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My leafs are disappearing...why? My linked circles have disappeared...why. What is this about? why would I have 4 leaves one day the log on and only 3 leaves appear? Why am I linked to circles one day then the next they are gone. Why pay so much for this service and rely on its capability to connect family together via DNA, to no have it function properly or give you information. This needs to be looked into and someone at Ancestry needs to fix it, pay to much money for the service.

Oct 24, 2017
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  • Ji
      Jan 18, 2018

    Feel lucky, It has happened to me twice in the last year. They came back and then after a couple of months gone again. it has been over 6 months with no visible circles just blank white pages. 6 months ago I had 63 circles on 6 pages of results, now 3 circles on 1 blank page. Customer service says they know of the problem and they know what caused it to happen. For the last 3 months I have been told they are re-indexing their files and in a few days they should be visible again please be patient. A few days I can be patient but over 6 months that is not acceptable!!! Circles I know I was a part of no longer show me. If I go to New Ancestor Discoveries I can see the Circles for those people some of which I used to be shown in now do not list me. . I have been over patient now I am on a campaign make sure others hear about this shoddy service. It makes no difference paid member or not, Ancestry Customer Service Reprehensive, nobody can do anything but say their sorry and please be patient. 801-705-7000 is the number I will be calling daily to get their attention. I encourage everyone else with this problem, call them daily. After dozens of calls only 3 times over the last 6 months they have entered a problem report, Did the rest of the people just think it will simply fix its self? If you make a customer mad they will tell 5 times more people about how badly they were treated and if they were treated well less than 2 times the other people.. Till it happens to someone high up at Ancestry, they only seem to be able to redesign the DNA webpage and tell people with problems DNA Circles are still in Beta. As a beta tester for a couple of Software Programs they really need to work on that answer and address their beta programs success and worry less about spending so much TV time and print media touting their great results that only partially work.

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