L Review updated: has set out to scam the consumer. They offer you two weeks free. But, you must first give them your credit card and buy one month before you can try them out. When you find that they offer you nothing for your money. they will not refund you you the first month that you have paid for. Your two weeks free IS NOT FREE. After you have quit them they sell your information to all of the sex and smut scams that you can never seem to get rid of. Since I had quit I have received over 500 porn and sex advertisement. I HATE THIS. Please will someone put a stop to bad business practices!!!


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    BenH54 Jan 18, 2010

    I have been receiving emails from about a new 1940 Substitute Census. The REAL 1940 census won't be released until April 1, 2012. According to several posts, this and the 1950 substitute census info are simply made up of telephone directories from these years. I was considering paying for a subscription in order to get early access to the data but have since decided to wait for the real thing. Always search the internet for details before signing up for any genealogical site subscription to avoid potential problems in advance.

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    Ando Feb 11, 2011

    There are a number of issues regarding Ancestry the first being that there are major flaws in their customer service. People are unclear of the various subscriptions to Ancestry and the customer service representatives are obviously trying to get customers to upgrade from what they call a trial period. This trial period can only be refused by phone to Ancestry and many subscribers were unaware of this and it is clear Ancestry employees do not ensure customers are aware of this. Subscribers sign up for the trial period, pay the price and when their credit card is charged 99.99 they are furious rightfully so.

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    GenealogyJeff Feb 25, 2011

    Yes, it's important not to mistake "substitute censuses" for actual censuses (which are only publicly released every 75 years in the US... so there's no way anyone could have the real census earlier). Even so, I find's databases useful (fortunately I have no need of censuses in the last century). I wouldn't count out just because they don't have the actual census. Maybe you should try a free trial (see for details). If you do a trial, however, MAKE SURE you know how to cancel in case you don't want to be billed (if you don't cancel by 14-days, they will charge your card for the subscription). There's a tutorial no how to properly cancel here:

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    GenealogyJeff Feb 25, 2011

    No, you can completely cancel a trial. You just have to continue until you receive the 7-digit cancellation number. There's an (unofficial) tutorial about how to do this here:

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    GenealogyJeff Feb 25, 2011

    I meant to say that it is possible to cancel a trial online, without calling Ancestry's customer service. That's what the tutorial I linked to above is about.

    You can also call in, as you mentioned, but the customer service will probably try to keep you in the program. Just stand your ground and insist on cancelling until you get the 7-digit cancellation number.

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  • Pa
    Pat Holtwick Jul 06, 2011

    That is horrible, Lucy! I have tried the 14-day trial today (7/5/2011) and I looked my dad's name up - and it shows that I can ONLY contact one person (not public, but have to go through this person NJPATTERSON46). This NJ is an ex-wife and has been for DECADES! I am the DIRECT DESCENDENT of the Holtwick name - not Nancy Jane Patterson. So, I definitely WILL NOT proceed w/the trial of this as I will cancel it before the 2-week 'trial period' is over.

    And, records I looked up do not show my marriage to my current wife (of 21 years) listed - only the ex from over 30 years ago. Obviously, their 'so-called' records are not kept up to date!

    Sorry to hear about your problems w/the NASTY others that have gotten ahold of your e-mail address, Lucy!

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  • D1
    d1anapr1inc3 Aug 14, 2011

    You'll be interested to know, they also KEEP RECORDS OF WHO YOU SEARCH FOR!!! WTF?
    When I called to cancel my membership, the dude was able to tell me who I searched for!! that can't be good.
    all my searches ended up as merely links to other paid sites. No thank you. I'd rather not pay twice to get information. I'm doing my genealogy the old fashioned way. These sites never really provide you with any information that isn't available through any state's public records, you're paying for the "convenience" of not having to do the leg work. These sites supposedly compile the information for you, too bad most of it isn't even accurate and merely there to get to you pay for "more information" only to have it turn up the wrong person or nobody at all!! Unfortunately, sites like these make millions from tricking you into joining because everybody wants everything instantly and easily. remember, genealogy is work and there's no way around it. these sites can help give you a direction, but the paid content is usually no more useful than what you can look up for free on any search engine.

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  • Ge
    GenealogyJeff Sep 03, 2011

    Two weeks free: Yes, the two weeks are free. However, you have to make sure that you specifically sign up for the trial. You must enter your credit card, and your trial turns into a paid subscription if you don't cancel the trial before the two weeks are up. But if you do cancel, then you're never charged for anything.

    Sell to sex and smut scams: Absolutely not. This is against their privacy policy. Why in the world would step outside of their legal bounds? Have you checked their stock prices lately? They're way too profitable to risk something like that. It sounds like you must have signed up for something else... especially since it sounds like you don't read the fine print for things you sign up for.

    Bad business practices: Some of their practices aren't the best... for example, many people are confused by the cancellation process. But you're throwing ridiculous claims at them without any foundation.

    Keep records you search for: Yes, I believe that they do have the technology for that. In fact, many site with search features do that. For example: Google. But honestly, it's not like anybody internal is going to risk their job by stalking you using your ancestry searches (as if anybody cares anyways). And that type of information isn't available to anyone outside of the company... why would it be?

    Convenience of not doing the leg work: Absolutely! is nothing more than a huge compilation of public records. I don't know if they have anything exclusive. If they do, they're probably obscure records. Some people are able to use to jumpstart their genealogy work that would normally take a much longer time. And some aren't. Some of their information is mistranscribed, but you also have to remember that many original records are incorrect. For example:

    Compile the information for you: Of course not. They do have algorithms that provide hints to help you out: And they also provide family trees that others have compiled (if the creator wishes it to be shared with others): I do agree that leads people to believe that everything is compiled for them in their advertisements. They never say it explicitly, but it is suggested.

    I'm sorry that both of you feel like you were scammed. But is not a scam if you actually inform yourself about what to expect.

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  • Re
    Reviewer13563 Nov 18, 2015

    The product ad, says DNA but when you call because your test results are false. they tell you it is just a ethnicity prediction. I didn't pay for a prediction I paid for a DNA test. They won't give me my money back or re-test it. This is a scam

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    Dot williams Mar 26, 2020

    Ancestry has multiple problems with their site. My husband is a college professor who teaches Computer Science and told Ancestry he could fix their problem in hours. The problem lasted months with their stupid new messaging system and my tree became a mess. They had no intent on fixing the problem and let the problem lie and blamed it on me. Yes, they said it was my problem! They too, must sit around on their duff picking their noses. It has taken them over a month or nearly two months or more and this new messaging system with constant circles going around is a holy disaster. They have no intent on fixing this problem.

    They should of tested this mess before putting it on their site. My husband has worked with the largest computers in the country and you always TEST before you put something out there. I don't think Ancestry gives a damn! They'll find out when people are fed up and get off forever!

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