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im a single mother of 4 my $ is the only thing keeping my head above water-that being said ...apparently my oldest adult son somehow changes my amazon email address & made up a different address unbeknownst to me. WELL-$7000 later without notification i got completely screwed----Amazons reply to me (after 4 gruelling hours on the phone & emails) have your son arrested---but im sure you dont want to do that so---go to his place of work & sit down with him & tell him what he did is wrong & you want the $$$------im just livid sad mad not only at my son (thats a given) but at amazon for giving me ZERO heads up!!!

Jun 28, 2016
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  •   Jun 28, 2016

    Amazon is not at fault. You should have your son arrested. How was Amazon supposed to know it was not you?

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  •   Jun 29, 2016

    Your son obviously knew your password to login and order. If he changed the email, how could Amazon notify you? Why not find out what he ordered and return it or sell it on Amazon? How did your son get your credit card? Prosecute for theft, etc and he will learn a lesson

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  •   Jun 30, 2016

    Sub, she won't do that because to her it matters not that her son is a thief. All that matters is that Amazon 'allowed' her son to rip her off so therefore it is their fault. Parents like this are why people are so rotten.

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  •   Feb 05, 2017

    It's a shame as he's learning mommy will bail him out when he's wrong. He's a thief yet she blames Amazon

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