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American Automobile Association / / randall peoples with aaa texas

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I had my acure mdx towed by aaa and after picking the car up I realized the triangle with the exclamation point light came on and the vsa light came in. From the 21st of december aaa was very supportive and took blame for the damages and said they would be quickly repaired. Then I spoke with randall peoples on january 14th and he is saying stuff like how do you know it's not a fuse out, what's wrong with the car? And this is right after me telling him it was pulling shaking not braking right the list goes on., not shifting right. All things it wasn't doing before. He then tells me it is my responsibility to prove that the tow truck is wrong. I have to pay 2 $75 fees out of pocket for estimates of damage for them to assess... All so the tow company can say "it was on a flat bed we couldn't have done anything wrong" cough cough. So now aaa is backing the tow company and not their customers!!! Wow!! When the going gets tough aaa gets going... Literally leaving you in the lurk with a broken car caused by their company. My car left the house with no light on period. Why would I make this up? Plus I had it towed to my mechanic. Since it was at the mechanic if I knew about the lights would I not have them look at that too?? Duh!!! Just makes sense right?? But I didn't know about them. I'm really really let down by aaa. I was told by 3 shops that I should not be driving my car and should be in a rental. Told this to aaa-no response. Or the say prove your point. Why doesn't the tow truck have to prove he didn't do it. His verbal word is good enough but mine isn't. And he tore up our yard doing the tow so if he could tear up the yard he could tear up the suv. We still have track marks in our yard. Who all thinks aaa should be liable? Should take responsibility? They keep speaking out of both sides of their mouth well the towing company said he wasn't guilty but you need to prove they are guilty. How does that work??? I'm being penalized for having a crappy roadside assistance service basically. Help me to see the light if there is one because right now it looks like satan himself has won.

Oh and one final point i've been a valued customer for 9 years. No claims. Very little use. Just pouring money into their pockets.

I make $777.00/mo and they want me to spend $150 of it on estimates. That's my food and gas.

They are a huge multi billion dollar company and they can't repair a couple hundred dollar problem. Truly no words.

American Automobile Association /

Jan 14, 2019

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