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On 7, Dec.2018 I requested a battery to replace the dead battery in my car which was parked in the garage at my home. Approx. 40 min later the service truck and serviceman arrived. he said he would have to test the battery to confirm it dead. The battery in my vehicle is protected by a plastic cover secured by plastic clips, he pryed the clips loose damaging some of them and lost some of them in the process. He then removed the battery hold down bracket with a large T shaped instrument that struck the fender of the vehicle causing scratches to it. He then removed the dead battery and inserted the new battery which was much smaller than the existing battery. I told him that the new battery was to small to fit securely in the battery box and he stated that it was the size recommended for this vehicle. He then asked me to start the vehicle and I complied the vehicle started and he began reinstalling the aforementioned equipment. upon his completion he asked me if I was satisfied and I replied NO. I then showed him that the battery was loose in the battery box and that the hold down did not secure the battery and the cover for the battery compartment was loose and missing several hold down clips, he replied that he would bring me some clips tomorrow and could provide a jump tomorrow if I was not satisfied with the battery but payment had to be made at that point. This incident took approx. 1 HR in 17 Degree weather. I am a 70yr.old Grandfather who is providing childcare for a 1yr. old female and I must have a working car at all times. Faced with the duress of this situation I reluctantly elected to pay for this service in order to resume my duties and check the well being of my granddaughter. In the signature box I wrote NOT SATISFIED.

Dec 08, 2018
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      Jun 10, 2019

    On June 7, 2019, I called roadside service for battery service, car was parked at my garage. The person answered my call immediately to thank me for the "50th year loyal membership". She asked me what the car sounded like, I told her I couldn't start my car and it needed battery service, the car sounded like a machine gun when I attempted to start the car. She acknowledged and giggled little. The roadside guy came with the tow truck, no battery. He tested my car and said the car needed new battery. He told me to go Walmart get one and said they have the same warranty or better than AAA . I was foolish to let him go. When I called Walmart, they didn't carry the battery for A4 Quattro. I called Roadside service again, immediately greeted with "thank you for your 50th years loyal membership". After I told her the problem, she said this was my 3rd service calls. I have never called since I have my car in 2013. I argued. She changed to say was my 2nd service call. I needed the battery! Couldn't argue more! The 2nd roadside guy was nice though! 50 years loyal members? Where's my royal treatment????????? Now you guys know I told everybody do not do business with AAA. I'm still keeping the membership because the family has joined them since 1970. If I have time to do some deeply research to find another roadside service. Breaking up with AAA is not that hard to do!

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