American Express Travel / bait and switch

United States

I placed a bid for a vacation package through American Express Travel for Universal Studio in Orlando for 4 people in June 2013 what I got was a exclusive VIP Experience for 12 people for 2, 848.00. Something I didn't want or needed as their are only 3 people in my family. Talking with the service people at American Express travel is a waste of time as I go nothing but run around from them and also the contact person for Universal Studios. I should have learned my lesson with the hotel rooms I had booked through American Express Travel which were more than what the hotel was charging this happened to me twice. This is not the company you want to deal with as you will not get a fair deal. You can't file a written complaint with American Express travel as they say they do not have a physical address. This has been a very upsetting experience for me but I will no longer use any American Express product or services as they were the only reason I used this travel service. Now that I finally have received the complete details from Ms Michelle Perez at Universal Studios (got this in January 2015) I cannot even give it away to a charity to be used as I cannot afford to take three people to Florida for a 12 person useless VIP experience.American Express Travel is not the company you want to use. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SOMETHING SHADY

Feb 19, 2015

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