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American Express / amx sucks

Greensboro, NC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-528-4800

Imagine a business partner for 25 years who screws you without calling. 25 years and millions of dollars of business without every missing a payment American Express decides, to put a credit limit of $1, 300.00 on my card. They refuse to review the situation although they have all the wrong facts... wrong income wrong credit history wrong partner. I canceled all my AMX cards... they suck!


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  5th of Oct, 2008
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American Express commercial with the (Flash)cartoon character on a credit card, and the Germans Laughing at us is Anti-American. AMERICAN-xpress my (###). They can go (F)ornication(U)nder(C)control-of(K)ing, themselves. Warp your own damn mind. Americas not for sale.
  8th of Oct, 2008
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I have been a card member for over 20 years. Until a few years ago I used the A.E Gold Business Card for all my company purchases. Everytime I called customer service to inquire about a bill, check payment status, etc. I was asked to upgrade to A.E. Business Platinum and told that by doing so I could travel with 4 times a year and bring a companion along for FREE. I was told that the cost of travelling just one time a year would be worth the ridiculous cost ($450 per year) of the card. I was suspicious and asked about restrictions and was told "you can use it anytime". So I switched to the Platinum Card and quickly went from a satisfied customer to a angry customer to no customer at all. Once I received the card I tried to book a trip to New York but was told that I was travelling during the black out dates. (UGH). On my second attempt I called and was told that I needed at least 7 days advance notice. So I asked "Can you send me some guidelines for this program? (I was told yes but never received anything). On the third try I found that the tickets to Arkansa were available through any major carrier at much less than the cost for ONE ticket through the A.E. Companion program. (tickets through Southwest or Delta were $382.00 per person. Companion rate for one tickes was $847.00) I called to complain and was told that this is very odd. Most of our clients use the program with no problem. Once again I paid for my tickets without the benefit of the travel program. Fourth and final attempt: I called to book tickets to California and was told that I could use the program, I had called at least seven days in advance and that as long as travelled the before I planned I could use the companion program. So I was prepared to book the ticket and spend an extra day in California. Once again however, there was simply no savings using the Companion Travel Program. I asked the representative of the Companion Program how this was a benifit to me if I had all of these restrictions and was still paying more to travel. Not to mention the ridiculous cost of the Platinum card. He told me that "Most Platinum Card users are more sophisticated and generally shop with convenience in mind. These users are not necesarily interested in the price". I said "WHAT?" It is actually much easier and faster to book on line. I don't have to worry about black out dates, 7 day advance notice, flying the day prior, etc. I don't actually believe that most card users are so sophisticated (stupid) they would pay more money to use one of the few benefits of the card. He was sticking to his story so I called customer service to cancel my card that day. American Express is so arrogant that customer service will NOT give you a phone number to contact a senior manager or executive. The best the would do was to give me a address for a Ms. Camaraza in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I wrote to American Express and received a follow up letter from Rosa Villalobos (an assistant to Ms. Camaraza) which reads in part "Please know the method that our participating airline partners use to determine how many seats will be available for award travel is similar to the program used to allocate seats for discounted fares. They mainatin a statistical record of every flight, which enables them to accurately predict future bookings taking into account the season, day of the week, holidays and other factors. Since their goal is to fill their planes and collect acceptable revenue, they allocate more discount and award travel seats on flights that they anticipate will not be full and fewer on their most popular flights. " SO THERE IT IS. YOU PAY $450.00 A YEAR FOR A CARD THAT PROMISES FREE COMPANION TICKETS FOUR TIMES A YEAR AND AMERICAN EXPRESS CONSIDERS THIS "AWARD TRAVEL" AND PLACES SO MANY LIMITS ON TRAVELLERS THAT MOST WILL NEVER USE THE PROGRAM. According to at least one representative at the Companion Program service center some card holders are such idiots that they gladly pay extra to use the FREE program. Now I use my credit unions truly FREE, NO ANNUAL FEE, LOW RATE credit card. I advise you to do the same. DO NOT BE SOLD ON THE BENEFITS OF THE AMERICAN EXPRESS CORPORATE CARD. IT IS A RIP OFF!
  1st of Nov, 2008
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I have been a client for American Express since 2000, today Saturday I was notify that my Gold Card ( "not preset limit card") was reduce to a max spend limit of $2800. I have never missed a payment for this company and they did not have the courtesy to give me at least 24-48 hours prior notification of this change so I can re arrange all my already scheduled payments that go out on the first of every month. Today is the first of November Amex says that they made that decision yesterday, why didn't they call yesterday? why wait until Saturday? why didn't they at least give me a prior notification of this change and since when it will be effective? Don't you think this is wrong? Don't you think this goes against the client rights?Now I have a lot of problems because the lack of professionalism of this company, and also the lack of respect and consideration for their clients. I used to also have the platinum card with them, they practically beg me to "upgrade" my card, when I realized it was a scam that was costing me over $400 at year I "downgraded to Gold" and now that I called to request 24-48 hours for this "max limit change" I was denied the right to it. If all my payments bounce I want American express to pay for this. I have been treated in the most disrespectful way, it seems that American Express is a company that don't have rights for their clients and the worst part is that nobody does anything about this abuse to customer rights specially in these tough economic times, Amex protects only their interests and not his clients interests, they use their clients for profit and does not care about us, Us who made them who they are.

  10th of Nov, 2008
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I agree- American Express sucks! I have a merchant account with a different company and was charged by AMEX because my account was dormant. The rep told me that they charge so that we, merchants, would "remember that they are there". I told her that it's not my fault that my customers don't choose to pay with AMEX. I am cancelling my account with them as I type (I'm on the phone).
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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I had the exact same experience.Used to have a Platinum Card got rid of it because I thought it was a rip off, voluntarily downgraded to a One card.I charged the same amounts every month always paid off the balance at the the end of the month.I had been a member since 1992.They cut my credit line to 1300 dollars without giving me any notice.I cancelled my card and my platinum business card.I will never do business with them again.
  23rd of Jan, 2009
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I went to use my American Express care and I was told to call my bank. I called and I was told that my card was canceled because my other credit cards were reaching their limit. I've never been late with any of my credit cards including American Express. It's their choice if they feel I'm a risk, but they should at least have the courtesy of contacting me first and not putting me in a situation where I find out about it when the card is declined. I will never do business with them again either, and I will certainly spread the news. If you think about, it's really a crappy credit card anyway. I've heard that they were in financial trouble, so I would be careful if you are relying on them for anything.
  16th of Feb, 2009
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My Corporate Amex account runs about 100K per year and has since 1990. On a Saturday morning, I was told they'd cut our line to $1500. I complained. They cut it to $1300. We only do 250 million a year in sales...

I cancelled. Hello Union Bank of California.

Amex is doing all they can to rid themselves of those who've paid on-time, every month for years.
  24th of Feb, 2009
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I've not been a business member of American Express Gold Card for long (since 2006) but I've paid my bills on time all the time. I charge an average of $5, 000 to $6, 000 per month. Last year at this time my statement amount and recent charges totaled $17, 000. Now monthly they tell me I am outside my usual spending limit when the total due is around $6000. Since they keep cutting me off, the 'usual' spending amount goes down each month.

This week however took the cake. I was called on the 22nd and asked for payment of my outstanding balance (about $5, 500) even though it wasn't due until the 11th of the next month. I told them no and they said that I wouldn't be able to use my card until the balance was paid. I asked them if I paid the balance, how much I could charge. They said they couldn’t tell me that until I paid the balance.
The amount chargeable changes monthly and now the due date seems to not be the real due date and they cannot tell me what I will be able to charge. Who can run a business like this? I am getting rid of them after I spend my 300, 000 reward points!
  3rd of Apr, 2009
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Same happened to me. I have a business that runs 500k through business Amex and 120k through personal Amex. All my vendors are set up for payment through them. I am opening 2 new locations this month and went over my ave. monthly spending of 39k to 72k, so they cut me off. Additionally, we had just paid 48k on 3/30. The rep explained that if i paid an additionally 30k, which I did, they would lift the limit. I explained that I was doubling my business and that I used the card deposits for equipment, furniture, etc. and from here on, my spending through Amex will double. I explained that Amex was our card of choice. Both personally and professionally. They did not care and told me to pre-pay for the next month. My business accepts Amex for payment and we will no longer be accepting them. My business is up 24%. I am working to phase them out in the next 30 days. Unbelievable. I was incredibly disappointed. We have been members since 1994.
  6th of Apr, 2009
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I got a call today from AMEX to "inform" me of changes to my AMEX card. they told me that because of my "history" w/ them they were cutting my credit limit by $11, 000 leaving me with available credit of $900. The kicker was that it was effective TODAY! Nice notice AMEX. I explained that I pay more than the minimum each month and haven't been late or missed a payment since 1992. I use the card for business travel and pay the business charges as soon as I am reimbursed by my company. They told me that since Dec. my balance had gone up so I must be having trouble paying. I told them that I have been doing a lot of business travel so naturally my balance is going to stay pretty much the same. I travel, get reimbursed, pay charges, but by then I've traveled more so I have new charges. It didn't matter to them. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the CS rep told me that I could but they weren't going to make any changes. I explained everything to her and got the same line of BS. I said, look, if I can't travel, I've got no job. If I've got no job how am I going to pay AMEX? She gave me 2 options. 1) pay down the balance so I have more available credit so I can travel or... "Would you like to apply for ANOTHER AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD?" WHAT THE H!! They imply I'm a credit risk but they want me to apply for another card?? I've got half a mind to declare bankruptcy just so I can screw them.
  10th of Apr, 2009
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Same thing happened to me. I've got good credit...I always run a balance, but I ALWAYS pay over twice the minimum monthly payment. I've never missed a payment for anything. About a week and a half ago I paid off the $4000 balance I had on my card in one fell swoop and two days later they cut my limit to $1000 without even sending me a letter or an eMail. I was going to be putting my wedding rings on the card!!! If customers like myself are paying their high interest rates on time and without complaint, what sense does it make for AMEX to antagonize and turn away their bread and butter? I'm going to keep the card indefinitely and get the limit raised as much as I possibly can as soon as the economy returns...but only use it once a month and pay it off as soon as I get my statement. I'll be damned if I ever give them another cent that I don't have to.
  15th of Apr, 2009
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American express is punishing all of their longstanding credit worthy loyal customers because they have extended credit to deadbeats that should never have received credit. Now that the deadbeats have defaulted AMEX is taking it out on their good customers. I personally have consistently had various Amex cards since 1974, both personally and in MY business, that's right 35 YEARS! I have always been told that there is no limit on my green card or gold card and regularly pay my monthly bills IN FULL. I am completely debt free and have had excellent credit my entire life with very good cash flow and substantial liquid assets. I have always had the the attitude that if I can not afford it I do not buy it. Recently my monthly spending declined on my Amex card however within the last 12 months I have had monthly bills of $8, 000.00 which were paid promptly. Today I attempted to use my amex card to place a deposit with a publicly traded national auction company in order to bid on some specialized equipment. They declined the deposit hold stating that I did not buy enough recently and they would only issue a $1, 500 approval. They never informed of this and damaged my reputation with the auction company. American express is punishing all of their profitable loyal customers because they have extended credit to deadbeats that should never have received credit. Now that the deadbeats have defaulted AMEX is taking it out on their good customers. I personally have consistently had various Amex cards since 1974, that's right 35 YEARS! I have always been told that there is no limit on my green card or gold card and regularly pay my monthly bills IN FULL. I am completely debt free and have had excellent credit my entire life with very good cash flow and substantial assets. . I have always had the the attitude that if I can not afford it I do not buy it. Recently my monthly spending declined on my Amex card however within the last 12 months I have had monthly bills of $8, 000.00 which were paid promptly. I attempted to use my amex card today to place a deposit with a publicly traded national auction company in order to bid on some specialized equipment. They declined the deposit hold stating that I did not buy enough recently and they would only issue $1, 500 approval. I was unable to bid and I am completely disgusted with the way I have been treated. They told me that I should prepay Amex the $7, 500 if I wanted to use the card for a $7, 500.00 deposit. I was unable to bid and I am completely disgusted with the way I have been treated. They told me that I should prepay Amex the $7, 500 if I wanted to use the card for a $7, 500.00 deposit, which is the most absurd suggestion that I have ever heard.
Who are these incompetent people making these decisions? They should be immediately terminated because it is obvious that they are grossly incompetent. . Possibly this is a signal that American express is not solvent and can not service the 30 day cash flow for their card holders. They live on the high transaction fee's that they charge their merchants Amex volume. I thought that they were better than AIG, GM and the other incompetent financial institutions. At a minimum I should have received a phone call from someone at AMEX STATING THAT THEY ARE HAVING SEVERE FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES AND CAN NO LONGER SERVICE THEIR CARDHOLDERS. I think they want us all to go to Visa, Master Card and Discover. I INTEND TO HELP THEM BY NOT USING MY AMEX CARD AS MY PREFERRED CREDIT CARD. I HAVE SENT A LETTER OF COMPLAINT TO AMEX CORPORATE- LET'S SEE WHAT THEY SAY. Maybe I will post their response. I am directing them to this site to see what their customers think of their new credit policies.
  29th of Apr, 2009
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I have had the same issue that others have reported here. A 800 FICO, perfect credit with no late or derogatory reports. There was a posting error on my business account, which they now claim I am 60 days late on even though the money was posted to my platinum account. The are claiming I am not credit worthy and revoked my credit line with no notice. I wrote a letter to the CEO's office, we'll see if they give a crap. I always thought AMEX was better than the other consumer issuers but looks like they're far worse.
  25th of Jun, 2009
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We need your help exposing AMEX for their terrible customer service and
lack of loyalty to their customers. Thank you in advance for reading this

We have been a member of Platinum American Express since 2000. We have
used our cards, which we pay a fee of $400+ each for the privilege of
spending money with them, for our corporations, our personal expenses, and
travel. Over the years we have probably spent over $700, 000 with American
Express! We ALWAYS paid the balance off when due and at times at meant a
$50, 000 monthly payment.

During the last 6 months, we have used our American Express cards less and
less. One reason is that we had some charge problems using the card in
Mexico that went largely unresolved for all parties because no one in
India (Which is where their call center is for this "American" company)
could comprehend the intricacies of our problem because it was quite
simply a matter best dealt with by an American. Even someone from Mexico
would have understood it better.

Secondly, we were using other cards that gave us the mileage points we
needed for an airline.

The problem is that because we have NOT been using our cards very much,
they have cut us off at $500! Now that we need it...we got cut off at
$500. For no reason. We have no payment due until July 2nd and our balance
is only $443.27. We have carried balances in the 10s of thousands in the
past and now we can only have $500. Which is less than our annual fee
we've paid this "American" company. What if we were out with clients
wining/dining and our card was declined? That would be so embarrassing.

So we called and complained. Who did we get? Some smug kid in India who
put us on hold for 20 minutes and told us that "the computer says you have
not used your card much in the last 6 months, so your balance and
  5th of Jul, 2009
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I completely agree AMEX is lame. I've been a customer for over 5 years, never EVER carried a balance with them. I forgot that I charged $15 for luggage at the airport about 2 months ago. Never received a bill (on paperless statements), and subsequently forgot about the $15.00. They charged me a $25 late fee. I called to ask for a one time reversal, no go. So I cancelled my card. My credit score is 800+, if they are unwilling to accomodate me, then they can go to hell.
  6th of Jul, 2009
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ive been a platinum rewards member since 2006.. .a gold card member since mid 2007 and a platinum card holder since late 2007. ..ive never missed a payment on any of the cards. ..NEVER.. .when the economy took a seat on the back burner, amex decided to take my credit line of 20k on my business rewards card and minimize it to 1k.. .they gave me every reason known to the credit bureau except bankruptcy, but still my credit score qualified me for PRIME +1.2% APR. ..it doesnt make sence.. .all this while they "pre qualified" me for the illustrious platinum charge card. ..after a while my business was growing even more and i needed more materials and merchandise.. .plus i was traveling more and expanding. ..right as i come back from the middle east on 6-16-2009 i sent an associate to mexico city on 7-2-2009.. .i gave her a couple grand in cash and the company gold card thats linked to my platinum card.. .as i make purchases today my card was declined.. .i called and they answered that i reached my limit.. .and this decision was made yesterday.. .interesting.. .today in JULY 5th and yesterday was JULY 4th.. .they gave me the same run around as the last time they slashed my line on the rewards card.. .now heres the kicker. ..my statement closes on July 17th 2009 and today is the 5th of July 2009. ..they did this before the statement closing date.. .i charged 4, 800 some odd dollars and they rolled me back to 1500.. .i made a 3k payment on the spot and i'll pay the rest tomorrow after i go to the bank to make a deposit.. .the rat ###. ..my associate is in mexico city trying to close deals, and now her card doesnt work so shes gotta dip into the cash.. .i dont give a rats posterior anymore about this card. ..i will never forget the day these "people" threw me under the buss.. .im cancelling the card as soon as the associate lands in los angeles. ..im not a fan of collective punishment and will in no way deal with these people as long as i have money, a brain and a back bone. ..the three things amex lacks .. .


  19th of Jul, 2009
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I used my Amex to book a hotel room through Amex travel. I booked 5 nights (and had to pay for the whole trip immediately) but checked out a day early (my daughter got sick) only after calling Amex travel and having them first tell me there was nothing I could do to get a credit for the one night then the girl that hardly spoke english told me she could call the hotel and talk to them. She came back on the phone and said no one answered the phone and for me to call back in 3 hours. I asked if I could speak directly to the hotel and she said yes. So I spoke to the hotel and they said no problem. Next morning I go to check out and the hotel says that since this was booked through Amex travel they cannot issue a refund due to the fact that they weren't even paid for the whole stay yet. So I called the "customer service" number back and was once again told they needed to call the hotel. As I am on hold they call the manager...the agent told the manager he needed to talk to his supervisior in what I can only imagine is INDIA...then he never came back on the phone with the hotel manager, but came back on the line with me and told me he talked to the manager and was told it was hotel policy not to refund for unused nights., I was standing right there with the manager who said nothing of the sort...so now I am fighting to get my over $300 back...I will never book through Amex travel again and next month once I switch all my automatic payments to another card, I am canceling my card.
  19th of Aug, 2010
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Wow, Amazing stories! I am a long time customer. Have spent 100K's (Maybe over a million, I don't know) on my Amex cards. Never missed a payment, never late for over 20 years. High credit score, and used to use my Amex for ALL business and personal spending. I have literally built my business with Amex. But my experience is exactly like everyone on this blog. They have completely screwed with my business and my personal life. I believe in loyalty and Amex has been the WORST card I have. With all the years of using their services, this is how I am repaid. I am pissed! I still use my Amex card (with a pathetic $3000 limit) on it. I have 100's of thousands of miles on my rewards. I am thinking of using the rewards and then canceling all my Amex cards forever. What a shameful way of treating their loyal, credit worthy, customers.

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