Amazon / account locked for no reason

Cabazon, CA, United States

Hello, I have been a customer on Amazon for well over seven years. Then one day, out of the blue, Amazon suddenly wanted me to confirm the credit card details I had with them and used for many different purchases before. This was an official email from them even though it looked and sounded exactly like a phishing email. The only way they would correspond with me was by fax. No direct phone number was ever given to me. My account would be 'locked' (also known as 'account on hold'), until this information was given. Now, even though the account 'specialists' had been super quick to block my entire account (including all digital and kindle content), they were very slow at doing anything about it. In fact, they simply ignored me. Ocassionally they would send me an identical automated email signed from an account specialist. I personally do not believe that these 'specialists' even exist, it is probably all automated, which explains the extremely poor customer service on their part. They still have not responded to confirmation from myself and even ignored one from my bank. Even if you are a good long-time customer your account could still be hit like mine was. Would not recommend Amazon to anyone.

Feb 3, 2015

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