for $452.00 for a cel or phone account that i didnt paid, the problem is that i never had a phone in the UNITED STATES because i live in mexico so i tink someones brougth this line so, wath can i do whit this problem?

Jun 09, 2007

ANFI sent me a bill for a cellular one phone i never had i am 25 and the bill is 8 years old so in other words i would of had a cellphone in my name at the age of 17 which is totally not possible since you have to be 19 to even sign a contract in nebraska. So i think this company is totally bogus also i am the financial area. And Creditors can't even collect bills over seven years old. Also the only cell i have ever had is ALLTELL so explain this to me i have this cellphone number since i was 19. and i called ANFI about it and they could not tell me anything about. their might have been someone with my name elsewhere i told them but they assured it was me and they wanted my SS number and all this other information on me i told them to go to hell. If it was a real bill they would of had that info already and could of told me. But they want me to verify it F*CK that they can verify it to me.

May 29, 2007

Afni - False collection

I am the executor of my father's estate. Within one month of his death in 2007, I received a collection notice from AFNI claiming that my father owed Verizon a bill of over $6000.00 for a telephone line that was operative for several months in 1997 (ten years ago). The line was located in a state where my father has never lived. I had managed my father's affairs for several years prior to his death and had never received a bill from Verizon. I checked his credit report and found that there were no bills reported as past due.

As I have checked on the internet, I have found numerous other reports of attempts by AFNI to collect bogus bills. I find it very suspicious that within two weeks of my father's death, AFNI receives a bill for collection that is nearly ten years old.

Dec 28, 2007

My father (who is in his 70s) received a collections notice from AFNI in May of 2007 alleging that he owed Verizon of New York for a past due bill. My father has (1) never lived in New York, (2) has never maintained a relationship with Verizon of New York. We called the Company and we received by a less than pleasant customer service person who used a very threatening tone of voice with my father. We then followed up with a letter to the Company. We thought that the matter was resolved UNTIL, he received another letter in November of 2007 concerning another past due item tied to Bell Atlantic. We pulled his credit report and there is NO evidence of either claim on his credit report. We followed up to AFNI's second letter with another telephone call to the 800-number noted on the letter. We also mailed the company another letter. This time, we've copied Lisa Madigan the Illinois Attorney General, Congressman Mark Kirk, the Chicago Trubune, and Carol Marin of the Chicago Sun Times. This Company is taking advantage of senior citizens who simply don't have the resources and/or technological prowress to navigate the nasty web of lies that they attempt to promulgate. This Company is the epitome of what is wrong in this society.

Nov 09, 2007

I recently received a collection letter from Afni about a supposed telephone service bill from Pacific Bell that is 91/2 years old! This bill was paid way back then, but they were quite rude on the phone and were not interested in anything I had to say. They offered two times to "settle" -- first for $80.00 less, then for 50%. I have documented proof that the amount was paid. I am sending them that, plus I am going to complain to every consumer affairs agency --state and federal -- that will affect them. I welcome anyone who has had similar experiences to advise me of what else I can do to stop these scam artists.

Today I received a collection notice from Afni, Inc. for a Verizon bill that was over 7 years old. I live in the state of Kansas were the statute of limitations is 3 years. I am definitely taking everyone advice and reporting this collection agency.

Jul 20, 2007

My wife received a notice of collections for an Alltel bill from this Afni collections agency for nearly $800 for some cell phone service I was supposed to have had. I HAVE NEVER USED ALLTEL in the 10 years I have been using cellular phone connections. This has got to be some sort of fraud scheme going on. I recently received a loan to have a home built, pay ALL my bills on time and then some, and take great pride in my AAA credit history. I have never heard of or seen or have ever received anything from Alltel EVER. What the heck is going on Afni? Also, the day after my wife received the notice I called the toll free 866 # to dispute this matter; the number would not go through. Some sort of funny business you guys got going Afni. I am currently serving in Iraq and if this matter is going to go further Afni will be hearing from my JAG officer faster than they can accuse me twice of owing Alltel one red cent!


Afni - Damaged credit

Afni-Bloom has also damaged my credit by reporting a debt from 1998! I knew nothing about this debt, and received no notification from them regarding this! I caught when I was applying for a...

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May 18, 2007

Afni - Afni is a fraud!

I received my collection notice today 5/18/07 staying that i owe $645.36 to Verizon new York, Inc with a disconnected # for Verizon new York. I called the toll free # [protected] for Afni and waited on hold to speak to someone. He never said his name until I asked before I told him why I was calling. Then told me it was from Oct 1999. Why am I getting this 8 yrs later? The account was under my maiden name for an address in Binghamton, NY under my SSN. I have never been to or lived in NY. Dad is a lawyer and he will be pointing me in right directions to stop this company, hopefully.

Jun 06, 2007

AFNI steals your identity!!!

They Phish for your info then send you a collection for notice a bill that is not yours, or possibly anyones. Being a collection agency they are permitted to view credit reports. When they find a candidate they think will pay they send you a collection notice. They will not have any full information just partial. Only what they can retrieve from your credit report. They are banking on the fact that you will just pay it than fight it.

May 08, 2007

Afni - Supposed Verizon bill from 1996!

I received a letter Afni this month (04/2007) advising that I owe $229.30 for an old Verizon telephone bill from 1996 to 1997. First of all, I doubt very seriously that Verizon would allow me to continue with my phone service for a year without payment. Also, I am more than sure when I applied for telephone service through their company from 1997 to the present I do not believe I would have been granted service without being advised of a past due bill. This is completely ridiculous. I have been working diligently to keep my credit clear to purchase a house for my two children and myself. Now here comes this company out of the "wood works" to tell me that I have an old account with Verizon that they have been "Asked" to collect on. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for this. If this bill is valid, why would Verizon wait a whole decade to pursue collection. Does that make any sense at all? I don't think so. Anyway, I really hope this company gets what is coming to it. Attempting to ruin peoples credit is a shameful profession and along the lines of desperation on their part.


Jun 04, 2007

I too received a collection notice from AFNI about a verizon number I had more than 12 years ago in NY. And I too had another Verizon number in New York after the first one, at a different address - could I have established it if I had owed them a balance on the previous account? Doubtful. This is the kind of guesswork left to me, these 12 or more years later... Verizon today has no record of me, but asked if I'd like to start up service with them. After some research I found like many people here that Verizon sold AFNI an extensive and it seems faulty laundry list of numbers which had outstanding amounts that go way, way, WAY back. The only Co. which claims to have records today is the collection agency, so if the balance is an error on Verizon's part, then we no longer have proper defense to dispute charges. So basically, I found out today that I live in a country where a regulated public company can easily sell your name attached to an outstanding bill to a collector, which will in turn hold your credit score ransom until you pay an amount which you may have already paid in say, 1996. I've heard a lot about SOL here but at the end of the day our credit report is vulnerable and if the timing is wrong, it could have consequences for people. People who may have even paid all their bills fair and square and now must pay again to "make it all go away." Excuse me for pointing out the obvious but, this should never be possible in the first place. I blame Verizon first, and though I may sound idealistic - I blame my government for allowing this practice to be partially legitimate. I'm not the type to picket so I've settled on a far more practical approach. I will never be a Verizon customer. Ever. This is a fact. AFNI may get their $20 once they supply me with a makeshift copy of my supposed unpaid bill, and Verizon now has the handful of pennies for the sale of that bougus info. But in the longterm, Verizon will lose this customer for a lifetime of business.

May 22, 2007

Actually if you all must know, there are only two states (WI & MS) that have a statute at which point all collections must stop which is 6 years (same for credit reporting.) Other than that it's fair game. Every other state has a status of 7 years credit reporting and no statute on how long they can collect. My advice is to pay ALL your bills and most importantly, keep receipts. I mean, yeah the debt might be old and forgotten, but if the bill was actually never paid, be happy you got away with it as long as you did. Most collection agencies will settle debts with you anyways, depending on how old it is you can save up to 50% or so. Some collection agencies are complete scandals, but from personal experience AFNI is a straight up legit company, only thing is, their clients sell them your debts and it's their job to collect, if it's someone to be angry with it's the original creditors.

May 14, 2007

Collection companies use unfair tactics sometimes

May 14, 2007

Good evening... I'd like to show you a quote from some site. This website specializes in helping consumers with issues out of their hands and out of control. I do not work or write for this site; I simply have watched it with pride for over a year. They have lawyers and a boatload of numbers that may help you and others on this site to escalate problems with companies to the executive level all the way up to the CEO in some cases.

On your issue: Credit/Collections. A sample of what constitutes a collectible debt...

First the conversation, then after the tags are comments from the users from all over the world:

05 08 2007
Debt Collector Trying To Collect 7 Year Old Debt 3,752 Views

NOTE-IM conversation begins-----> james: my wife got a collection notice yesterday about a verizon account she had with roommates in college back in 2000
james: account was transferred when she moved out, there was remaining balance, verizon never alerted her and she just heard from collections yesterday, 7 years later
benpopken: ha
benpopken: 7 years?
benpopken: that debt cannot be collected<------------------------------****
james: yeah literally
james: really?
james: oh she's going to love that!
benpopken: It's not from Verizon, right? Some collection agency?
james: yup
james: AFNI collections
benpopken: Six years is the statute of limitations on debt [ed. It is, for NY, where James is. SOL varies by state, see this chart]<------------------------------****
benpopken: these guys buy debt from other companies for pennies on the dollar, then harass people who don't know better
benpopken: but you may want to write a letter to the company asking for them to provide proof of the debt
james: wow
james: i had no idea
james: do you think it will affect her credit?
benpopken: it will not
benpopken: bad debt falls off the record after 7 years<------------------------------****
james: oh right
james: ridiculous that verizon doesn't alert customers
james: when my wife was on the phone with the collection people last night the woman told her that she hears it all the time
benpopken: yeah they will tell you anything on the phone
benpopken: anything to get you to pay up
benpopken: most debt collectors are ###

(Photo: Clearly Ambiguous)

james: i'm so glad we talked about this
benpopken: you should hear some of the recordings
james: thanks so much!
benpopken: let me know if they start harassing you guys or keep calling
benpopken: b/c they're not allowed to do either
james: i definitely will
james: ok here's another question
james: apparently my wife told this woman she would call back and pay later
james: which sounds like it = acknowledging the debt
benpopken: doesn't matter
james: because the statute of limitations has passed?
benpopken: Yes
james: whew
benpopken: Look, if they call again say you know your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
benpopken: and that they need to provide proof of the debt in writing
benpopken: and all further communication will be in writing
james: ok great
benpopken: Tell them they're only allowed to contact you by phone to inform you of the debt
james: sorry for all the questions. she's freaking out a bit
benpopken: hey can't keep calling you to tell you to pay
benpopken: no, I understand
benpopken: I'm going to give you some links
benpopken: that is pretty much everything you need to know
benpopken: "Things Debt Collectors Can't Do"
benpopken: ""I Will Threaten Bodily Harm," A Loan Shark's Confession"
benpopken: Credit Reports: How Long Different Items Stay
benpopken: I also have a lawyer friend who specializes in protecting debtors
benpopken: I can put you in touch if you ever need to
james: well i appreciate the offer but hopefully it won't come to needing a lawyer
james: do these people typically give up if they're dealing with someone who understands their rights?
benpopken: Oftentimes, yes
james: cool
benpopken: They mainly prey on people who don't know the law
benpopken: and use fear and bullying tactics
benpopken: sometimes really bad, sometimes just being underhanded

We should note that if Jame's wife actually does owe the money, she has an obligation to pay it. However, proof of the debt needs to be provided in writing first. — BEN POPKEN
read more:

* debt collectors
* interviews
* readers
* telephony
* transcripts
* verizon

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No commenter image uploaded iMike says:

Didn't know Ben was a lawyer. The answer whether a debt is collectible is much more complicated than a blanket "six years and you're home free."

That said, plenty of creditors/collections agencies try to collect outside the statute of limitations. If that's the case, you have them by the short curlys IF you know what to do and are willing to do it.

Start at the links Ben provided above and should you have questions, contact a lawyer who practices in your jurisdiction and who has experience in collections on the consumer side.
05/08/07 11:13 PM
No commenter image uploaded samuraimonkey says:

the best things to do when dealing with a debt collector is to ask for validation of the debt in writing(a certified letter with return receipt) if after 30 days they cannot validate the debt then they have to report it as such. If you want them to stop calling or sending you letters then ask them to cease and desist(certified letter is good here too).
All debt collectors have to follow the FDCPA, so its good to read up on that too.
05/08/07 11:25 PM
No commenter image uploaded dwarf74 says:

HA! My first job was at AFNI, though not in collections. It's a local company, and I still know some folks in the collection area. I wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to collect an uncollectable debt....
05/09/07 12:26 AM
No commenter image uploaded Seth_Went_to_the_Bank says:

Ben is incorrect about the statute of limitations. It varies widely from state to state.

There are also a lot of tricks they use to try and extend the statute of limitations. Nonetheless, it can't appear on your credit report after 7 years. But none of this means they can't keep trying to collect the debt forever.

As Ben says, you can tell them to stop contacting you. If the debt gets sold, you'll have to inform the new owner of the debt.
05/09/07 12:42 AM
Image of faust1200 faust1200 says:

All I have to say is this!

Pic from 'naughtyconsumer' at
05/09/07 04:17 AM
Image of M3wThr33 M3wThr33 says:

My dad had collections sent to him over 5 cents. He'd laugh each time he got a letter and point at the stamp's cost.
05/09/07 04:18 AM
Image of justbrag justbrag says:

I agree with those above who urge caution in advising debtors that the statute of limiations period is 6 years. Unless you're referring to the credit bureaus' records, this is not necessarily true, and the limitations periods on suits to collect debt vary greatly from state to state.

And there are certain circumstances (which can get complicated) where the limitations period may be tolled.

Not to say James's wife isn't free and clear here, she very well may be, but the 7 years and you're free & clear thing isn't entirely accurate. And even if she has an SOL defense, if sued on a collection action, she can't sit back and do nothing. She will have to defend herself--although that'll be easy enough if she has a nice affirmative defense like SOL.
05/09/07 05:39 AM
Image of Ben Popken Ben Popken says:

Actually, I happen to know that James is in New York, where the statute of limitations on written contracts and open accounts is 6 years (Bankrate).
05/09/07 06:57 AM
No commenter image uploaded guymandude says:

Sending an improper demand for money through the postal service is federal mail fraud. Spend a weekend reading up on "negotiable insrtuments" law.
05/09/07 06:59 AM
Image of mac-phisto mac-phisto says:

pull all three of your reports. check experian & equifax first - they deal more with telecom collections than transunion. you may have an entry from the collector that is dinging your score. you'll need to do some legwork to get that taken care of.
05/09/07 07:43 AM
Image of SkippyKilimanjaro SkippyKilimanjaro says:

In a previous life I was part owner of a debt collection agency that purchased debt as opposed to being a contingency agency. We bought the cheap stuff and usually a good portion of what we purchased was out of stat (beyond the statute of limitations). You would be surprised at how many people would pay these off, especially if they were for low dollar amounts. There are a bunch of ways to reset those stat clocks too...if they haven't already passed the 6 year (or whatever) mark.

If you are hellbent on not paying off your old debts, then the best thing you can do is not answer the phone and do not engage in any conversations about your debt with an agency.

Another oddity of our credit system...paying off old and expired debts can actually lower your credit score.
05/09/07 07:56 AM
No commenter image uploaded cindel says:

Umm no it's not complicated.

If's out of SOL, they cannot collect and that's a myth that repaying off a collection restart the clock.

Did Consumerist posted something about this a month ago?

James and his wife needs to check their credit report and if it's on there; dispute it.
05/09/07 08:21 AM
Image of Ben Popken Ben Popken says:

@SkippyKilimanjaro: Resetting the debt clock is a myth. See: Negative Items Fall Off Credit Report After Seven Year Itc....

Looks like your collection agency not only fooled consumers, it fooled you.
05/09/07 08:45 AM
Image of Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

You are right, and the "debt clock" does not reset for purposes of your credit report if you do something to acknowledge the debt.

However, if you make a payment on the debt, it may reset the statute of limitations so that you can be sued on the debt once again.

Those are two different things, and the rules aren't the same.

As others have mentioned, just because the SOL and "debt clock" have run out, doesn't mean collectors have to stop calling. You still owe the debt, they just can't do anything about it if you don't pay.

As SkippyKilimanjaro pointed out, one reason you might want to pay off the old debt is to help your credit score, since your credit score seems to be based primarily on your willingness to slavishly make payments on your debt for the rest of your life.

I always tell my clients the best approach is to pay the debt once the debt collector verifies that (1) the debt belongs to the client, and (2) the debt collector actually owns the debt. And get everything in writing and/or make a record of your phone calls (with or without permission, as appropriate in your state).
05/09/07 09:49 AM
No commenter image uploaded Okiedog says:

The city of brotherly love, wherein I reside, has started a campaign to collect old parking ticket debt. People are being called about tickets issued as many as 10 to 15 yrs ago. Is that legit?
05/09/07 09:53 AM
Image of Pelagius Pelagius says:

I had a similar incident with one of those crappy store credit cards (World Financial Network National Bank - avoid them like the plague!). When I saw the hit on my credit report I disputed it and the collection notices started coming in. It took a year to sort it all out, with help from states' Attorney Generals' offices. In any case, disputing the charge seems to have resurrected the SOL. Don't know what the law is on this, though.
05/09/07 10:19 AM
No commenter image uploaded lewissalem says:

My wife is a bankruptcy attorney and tells me that sometimes these collection agencies will call regardless of the statute of limitations. They will try to scare people into settling the matter over the phone "easily" with a credit card.

Sadly the unsuspecting victim is unaware that they don't have to pay.

BTW, if you are in bankruptcy and you get a call from anybody trying to collect, they are violating the law.
05/09/07 10:24 AM
No commenter image uploaded nighttrain2007 says:

I received a notice from Verizon myself here in NC about two months ago. Problem is I haven't had a Verizon phone in well over 7 years. I was waiting for another notice from them but never received one. The bill was for $800. Problem is when I closed that account the bill was $0. Had some concern but looked into it as well and they had no standing
05/09/07 10:31 AM
Image of kerry kerry says:

@Okiedog: That's probably different because, as I understand it, they're not collecting a debt but rather acting on outstanding warrants.
05/09/07 10:32 AM
Image of zouxou zouxou says:

A somewhat related question: I've been getting calls from ru skokie several times a day for a month. They stopped and now I get calls from Allied Interstate 2X daily who occasionally leave me a message saying I should call them about a debt. I have no debts. Should I continue to ignore the calls?
05/09/07 10:38 AM
No commenter image uploaded Thassodar says:

Sweet! According to that chart if I can hold off Washington Mutual for 4 years (Texas) then I'm in the clear!

That is until I need a loan. Or a kidney. Or something else I'm never going to get from a bank.
05/09/07 10:52 AM
Image of Triteon Triteon says:

@zouxou: Check out
I've had these people leave me messages to call back. As I've had an ID theft discovered in 4/06 I did, gave them my info and they told me I wasn't in the system. After a series of calls (21x in 3 days), including truncated v-mails and hang-ups, I contacted the Illinois AG (my home state) and the Minnesota AG (where Allied is located) and filed complaints. The calls stopped.
(Sorry to hijack this thread!)
05/09/07 11:04 AM
Image of Smoking Pope Smoking Pope says:

I had a "debt" brought to my attention for the first time 7 years after it was allegedly incurred. They said it was for $1,000+, from the University of Illinois (which I attended). When I pressed for details, they said they had none. So I told them that unless they could tell me what the debt was for in detail, I'd be ignoring them.

10 years later (yep, they're still trying to collect 17 years later), their "one time settlement" offers are down to $90. Debt collectors who have no ammo are very fun to deal with.

"Sir, I'm calling in reference to a rather large, outstanding debt you have..."

"Oh, the U of I debt?"


"What are you wearing?"
05/09/07 11:40 AM
No commenter image uploaded automatic_blue says:

First off - most debt collectors aren't ###.

ALL of them are. Bar none. The debt buyer industry wouldn't exist if consumers were aware of their rights.

First step - send them a cease and desist letter. Certified mail, or via fax (but save the transmission report). You can find a template at

Second step - silence is golden.

Third step - Find a NACA attorney in your area. If you get sued on the debt you will have to put some money upfront fight the lawsuit but you will also have the option to counterclaim if the debt is truly past the statute of limitations. Thus you might see your attorneys fees returned, plus some statutory penalties.

Forth step - If they violate the cease and desist order, find a NACA attorney and go after them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Don't give debt collectors a cent of your money, much less waste time futzing with them on "their" terms. If you're requesting validation, negotiating with them or trying to get them to stop calling you, just quit it - you're still playing the game your way. The only appropriate response to any debt collector should be asking them what the name of the company is, their fax number, and their address.

Debt buyers DO NOT, and WILL NOT play fair. NEVER pay them a damn cent if you don't have to.

Keep in mind that sending a debt collector a cease and desist on a debt that isn't time-barred by the SOL could mean that the next response you get is a lawsuit over the debt. That's fine, you should talk to a NACA member attorney about fighting the lawsuit - debt collectors and buyers generally cannot prove up their debts in court.
05/09/07 11:54 AM
No commenter image uploaded Eyebrows McGee says:

@automatic_blue: "ALL of them are. Bar none."

Hey, screw you. I do debt collection for small businesses.

Only I just send the letter with the 30 days notice. If they don't pay or contest, I just file the lien. (I collect for contractors; the usual remedy for non-payment of debts is a lien on the house.) I'm not really interested in chasing them down or spending time on the phone with them. Here's the debt, do you acknowledge it, great, here's what you owe. Done and done.

There are a lot of ### debt collectors out there (and I defend individuals against them), but there are also a lot of scam artists out there who contract for TONS of work from small contractors and then refuse to pay up. Those businesses have a right to collect that debt or to pursue appropriate legal action. Just because most debt collectors are scamming illegal ###s doesn't mean debt collection isn't a legitimate activity WHEN THE DEBTS ARE LEGIT AND THE LAWS ARE FOLLOWED.
05/09/07 12:07 PM
No commenter image uploaded gmark2000 says:

As the previous poster noted, a legitimate debt owing should be paid regardless of who is collecting it. The original person had a Verizon debt as a result of a move. Most people would have mail forwarded after their move or made arrangements. The onus is for the debtor to pay, not to hide from creditors.
05/09/07 12:44 PM
No commenter image uploaded xzbiz says:

A few years ago I was hounded for some small debt I improperly assumed, I had ordered "trial" issues of a magazine and canceled the automatic charge for a full year within the allotted period of time but was apparently billed anyways. I didn't realize this until I started getting relentlessly hounded by a collection agency a few months later. They started calling me several times per day and sending me ominous sounding letters, I made the mistake of responding and it only fueled their efforts and made them become VERY aggressive, demanding that I pay this debt even after I asserted that there was none and send them copies of the trial program I had tried and told them to call the magazine to verify my cancelation.

I finally ended up looking into the fair debt collection laws and found that the collection agency was being abusive per the guidelines for debt collection. I send them a letter telling them that I was aware of my rights and felt they were being abusive, and they never called again.

So know your rights! They rely on you not knowing what they can and can not do to pressure you and collect debts that may or may not be appropriate in the first place.
05/09/07 12:47 PM
No commenter image uploaded North of 49 says:

The one thing that really pisses us off about debt collection agencies are the ones that play hot potato with the debt. Either they have several different frontliners juggling the account so you can't get a straight answer or when you've finally shut one down, another one comes along about the same debt because they've bought it from the one who was shut down.

makes me want to laugh, ya know?
05/09/07 12:52 PM
Image of Smoking Pope Smoking Pope says:

I had a collection agency tell my wife that she should pay the $1,000 debt she owed in favor of paying for my chemo treatments. Nice, guys. Wanna come over and kick my dog while you're at it?
05/09/07 01:14 PM
No commenter image uploaded Eyebrows McGee says:

@Smoking Pope: I have a lawyer friend who does collections for a hospital (his firm represents the hospital generally, so they have to do the hospital's collections work) and he says it is far and away the WORST JOB IN THE UNIVERSE because basically two kinds of people end up in hospital collections: People who've had ridiculously expensive and emotionally draining treatments for something like cancer and who've spent all their money fighting it, or ###s who decide they don't want to pay the debt so "hide" their assets by buying mom a brand new Ferrari or something and then declaring bankruptcy.

He said basically you're either facing the worlds' worst ### (who are smug about their scumbaggery) or trying to wring money from a broke family that's already been through hell.
05/09/07 01:38 PM
No commenter image uploaded thejanna says:

I had a sleezy debt collection company call me about some money I supposedly owed an old landlord. When I asked for an itemized list of the damages he was claiming and the amounts, I got a copy of a fax of a handwritten list that looked like it had been scribbled sideways on some notebook paper by a small child. I laughed, and sent them a nice letter about why I didn't owe the landlord a dime, and how they could go ahead and never contact me again.
05/09/07 02:47 PM
No commenter image uploaded Sonnymooks says:

Part of my job is screening tenants, when I see an unpaid debt, I usually just reject the applicant outright. I'm looking at using a colleection agency for tenants that have been evicted and have found a few good ones. I'm still evaluating them though. Personally, any money the collector gets back for me is like a bonus.

Either way, pay, don't pay, someone somewhere does hold it against you, and often you do not even know it.
05/09/07 03:27 PM
No commenter image uploaded automatic_blue says:

@Eyebrows McGee:

Whatever it takes to help you sleep at night, brah.
05/09/07 03:56 PM
No commenter image uploaded amykleinpeter says:

James' wife should get her free annual credit report ( and make sure that the collector is not reporting this debt as owing. The law is that after a set number of years it should not be reported, but collectors can and do change the date or the account number and still report.

If the debt is reported, dispute the debt and if it still does not go away, it may be a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
05/09/07 04:25 PM
Image of Triteon Triteon says:

@automatic_blue: So...Dude "A" runs up a debt. Dude "A" doesn't pay off. Dude "B" calls to ask Dude "A" when he's going to pay, and Dude "B" is the ###?
Wonderful logic, truly insightful.
05/09/07 04:28 PM
Image of Smoking Pope Smoking Pope says:

Most people, if they think about it, should realize that anyone doing debt collection is in a difficult spot. You've got to pry money from people who don't have it, or don't want to part with it.

The beef with debt collectors is mainly due to those that are needlessly aggressive (see my post above), or just plain mean (again, see my post above). And once that behavior starts getting known, the whole industry gets a black eye. (It strikes me that debt collectors are much like lawyers. You hate them until you need one.)
05/09/07 04:55 PM
Image of SkippyKilimanjaro SkippyKilimanjaro says:

@Ben Popken: You're right, I was mistaken. I was taking the re-aging issue from my personal experience with debt, not the practice of the agency I was involved with. I had just remembered reading an article about paying off old debts back when I was applying for mortgage and had to clear some stuff on my CR.

That being said, an agency can reset the statute of limitations for collections if they can convince the consumer to make a payment on the debt.

It is a common practice of many debt-buying agencies to to call consumers whose accounts are out of stat and convince them, in that oh-so-special way only collections agents can, to make a payment on the account even if it is only $.25. Once the consumer does this, the account's collection's clock is reset and now the agency can pursue all of its normal tactics to get its money just as if the account had never gone out of stat. Including suing the consumer.

The distinction to be made is between re-aging an account which effects its reportability to the CRAs and re-setting the collections clock which simply allows agencies to pursue collections with all means available to them legally.

Make sure of your state's limitations, but this bill is 3 years too late by any statue.

If unsure, call a lawyer with a free question offer.


May 12, 2007

Afni Collections physical address is:

404 Brock Drive
Bloomington, IL 61701

but google maps points to an empty parking lot.

May 08, 2007

Afni - Wrong person

AFNI collection agency tried to collect a Singular cell phone account # [protected]-02, according to the rep who apparently found my phone number on the web. I have never had any type of cell phone -- let alone a Cingular.

The rep said he would remove my phone number from their files. He wanted my last 4 digits of my Social Security number, which I refused to give. He then read four digits that did not match mine. Case closed.

Thanks you Complaints Board for your site which allowed me to deal with an unknow caller who was very vague. Said AFNI had talked with my grandmother regarding the upaid account. Interesting, since my grandmother has been dead since 1962 -- long before cell phone has been invented.

AFNI's website says they have been around for 70 years and, yes, they do buy old accounts:

AFNI says:

Afni, Inc. spans the United States, providing tailored call center, collections, insurance and debt purchase services to the nation's leading companies. For more than 70 years we've been committed to becoming business partners with our clients—and treating their customers as if they were our own.

Jan 10, 2008

I what paid this bill my account number is [protected]-02 amount due is 260.22

Mar 10, 2007

Afni - Bogus collection charges

I received a notice from afni that I owe over a thousand dollars to verizon who inherited the bill when they purchased GTE 10 years ago. It claims that they have been trying to reach me to collect this amount. This was the first that I had seen of it. When I finally was able to reach someone on the phone to dispute it they said that I have to go online to submit the dispute. I went online and lo and behold a month later I receive a bill. No other communication was given to me for a bill that was not mine. I was a minor in high school at that time and did not have a phone line. I am writing to the credit bureaus and afni. What else should I do? Advise plz!

Dec 28, 2007

I too recvd a letter from AFNI for a Bell Atlantic bill. I think i had a Bell Atlantic line 7 to 8 years ago and don't remember NOT paying their bill as if one didn't pay, they would turn off your phone. This is typical AFNI style strongarm collection tactics-I dealt with them recently on an old VONAGE bill (which the company wrote off since their service did not work, meanwhile, AFNI, 2 years later wanted me to produce documents or pay the bogus bill). This is what they do. I will dispute them and file complaints with all the right authorities.

Dec 17, 2007

Everybody, this is happening to a lot of people right now: every billing mistake ever resolved with Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, etc, every ID fraud case already straightened out, etc, etc way back from the 1990s is suddenly coming to life again after Verizon sold off these bogus uncollectable debts to ANFI.

You can find a lot of resources out on the web about how to approach these cases, but most of them will tell you to send a dispute letter to them by certified mail and ask them for reasonable documentation (billing history, bills, judgements, etc) and telling them that you do not owe this money. Make sure the certified mail is return receipt requested so that you have proof you did this.

Next, you need to file complaints with the FTC, your state's department of consumer affairs, and the Attorneys General of Illinois, your own state, and the state where ANFI now alleges you incured the debt.

If they try to sue you or put this on your credit report, go get an attorney who specializes in consumer protection laws and sue them.

Dec 16, 2007

I currently received a bill from the same company the other day for 104.32. When I called the company they stated that this was from 1999 and that I am still liable for the bill. I do not recall a outstanding bill from bell atlantic. I recently purchased a home and this particular debt was not on my credit report. I did call the collections agencey and she asked how I was going to pay. I stated this is extorsion! I refuse to pay... for something I have no clue about in 1999. What options do I have?

Dec 14, 2007

I too received a notice from Afni claiming I owed $300.01 on an old Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) bill from 10 years ago. I don't recall ever having a Bell Atlantic account and neither Bell Atlantic at the time or Verizon has ever contacted me concerning this debt. The rep from Afni claims Verizon did an internal audit and this is how they discovered the debt.

I am sending Afni a letter requesting verification of the debt and also told the rep I wanted copies of the bills that shows phone service and the calls placed that comprise the debt. He said they do not have that information and the burden of proof was not on them.

Jul 06, 2007

Thank goodness I found this sight. My husband received a letter yesterday for the same issues. This so called debt has to be over ten years old as he has moved and been in another state. The time frame doesn't add up either. He was still living at home with his parents and would have had no need for phone services in his name. I refuse to call them and decided to call Verizon instead. They couldn't even give me the address to where this home phone service was connected because it drops out of their system after 7 years. Why would I pay anything that did not have viable proof accompanying it. These people are full of IT! Totally. I even did a BBB check on them and they have a satisfactory rating. How I ask? They obviously have had numerous complaints, yet they continue to get away with this. I refuse to fall into this trap. If this charge was an issue why has it never been on my husbands credit? Makes no sense.

Jun 05, 2007

I received one of these bogus letters sent to my maiden name and called to tell them they were absolutely wrong about the collection. They tried to pin a bill on me from 1995 in Brooklyn, NY. I've never even been to Brooklyn, NY. They gave me the street number and phone #. They knew the last 4 of my social. They told me to go to their website and download a fraud complaint form. There was no form anywhere. I emailed for help and received a form saying they wanted copies of everything from a utility bill from 1995 to my current drivers license. The clincher was that they wanted a copy of my social security card. That was a huge red flag.

May 02, 2007

The statute of limitations is about 7 years that this account can be placed on your credit report. So, don't worry about it. Don't you DARE pay any amount or even agree to pay any amount on this old debt. This is a typical trick where they buy debts for pennies on the dollar and attempt collections with fear and intimidation.

If you pay anything, or agree to pay anything, they can open this debt back up and start from zero on your credit report. That means if you pay, they can put this on your credit report now and it will stay there for 7 years.


If the notices are for something like a court judgment then the limitations statute might be null and void.

Apr 30, 2007

I too am a victim of the dreaded Collection Notice however I can take this one step further... I called and they even have the last four of my social. Where are they getting this info? I have never resided at the address that they stated the phone bill was at in 1997 nor did I live in the City. I find it odd that they misspelled my first name and used my maiden name.

They politely offered to settle for a lesser amount however; why should I pay for a debt that isn't mine!

I will send a dispute letter but I'm totally agitated that I must prove my innocence.

Apr 30, 2007

As many others I have just received a bogus bill from AFNI its from an old address I had 9 years ago I don't recall having this phone number, if so why would I get contacted so late along with no mark on my credit. They only sent me a letter showing half of the proof I asked. Does anyone have any advice in battling these guys. This well worth the fight. They should not get away with this.

Mar 07, 2007

Afni - AFNI attempting to collect on previously paid debt

I had a debt to Cingular Wireless in 2003 and was sent a collection notice from Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc. I paid this debt in January 2004. NOW in 2007 this Afni company is attempting to collect a different amount supposedly turned over from Cingular. I called and attempted to explain that I had receipts and canceled checks from having already paid this, but the representative refused to hear any of it, stating that a negative entry had already been made on my credit report. I have since sent them copies of where I paid this debt once and basically am saying "SUE ME" to Afni because I refuse to pay the same bill twice. And their web site, what a joke!

Nov 15, 2007

I actually used t work with this company and can understand some frustration this might help some of you and with other collection agencies.
Are they calling because they own the debt or do they call saying they are a "third party collection agency" for verizon or cingular? If they are not third party then they may have purchased the debt from VZ or Cingular. This is perfectly legal and they can put it on your credit report if it is under 7 years old. Keep in mind that the only way that they get this is from the company they say the bill is from. Often people will contact a company like Cingular without realizing they have an internal collections department and they may have records not available to their customer service, or may have wiped the records if they sold the debt to afni or another agency. Afni is the jewel of collection agencies and prides itself in being overly compliant with the law, so don't take the frustrations out on the person on the phone. Here is what i would do.

1. If any agency tries to collect on a bill over seven years old politely ask them for their address then send them a letter certified mail asking them not to contact about the matter any further, some will do this if you tell them but legally they can keep calling unless you do so in writing.
2. Fraud is only a valid defense if you never had the service, arguing that you never had the service when you lived at the address of the service will get you nowhere. keep in mind that the burden of proof is on you when it comes to your credit report. If you never lived at the service address you must show where you lived during that time, tax returns, bills, insurance are all ways you can prove where you lived. If someone has stolen your identity they have committed a crime! This includes family members!!!! To claim this as fraud where you are not responsible you must file a police report, and a report to the Federal Trade Commission. This is very important because people that steal identities won't just use them once, these reports will help with future problems. If it was a family member that did this keep in mind that if they did it to you what would they be willing to do to someone else?
3 Read two things, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act they dictate how agencies can collect debts and you can file a FCRA complaint when they overstep their bounds.
4 Ask if they will settle this for a lesser amount. Many times the older the debt the more likely they are to settle this. Most agencies will give you a first notice and 30 days before they report the debt to a credit bureaus, if the debt is already been reported to the bureaus keep in mind that if you take a settlement it will be reported as "Settled In Full" not "Paid In Full" and this may affect your credit less favorably. Get any settlement in writing before you pay it.
5 This will not work with AFNI because it is a legally gray area, but ask for credit deletion in exchange for payment, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.
6. Record every conversation, If they break the law this may be your best proof.
7. Ask for a bill copy, and do so in a formal dispute in writing if you think you do not owe the bill.
8. Do everything in writing and keep copies of it all and any responses.
9. Know the laws of your state, some states are more restrictive than the federal laws.
10. If you owe the bill pay the damn thing! Don't refuse to pay because you did not like the service or its just the "principle" of it. You may think that $200 phone bill won't affect you credit but if you refinance a house and it lowers your credit scour just enough to cause the bank to loan you the money at a interest rate only a fraction of a percent higher in can cost you more in the long run. For example a house loan for $100,000 for thirty years the difference between 6.00 and 6.1% interest is over $1,159
11. Read all terms and conditions of any service agreement!!! Phone, Cable, Sattelite and other companies have very restrictive language in their service agreements, there are often clauses only allowing returns within 30 days, early termination fees ( with some phone companies $200 per line thats $1000 for cell phone family plans with 5 phones!!!, and of course you may think that you will just sue them but guess again you agreed to waive that right!!!! The best defense you have is keeping informed and get involved with group putting pressure on politicians.

Nov 05, 2007

My daughter received a bill from AfNI amounting to charges in excess of $1100 for a Verison New York phone number. Ironically, she's never lived in New York. I filed a complaint with the Verison and said they needed to prove that the number was once owned by my daughter. They said I needed to take it up with AFNI. I said, "AFNI says I need to take it up with you..." This conversation went back and forth with Verison several times. The more I insisted that they produce some sort of records the more they began to question AFNI. The next thing I know, I get a letter from AFNI telling me that "..they've investigated (I know, I was shocked, too) my dispute related to the referenced account and based on their investigation the account was being close." WOW you say? Don't be so sure. Two months later my daughter gets a bill from AFNI "making us a settlement offer to pay HALF the amount due on our over due account..." I'm telling you, they're a bunch of idiots with bogus credit reports who prey on good people with good credit histories to get MORE MONEY because they know they'll pay rather than risk getting dunned on their credit reports. It's shameful. Report this agency to everyone you can!

Oct 18, 2007

Today I received a collection notice from Afni, stating that I owed $293.34 to Verizon North, Inc. Also today, I received a settlement offer to resolve this matter if I would pay half the amount! I have never had the phone number they listed and I have never lived in Bloomington, IN. I sensed right away that it must be a scam and that was verified when I checked my credit report-Afni was not listed, and I saw the 300+ complaints against Afni on a Rip-Off website. The scam must be working or else they would not continue with this scam. It's incredible to me that it takes so long for the Indiana Atorney General to put a stop to this. I live in East Texas and can see that this scam is all over the US.

I received a settlement offer to pay the half balance $92.06 of the original amount was $184.11. Once I paid the $92.06 this account will be closed and I will no have to worry about this obligation. I have copy of this offer. Afni Account # [protected]-02 , creditor singular creditor account # [protected]. I received this settlement offer 9/14/2007. My address is P O BOX 1121 Camuy P R 00627 . Call me [protected].

Sep 24, 2007

We received a collections notice for $117.70 for a bill back in june of 98 that afni is trying to collect. I called verizon the customer service rep. said they have been receiving calls like this for the past couple of weeks, she told me not to pay and contact your local house of representatives. So I am in the process of that. located in upland, ca.

Jul 16, 2007

Can some one help me on AFNI INc. Today I checked my credit report and In my history it was said that I owe 1600+ dollars for singular. They told that it was the bill from singular in Sep2001. The funnest part is I came to US on 2003 only. How can I have a bill with singular from 2001 onwards. When I called AFNI on the same they are asking every thing including Address, Social, and employer etc... They gave me a number and asked to file a complaint in and they gave me a AFNI account #. But it never worked for me.... when i try to reach the same people I am not getting a response at all. It says register an appointment to speak to a customer service agent. To do this I ahve to book an appointment from the same website where i didn't find such link at all. Now my credit score i went to very bad state because of this. How can I get help on the same. I don't think I can get a solution with AFNI instead I am going to loose my Identity information calling them again. Is there any way I can get rid of this issue...? Is there any government agency where I can make a complaint...? Eagerly waiting for your suggestions friends...


May 29, 2007

I to am facing the mighty afni I nicknamed it "ain't found n0-one intelligent!" They claim I owe Cingular 1100 bucks from '02. Cingular is my provider now, and was then. I have tried to resolve this with Cingular and they tell me they don't have me owing this bill... Well, the people at "always frigging nose it" tell me I owe. Put it on my credit report as a "Major Derogatory" but not until I started ### did the MD designation come up. Well piss on em, let my creditors call me on my singular phone number and we can discuss it. I am going to start calling them every moment I have free, like stuck in traffic or whatever and try to resolve this issue at the expense of their bottom line. If the pissants can pay people 9-10 bucks an hour to call and harass, I can sure burn the time sheets up by becoming an inbound pain in the butt. Using my CINGULAR phone. I wonder who Mr. Jacksons boss is?? Lol, thats who I wanna talk to.

Apr 15, 2007

The SAME thing happened to me.. in 2004 I closed my cingular account for orders overseas (military).. cingular gave me a zero balance report and here we are in 2007 I get a bill from AFNI for over 100 dollars.. cingular cant help me and AFNI wont hear anything... SUE ME!

Mar 13, 2007

I had the SAME thing happen to me with a cable bill!!!! The cable company I had previously had service with was bought out so I couldn't even go back to them about it. I sent AFNI copies of payment as well and they said that account number didn't match their account number. Well neither matched the original account number! So I'm still trying to figure out how to fight this. Their validation of the debt was just a letter saying the debt was verified and I owed them money. If you find out how to fix this, please let me know.

Feb 28, 2007

Afni - Afni fake collection notices

I received a collection notice for $279.55 for a Verizon bill from 12 years ago. I replied to the notice and was asked for personal information such as drivers license or passport. This bill wa...

Read full review
Feb 27, 2007

Afni - Rip off and scam!

Afni sent me a supposed collection notice for a supposed phone bill from 13 years ago when I supposedly lived somewhere on the mainland. I have lived in Hawaii for over 15 years, so this was a falsely billed collection. Further, they "demanded" a copy of my current driver's license, Social Security card, and passport picture!!!

Who are these people? Why can't they be stopped?

Jan 30, 2008

Afni has been calling my phone twice a day for months in what must be an attempt to collect a debt from someone who gave them the phone number I have assigned to me. I have told them repeatedly that no one by that name lives at this residence nor has anyone by that name ever lived at this address, and that I have never known anyone by that name. They continue to call. Their number is blocked by caller ID so I cannot give the phone company a number to block through their harassment measures. It seems I am fated to continue receiving their calls despite my innocence in this matter. Is there ntohing that can be done to stop their incessant calling? Does this not constitute harassment? Are they free to harass at will?

Sep 18, 2007

My fiance recieved something from them and we set up to pay it monthly. Then we were unable to pay them for a few months. They called him and tried to make him pay 200 that day and the rest would be dropped. We couldn't pay it that day so we paid 100 for the next 2 months. They said that, that would satisfy the bill, but they are reporting on his credit report as unpaid balance. I have contacted the company to try to get original documents because he doesn't remember owing a balance when he left cingular. But we were paying this because we are trying to get a house and this is hurting us among other things. But they did tell him that there was a collectors fee. I am trying to find the statement on thier site that says "they do not charge a collectors fee". If anyone can help me with that, that would be great. My email address is [email protected]

Jul 02, 2007

Same problem here. Dispute in writing! Basically, if the debt is older than statute of limitation, usually 4-6 years depending on what state you live in, they cannot take any legal action to collect the debt and if the last "missed payment" is more than seven years ago they have no right to report this to your credit report Found great info on this site.

Mar 26, 2007

I live in Australia and I've been here for almost 7 years. I was in the military for 20 years and lived in several different states. AFNI sent a letter to my sisters address in my name saying they were trying to collect a 60.00 debt for AT&T but will accept 30.00. I don't remember using AT&T for about 10-12 years and I know I owe them no money. What do I do about this?

Feb 21, 2007

Afni - Wrongful Verizon bill!

I had collection letter sent to me from Afni. They claim that I did not pay 4 months of telephone bills while residing in Florida. I never had a phone in my name there. I moved into a rental house at...

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Feb 05, 2007

Afni - Fraudulant & bogus charges

I received a settlement offer from Afni Inc. on 2-3-07 for a cell phone supposedly purchased through Bellsouth Mobility. This account has been in existence according to Afni, Inc. since 1998. Although this is the first time I've received anything regarding this purchase. I do not own nor have I ever owned a cell phone. I still have Bellsouth as my carrier and believe me if I had owed anything to them they would be the first to be collecting or shutting off my service. I hope there is a class action lawsuit against this company.

Jan 29, 2007

Afni - Fraudulent billing!

I received an erroneous bill from this company also. It's a business that buys old usually noncollectable junk debt and attempts to associate anything or anyone with such debt. I received a bill like...

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Jan 19, 2007

Afni - Fraudulent collection notice

I received a collection notice, stating the Original Creditor is Verizon Communications and that I should NOT contact them. The phone number is bogus. It is not even in the correct area code to where I live! They suggest that it is in my best interest to resolve this account. They threaten a negative credit report reflecting on my credit record if I fail to fulfill the terms. They refer to Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices act. I shall contact the FTC to report this fraud. I hope others do the same. This is outrageous considering I have not had a Phone in my name for TWENTY YEARS!!!

Mar 14, 2008


I AM CANCELLING MY VERIZON ACCOUNT.. If you also have verizon you might want to think about doing the same. Thanks to verizon now strangers/scammers at afni, inc have our information. If you ask an afni, inc for their last name they'll tell you that they can not give you that information mean while they have our info and ss# thanks to verizon.

Let people know how verizon sold our information to afni,inc. they are scammers afni, inc is now givin my phone number to other telemarketing company/scammer .. I am in the do not call list and I have never received any unwanted calls but now after afni, inc guess what my phone doesn’t stop ringing by scammer… I have googled the numbers that are calling me and they are scams….

Verizon should also get sued for selling our info to a company that’s into scam afni, inc has a bad name. They have the worst collection dept, rude unprofessional workers that are trying to make money off of people that don’t even owe money for unpaid bills way past the SOL….

Feb 01, 2008

Few months ago, I checked my credit report and it showed one collection item from Verizon for $361.00 since 9-2006 . The name of the collection company is AFNI, Inc. I tried to contact them and the lady I talked to gave me the information on the account. The verizon tel# is from a different state & of course, the address is different. Our Verizon acct is not & was never in my name. Meaning, I do not have any acct with Verizon under my name. I have never moved & have been in the same address since 1988. AFNI Inc advised me to go to their website and fill out an e-form and enter the reason of dispute. I did but they never took it off. I also visited the website of Experian and it lets you remove all the info that doesn't belong to you. I saw an address that AFNI gave and I deleted it off of my records. I checked my credit report again today and that collection item is still there. It is impacting my credit. I have 2 questions: 1-why is it that there is only one creditor that AFNI is collecting for? 2-How can I resolve this issue?

Jan 25, 2008

I recently pulled my credit report and saw a negative charge on my credit report for a company named afni collections stating a delinquent account for verizon in the amount of $80.00 and is now impacting my credit. I have no idea where this came from considering that I had verizon just a few short months ago and canceled my service and paid my bills in full and verizon has no account of me being past due for anything and stated that if I was they wouldn't have turned my service on for me this time. who the hell are these people???

Jan 24, 2008

I do not know who the hell these peoplem are. They want me to write out a check for 700.00. They must be crazy. Where do they get off doing this. I am calling the better business bureau.

Oct 09, 2007

Ugh - this company is horrible. I have complained to the BBB, FTC and my state Attorney's office. We'll see what happens. I gave all three the address to this web site so they can see how extensive this fraudulent activity is.

Aug 03, 2007

On July 30, 2007 I received a collection notice from this company stating that I owed Verizon New York Inc. a past due amount of $399.? After numerous attempts to get them on the phone, I sent a letter and email stating that I do not have any outstanding debts.

After reading many of the same complaints from people about this company, it is a disgrace that they are able to continue this scam.


May 27, 2007

I had a recent letter from AFNI. I actually found them to be pretty reasonable when I finally spoke with them.

The debt was to Verizon (formerly GTE) and was about 15 years old. It actually dated to a time when my mother continued to have her phone listed in my father's name after his death. When she moved out of state, the people she rented her ouse here to were able to fraudulently continue the service.

The only really frustrating thing is that I had already sent another agency a copy of the death certificate and I wasn't about to pay for another copy.

I gave them the most recent address of the tenants and wished them good luck as the statute of limitations is long passed on the fraud and they would have to take a number for a long line on these people even if they could pursue it criminally.

Feb 11, 2007

I received several letters threatening to sue me for 314.00 for a Verizon bill that was over five years old. This company is breaking the law by trying to collect an noncollectable debt. I have requested that they no longer contact me and I also turned them into the Better Business Bureau. We'll see how it all turns out...

Jan 21, 2007

I received a bogus collection notice stating Verizon Communications as the original creditor. I haven't had a phone in my name for TWENTY YEARS! AFNI COLLECTIONS, you screwed up big time!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Afni - These rip-offs must be punished for what they are doing!

I received a collections notice from Afni, Inc., also Afni Collections stating that I owed Verizon Communications a bill for an outrageous amount of $637.25. I only owe Verizon for my current phone...

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