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I just wanted to say how HUGE a disappointment your department has been. We had to pay twice for plane tickets from Europe to New York. Apparently in the eyes of Amex it is ok to assume that we understand the in's and out's of travel but NOT ok to assume that we don't know what you're talking about. We left Morocco early to go to Spain. We were told that our flights there would not be covered. We were ok with having to pay for those by ourselves. What we WERE NOT told was that it negated our whole trip home from Spain. We had to pay for those tickets a second time. It is incomprehensible that we are to know every detail of traveling, how airlines work, etc. We RELY on you when we are traveling to guide us through our vacation and HOME. You have failed. If I knew how to do all of this I would not have used your service to begin with. Then to be abruptly asked "what do you want from us" is pretty ridiculous. What do you think I want??? NOT to pay for plane tickets twice! I was directed to you because I heard you were good with this, and good with customer service. Obviously I should have done some searching, because you rank a 1.5 out of 5 stars, almost across the board. I know it means nothing to you that you will lose a customer from this, because I only spend a few hundred thousand dollars a year with you and not millions, but that is a lot of money and a lot of business for the normal person. I will now go through and post this to as many sites as I can so that it does not happen to any one else, and so that no one else has to deal with getting burned, and the frustration and stress that come along with it.

Dec 08, 2016

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