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My friend bought at Wal-Mart a pre-paid gift card for the amount of $500 for me.. The next day went back to cash the gift card and Wal- mart did not gave the money because they can't find it. The receipt was issued of the purchased.The manager fax all the receipt and information. The people who answered the phone for American express is from India with heavy accents. The case file reference number is 738302.This is terrible. All the paper works fax to [protected]. Today a letter arrived stating that they are unable to read the information you have fax/mailed to us. Please resend the information by either fax or mail.This look like they are trying to get away from paying the mistakes they made. It was so clear the papers where send correctly because it was fax at the Wal-mart by manager.This is not acceptable. I hope to file a complain by consumer affair if this is not setteld now.

Nov 23, 2016

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