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Review updated: - is the worst company for sellers I ever used for my bisuness . I am a power seller on ebay for 7 year s and I decided to start selling thoiug about year ago. At first, what happened, hold my money I recieve from buyers for 90 days because I am a new seller ( it doesn't mean that I did something wrong, its policy tells that it is in order to protect amazon0n. It looks like the sellers are credit union but they don't pay any interest to sellers. They hold my money twice for 90 days and it was thousands dollars which they used for their needs. Secondly, it is very bad customer service and attitude to sellers. One day i got email that they blocked my account because it is realted to other suspended account. I was shocked. Aslo again they hold my money for 90 days ! ( by the way, it happened at the middle of June and haven't received anything yet) . I had an option to write an appeal and it was done. It looks like nobody read this appeal and it was a standard anser that my account blocked permanently and I cannot appeal more. I tried to call and ask what happened. Nobody could answer this question. The advice was just to email again seller perfomance team which blocked my account. I did it again but answer was agaian " good-bye, don't wirte more - we will not answer more" and no explanation. It is my story. I want to be a part of any law suit against becuase it is so bad company that uses our money and provides unhonest business

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  • Pe
      May 16, 2010

    Dealing with Amazon to resolve issues is a Kafkaesque nightmare. I will never conduct any business as either buyer or seller again. As it is, I will probably lose hundreds of dollars in canceled orders and funds "held in reserve" to cover potential A-Z guarantee claims despite my 100% rating. One customer whose order was canceled is now writing to me asking where her item is. I never received any shipping information or payment--in fact, had no knowledge of the order until after the block was put into place. I assumed Amazon had notified her and returned her money. How much you want to bet they refund it with the frozen funds I received from other orders before the block? They are basically thieves, and from what I can gather through online research there seems to be very little that can be done. Amazon must own the politicians and lawmakers. The little guy doesn't stand a chance.

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  • Go
      Oct 14, 2010

    Worst company ever. The only reason I use them is because as a struggling college you go for the place with the cheapest books possible. I tried to buy a math book. The order was delayed, delayed, then it dissapeared. Later I found out it was canceled but I never received an email...I tried to order the same book. The order was placed but the shipping date came and went, then the shipping period came and went. No book. I contacted the seller 4 times in about a month and a half asking where my book was. No communication. I filed an A-Z refund with Amazon. They gladly did their duty and told me I would be informed by email. No emails. Two weeks later I receive an email from the seller of my book saying my order has been canceled and I havent been charged. WTF? I call up Amazon and they say, "Your refund should be comi- oh wait, never mind you werent charged. Have a nice day!" The orders status the entire time was "Order Placed - Pending Shipment". The order was actually canceled just over two months after its actual date. I still have no idea what happened and Amazon doesn't care. The attitude over there is "Hey, its the seller, not my problem! I also dont know what I am talking about or whether an order was placed or not because I will refund the payment one day and then deny it exists te next!" What a pain, sadly I'll probably have to go back if I want to spend a couple hundered less on books. Amazon is terrible and if you can afford it absolutely anywhere else, or care if the order gets to you or where you money goes, you should take your business somewhere else.

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  • Dc
      Jan 22, 2011

    ...these people apparently don't know how to use amazon...these post made me laugh. Ok if you want the truth, amazon is probably one of the best places to buy from and sell on. I will first address these whining issues from above. If you are a new seller and sell something on amazon then they will hold your funds maybe for a week then you can request disbursement into your bank account and in about 4 days is will land in your bank account. There is no 90 days, he just dosent want to admit that amazon is much easier to use then ebay in several fashions. The other duy about the delayed delivery. If you go to buy something on amazon, the goal here is not to buy from anyone with lower then a 60% rating that has at least 5 reviews. If after 1 or 3 reviews he has 60% rating that means that one transaction did not go smoothly and they should be given another chance. There are rare occasions that a good reviewed seller will give you a problem. As long as you go with a good seller you should not have a problem like this. In my whole experience i have had 1 cancellation and that was due to a price error on their part. They apologized and shipped me a similar product free for my time and this made my day.

    Go with amazon over ebay and you will be glad that you did!!

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  • Ri
      Sep 07, 2017

    Amazon has the most inexperienced and incompetent people behind the Claims I ever experienced, one person told me that the Claim I was appealing for could be removed then I discovered that they have an automated system that does the resolution of the cases for them based on the keys you enter in your appeal, there are no real people doing honest job there just machines doing it. the outcome of my claim "I LOST" there's nothing they can do or have the balls to do it right. they allow customers to use and abose of a product have it sent back for a refund in complete disgusting conditions and still get all money back from the claim and their return cost too. Screw Amazon!

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  • St
      Nov 16, 2017

    Yes sometime amazon is kind of pain but still i find it better then the others. I am a seller on amazon for two years now and are managing my amazon store. You have to be very careful with your account and your listings. Sometimes amazon suspends your account and didn't tell you the reason. I have seen it. I have neutral experience with amazon.

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