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Re: bluebird account [removed]
$212.43 in stolen credit card charges

I am writing to you for your assistance to settle a dispute with a stolen america express bluebird credit card. On 11/21/2016 i received a text message from american express bluebird that my account is now at $0.00. I had $212.74 balance on the card prior to this email that i received at 9:02am. There were 3 charges made on 11/21/2016 at the safeway morgan hill stores by san francisco, california. I live in los angeles and upon receipt of the email from amex i logged on to my amex account i went online and saw the three charges that were made between 8:47am-9:01am. I received the email at 9:00am, i called from my house in los angeles and called amex and called your payment processing center. I told them not to pay since these were fraudlent charges. They said it was pending and i had to wait until it was posted.

I had called american express bluebird to request a new card since my card strip was worn from using it frequently. I never received that replacement card. Amex called me on 11/29/2016 and said they contacted safeway morgan hill stores and said the charges were valid. There is no way i can travel from morgan hill to los angeles in 1 minute. I asked for someone to pull the tapes and i can send my photo to prove that was not me making the purchases. I also said when i was calling amex they can call me back at work to prove i was in los angeles at 9:05am on 11/21/2016.

Amex said that based on safeway notification, they denied the dispute of my charges and closed my account. They said there was nothing they can do since safeway said the charges were valid. I wanted to explain my case i wanted to safeway to have someone just pull the tapes so i can verify that was not me making those purchases. The total of the 3 charges total $212.43. I have already filed a police report with the city of morgan hill and the usps both reports are attached to this letter. American express bluebird did nothing after i immediately notified them of the fraud charges. Since this was a prepaid account they are not out the money but the consumer me is out $212.43. American express bluebird has a obligation to the consumer when properly notified to reverse the charges and to fight for the cardholders funds back which they failed to do.


Christopher saenz, mba
[number removed]

Dec 02, 2016

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