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American Express Gold Card / credit card credit problem

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I am a gold card member since 1964 for the last 6 months my A.E. gold card account has been less than 1000.00 per month. When I tried to charge a cruise cost 6050.00 to my card A.E. refused. A.E. claims only the last 6 months constitute the history to determine A.E . card credit. Previos balances were averaging 3 to 4 thosand a month. This has been the case for over 30 yrs. Now A. E. will allow my card a max. of 2000.00 credt a month. I have paid 125.00 for 2 cards annualy since I have had the card. My payments are on time and my credit rating at the top of the charts.

How can A. E. Expect brand loyalty with these poicies? A. E. Promised to call me but yet no call.

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  • Ma
      12th of Nov, 2018
    American Express Travel Related Services Company - Customer service
    United States

    Worst customer service. A guy named Julio basically made fun of me and yelled at me and told me I would be responsible when I accidentally entered 20, 000.00 instead of 200.00 on a donation

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  • Do
      8th of Mar, 2012

    American Express is a sham robbery credit card company. Do use them. I had bad experiences with them after being invited and they closed my account in 6 months of use. In this time, I earned $350 worth of points. They stole the points from me that I earned and said since they closed it. I lost my points. Be cautious of them. They can close it for any little reason. And mine was a little one. I was late on my mortgage by one month due to a family emergency. And they did not inform me of my loss in points. Gave me the run around, telling me I must write a letter etc. And I would get my points back. After two weeks of waiting, since sending this letter to a fictional office in Florida. Who has no phone # and Amex will not give it. I call the manager at Amex asking them where is your integrity? You tell me to do this and that to get my points, now you tell me the truth that I lost them indefinitely? Never will I accept them as my credit card company again. One day, I will be a billionaire. And I will refuse their services. Too much stealing from the customer in this company and ZERO integrity.

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  • Sh
      15th of Apr, 2011
    American Express Gold Card - Funds Debited without informing.
    American Express Gold Credit card

    I have lodged a compliant at Amex via Amex ref No - 11146875 7 days back . But have not heard from them since then. Amex has debited Rs 2500 appx towards the payment of my mobile bill which is always paid by my company .

    This is really unfortunate the company of this repute not responding on the case at all.

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  • Ro
      21st of Jun, 2010

    I have had an AMEX Gold card for over 25 years...used mainly for business and travel.

    I recently had to travel due to my father's death. While away for over 4 months dealing with the family and dad's death, I got a call saying there was suspicious card activity on my Amex. Well, they let some idiot charge over $4, 900 on my card on May 5th...I got some basic message asking me to call Amex on my Voice Mail; nothing that seemed urgent. Well, I finally got the message and a 2nd purchase was attempted the next day. Along with some expensive visits to a S. FL restaurant. Well, being in another state makes it hard to have lunch in FL at the same time!! I was told not to worry...all was removed from my account and I did not owe anything.

    My old card was canceled...and a new one sent out/////pretty good Customer Service here, at least.

    Well, 3 weeks later I get my email statement...and the bogus charges are still on there, and they want a payment in full!!! Well, I called and they placated me and said it was an error...just pay the amount legally due. Okay, I say...and I pay as normal.

    The next week, I am in a Denver attorney's office trying to retain them for our family estate/trust, and I am paying a large amount via Amex (to get the reward points...). Well, the $6, 000 charge is declined...Hmmm. I call from the attorney's office, and I am informed my account is "under financial review" and I must send them my last 6 months bank statements and my 2009 Tax form (which I have not filed due to the family situation, but I got it extended until I can get home to my records...). I ask the person at Amex what prompted this. I am basically told they do this periodically (hmmmmm, never had one in over 25 years...sounds like BS to me!!!).

    Well, besides the embarrassment at the attorney's office, after having the ONLY Fraud done to me via credit card (Amex) and now they want MORE confidential information to mess up my credit??? I just don't feel like I need to keep a card that makes me pay each month anyway (never been late even once!!), and creates a situation for me like they did, I am DONE with Amex!!! To pay a fee each year to use it, I just am tired to dealing with a company that would pull something like this on a good, reliable customer.

    Plus, I did my own investigation of my illegal card use...apparently the card was "cloned" and a duplicate made by the thief. Well, the name on the receipt from the jewelry store where they ripped off Amex was for someone besides me!! I had not lost my card...ever! So, the magnetic strip they swiped on the card machine did not even crossmatch my name against my credit card number! What sort of stupid system is THAT?!?!?!?! I mean, if Amex had just tried to match my card number against the name of the user(thief), all would be fine!! So, Amex
    's own approval system is Flawed and puts their customer's identity and credit at risk!!! I feel like I should sue them for this!!! Forget Amex...use others besides them if you don't want hassles and identity theft!!!

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  • Bo
      11th of May, 2009
    American Express Gold Card - Cancelled Card-25 year Gold Card
    American Express
    United States

    I have been a loyal American Express member since 1984. I have used the card for years for business purposes and have never missed a payment. Last week, I was checking into a hotel and was informed that my card was cancelled. As I had never been late with a payment and knew the card was current, I was sure that it had to be some fixable error. I called AMEX to get it straightened out. The exact opposite happened; the non-English speaking rep confirmed that indeed my card had been canceled because of a negative credit report.

    Since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina wiped out my business and finances, my credit score has suffered. I have always made sure that I was current on my American Express bill, as I would need that card to help rebuild my future after the devastation of the hurricane. My score right now is the best that it has been in 4 years.
    The big question is what my loyalty has cost me. I hope there is a class action lawsuit soon that sues for damages caused by their neglect of loyal customers.

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  • Ca
      15th of Apr, 2009

    I have been a member for almost 15 years. I used to charge over $200, 000.00 per year. Now they cut me off on all my cards, so I cant charge anything. I have always paid on time, paid the minimum or more. Credit report is great with no negative. Still they keep lowering my limit too.

    Whats funny is they got some money from the government and now I am paying them twice.

    I am paying them of and cancelling all my cards. In addition I am a merchant that currently accept AMX and will change that soon.

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