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Alltel / scam charges

1 3554 48th AvenueColumbus, NE, United States Review updated:

For the last 3 months, I have been charged 5.99 several times each month for a premium axcess purchase called Csw jokes/Horoscope. I did not authorize this and am wanting a credit on my Alltel bill. In March, the charges were 17.97, in April, the charges were 23.96 and in May, the charges were 5.99 for a total of 47.32. Will you do something about this or whom should I contact? This is very frustrating because when you finally get through to Alltel service, they tell me that they can't make the adjustments, this is a third party billing and I have to file a complaint. So here is my complaint, please help me out smb!

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  • Tr
      22nd of Sep, 2006
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    Alltel - Too bad, so sad
    United States

    I have been an Alltel customer for 5 years. I recently moved to an area that is still serviced by Alltel and I am able to get 1 bar (sometimes) at my residence. I have called Alltel and was told they can't guarantee service, yet won't let me out of my contract due to the inability to use my phone. It seems I must pay for a service that I cannot use. The service rep even looked up my address and admitted to poor serivce in my area. I have her admission recorded because I called from work and we have voice recording for quality control purposes.

    I am shocked at the poor customer service (or rather NO SERVICE) from Alltel. The "too bad, so sad" attitude I received made me even more angry!!!

    My company has over 4 dozen phones with Alltel and an average monthly bill of over $2300. Today I made an appoitment for a sales rep from Cellular One to meet with me so we can begin the process of changing our carrier. thank God, we don't have a contract for our business phones!

  • Al
      3rd of Jan, 2007
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    Alltel - No local number available
    United States

    I purchased a prepaid plan and from from ALLTEL on their website. It prompts you for a zip code. When I put in my zip code it had phones and prepaid service available. However when I got my phone the number was not local. They will not give me a local number. My complaint is that NOWHERE and their website did it say it's possible I would not get a local number. If it would have, I would have checked first and gone with something else. I've contacted them, I've submitted a BBB complaint and they still have not changed their website to add a statement saying it's possible you will not get a local number and they will not give me a refund. Alltel stated if I got a different plan a local number would be available. BEWARE that before you get prepaid make sure they have a local number available in your area if that is important to you.

  • An
      23rd of Apr, 2007
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    I have had nothing but problems with Alltel after they bought the local cell phone company in southern Illinois. First of all they lost my first payment to them during the buyout. That should have been a clue to go else where. But didn't. Then I bought my niece a cell phone and they had a deal going on... 1000 minutes for 39.99. The constantly got everything wrong... that I was the person paying... they would not let me authorize anything later on when my name was on the bill..

    Then in March of this year I switched plans. For almost 2 months now I have been fighting with them. They have everything wrong... and now they suddenly switched my niece's plan from 1000 minutes to 500,,after I signed a contract for 1000.

    Now everything is screwed up. I have talked to many many people at customer service with no resolution. It is important that I have a cell phone as I am on a ventilator 24/7.

    I am so fed up with this company.

  • Da
      27th of Aug, 2007
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    Alltel - Unable to cancel service
    United States

    Our service was switched from Midwest Wireless to Alltel much to our dismay. As soon as the change took place, customer service and phone service went down hill. We had dropped calls with most every conversation - even dropped calls to customer service and sometimes no service at all. Every call to customer service received a different answer - none of them correct. Being told to go to an Alltel store to fix the service problem, I drove an hour to the closest store only to find that they could not fix the problem either. Store staff informed me customer service did not know what they were doing.

    After switching to a different provider, we can not get Alltel to end service to our old phones. The contract has ended but the phones are still usable. We have made six phones calls and written one letter regarding this. We do not want to be billed for any additional charges.

  • Xy
      15th of Sep, 2007
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    Alltel - Poor service!
    United States

    I would like to report to you the most unsatisfactory help line experience I have ever had: Today (Sept. 15 2007, 10:30-11:20am, Sat.), I called your customer service line 1800-255-8351, which connected me to someone in India:

    1) I waited for more than 20 minutes to get one who answered my phone call;
    2) The lady on the line was not knowledgeable and helpful: she told me that the account number was my cell phone number. -- I told her that it was wrong. She said "yes"
    3) Then, I said "now please go to", click on "Register now" link on the home page;
    4) then I showed her that on the AllTel website, the account number and cell phone number were different - it was like that I needed to teach her on AllTel website and operation, rather than her to provide help service to me, a Alltel customer;
    5) then she said "hold the line" please, and disappeared and held me online for more than 5 minutes;
    6) after she came back (maybe asking help from her friends there?), she said "ok, please use your phone number and PIN I give you now to log in". - she gave the PIN: 1279
    7) I followed up her instruction to log in using my cell phone number and PIN, and tried 3 times, but rejected by the AllTecl website. So I told her that I tried it according to her instruction 3 times, but failed.
    8) She became inpatient and said "Sir, can you keep trying according to my instruction?" (it sounds like "you are so stupid, even cannot key in your cell phone number and PIN number correctly!")
    9) I was afraid now, so I asked and tried to get the confirmation from her: "is your given PIN the same as the Password that was asked by the AllTel website?". She replied "of course, it's the same!" (she used her term PIN to replace AllTel's term "Password" to confuse customer, but she put the blame to customer, "are you so stupid not to konw this common knowledge?!").
    10) I was so nervous (and also felt in my mind that I was so stupid like many ordinary and kind American customers would think), and carefully followed up her instruction to key in my cell phone number and PIN (must be PIN according to her, AllTel was wrong to call it "password") she gave me, but the website rejected me again - I kept trying it for other 5 times, and again all failed.
    11) Then she said "at least I got it through when I tried it" (if I would have the privilege as a system administer as her, I can surely access to any account as well!). Then she said "ok, please hold the online and I'll connect you to our technical help line!"
    12) after about 30 minutes, she received my help to teach her the difference between Alltel account number and Alltel cell phone number, and she "successfully put a blame" on me not to know that PIN and password were actually the same thing (only Alltel used password to confuse customer and she used the right one "PIN" to show her rich knowledge to use the right term), and she "forcefully" asked me to try keying in my cell phone number and PIN (or password?) for more than 8 times (my typing sill has been improved substantially as a result, thanks to her, an excellent Alltel Call Center helper!)..., she finally gave up to help me (because a customer like me, so stupid and knowing little about so advanced IT technology like ordinary stupid American customers do - ironically my job is to teach IT for living in US! I felt so shameful that I knew so little when I talked with a young Call center lady who appeared to know so much more!), and wanted to connect me to the technical service line.
    12) What a relief to me - at least I have a new chance not to be considered "a stupid customer"! Maybe I could have a chance to report this unusual customer service (or a better name for it to be "customer torturing") experience to AllTel, so other "stupid American customers" like me may not have to experience it again next time.
    13) the service line rang for about one minute with beautiful music for me to enjoy (unfortunately, I felt so shamed and guilty myself, no mood to enjoy such superb and high class music provided free by AllTel).
    14) Suddenly, the line was cut off and left me with all deadly silence - I was really silenced totally ... I didn't have another chance to talk with another service person of AllTel (maybe she/he will a really good and qualified person providing quality customer service and I could provide feedback to her/him), but no chance was given, unless I wanted to spend another more than 50 minutes to call Alltel customer service helpline again? Will you?... I won't!
    15) So I decided to spend time to report this most unusual customer service experience in my while life to the public, so other "stupid American customers" like me may not have to experience it again next time.

    an ordinary customer of

  • Nr
      23rd of Oct, 2007
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    Watch out... alltel will probably charge you a fee to disconnect your service.

  • Lo
      26th of Oct, 2007
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    unauthorized charges

    I was signing up fro the rebate from Alltel then had to submit a pass code from the internet on the rebate directions. Next thing I know I started receiving jokes on my cell phone. I texed back put me on the do not call list. a text message came that said subscription renewed @5.99 /weekly or 23.96 a month. I texted back refused. They sent back a text that said sorry ur command is not recognized. This is a bogus way to add charges. It should be told to others that it is a scam! I would appreciate the opportunity to cancel this ASAP.

  • Ha
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    After coming back from Iraq and finding out that Alltel did not put me there military suspension plan the trouble is over going to be over for me, but not for them my local U.S JAG officer is going to sue the crap out of them and the credit agency who bought my account lucky me.

  • Jo
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    Your problems are identical to mine, great MWW service, but Alltel was crap, I told them this and they said they were upgrading towers. I gave them a few months to do this while struggling with service, still no decent signal like I had before, even bought a new battery and everything. I was then told it was because I had a MWW phone still not an Alltel, and to go to the store and get it exchanged or re flashed. Upon going to the store when I didnt have time, they dont do exchanges and said if they flashed it, it would kill the phone, the only way to do it would be to have a new phone sent to me and return my still fully functional MWW phone in, but because a water sensor pad was red I would be charged $160, My phone has never been in water, but i did some work at a resort in the pool room thats like 110% humidity.

    So i have to either buy a new phone (cannot afford) or just wait out until Feb 09 when my 2-yr MWW contract is up. Thing is I dont have MWW its now Alltel, can they do this? I never agreed to transition over, why do I have to pay a penalty when I am not getting the service they claim I am using, ( have to go outside when I am at home )

  • Di
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    All I want to do is have reliable phone service and be able to pay my bill. Their software would not accept my payment, and when I complained to customer service, I was called an "###". There was a note from one employee to another stating that "the ### wants to pay her bill". The second employee sent me a bunch of links that had nothing to do w/ my problem. I have never felt this kind of anger towards a company before and regret ever leaving Cingular / ATT. Alltel has been a problem for me since the very beginning starting w/ the rebate. With alltel, the term "customer service" is a sick joke.

  • Br
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    Alltel - Bad service!
    Alltel Wireless
    2728 Santa Barbara Blvd
    Cape Coral
    United States
    Phone: (239)458-8630

    Unfortunately, about a year and a half ago I convinced my family to switch to Alltel... Biggest mistake of my life! The service is obsolete. It really doesn't work to any degree. I don't receive calls, or even get the sign of a missed call, and rarely receive the voicemail sent to me after friends think I'm ignoring them. When people call my phone they either get voicemail or rings, but on my end of the phone, I get absolutely no notification of a call or missed call.

    So once in a blue moon when my calls do work, they drop, 95% of the time. It's like too bad At&t doesn't follow me around because those commercials with the awkward moments when the phone drops are the story of my life. My phone promts me by displaying "Signal faded. Call lost." and there goes my conversation.

    All in all, I can't rely on my phone. My employer thinks less of me because I don't receive her calls, my grandma thinks I don't want to talk to her, and my friends and family think I'm ignoring them or mad at them. It's really dampened my social life.

    Right before smashing my phone into a million little pieces, I thought Alltel may be able to help me out, so visited the store. They told me the software wasn't updated and then pushed a few buttons and sent me off. No change whatsoever. I returned, and they did the same thing, not listening when i told them they already did it. After about 8 visits, and half my time spent sitting in the Alltel store, they finally decided to send me a refurbished phone, saying my phone must have been defective. (The rest of my family is having the same problems, are all our phones defective, or is the service, hm?) So i get the phone in the mail two weeks later, it was supposed to be 3 to 5 days, and found no improvement. So now I'm on my third phone and they aren't even refurbished, they are half broken, and my service still sucks. Sweeettt. My mom wanted to get another one too when they said that it was just the phones that were defective, but they told her her warranty was up. Which is weird, because we bought our phones on the same day and activated them on the same day... so why is one warranty longer than the other? I'd guess only Alltel would know, but when i asked the customer service agent, he got angry we asked him because 'he doesn't know and it't not his responsibility.'

    I'm counting down the days till november when my 2 year contract runs out. ALLTEL IS THE WORST CELL PHONE COMPANY EVER!!!

  • Ka
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    Alltel - Bad customer service!
    1644 FM 752 S
    South Dakota
    United States
    Phone: 9036835491

    I have been with Alltel for years, but you talk about bad Customer Service they have to be #1 on the list. I bought 4 phones in December, as advertised on tv and Internet buy 1 get 1 free so go to the store to purchase these phones the unprofessional Alltel ediot that waited on us was holding his bottom lip while asking me questions and when I couldn't understand him and asked him to repeat what he said he seemed to get perturbed with ME! Stupid Eliot, then he told me the cost of the buy 1 get 1 free deal... NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE!ended up costing over 400.00 for the phones up front, but after mail in rebates the phones would end up costing around 140.00. We muddled thru all the setups, he handed me all the forms that had to be sent for the mail in rebates that could take 6 to 12 weeks to receive you checks. I sent everything off checked my email and there it was all but one was REJECTED! Was I surprised heck no I relished the bait! I called ALLTEL and then they give me the rebate phone number. The rebate guy said that one of the problem was that the wrong form was sent,well I don't work at Alltel it wasn't my fault that Mr.Lip gave me the wrong form that went to that phone! He fixed it and said my rebate will soon be mailed,then on problem #2 didn't send a copy of the bill, well you received the bill that went to the other phone it all came in the same envelope.The problem was that the other two phones are on 1 bill family phones you know you get the same bill stupid people. Okay the nice guy fixed that one! The real problem started on the third phone which by the way was my sons phone which he in on my plan using my minutes there for only need my bill. So I called again and the intelligent ALLTEL EMPLOYEE said I need to fax them the bill I said you already have the bill because the other rebates were approved try as I may she just couldn't get! She told me fax another bill and then call them back and tell the Smart Alltel Employee to go to the fax and get the bill! Nope won't do it I did my part I am not an Alltel Employee, I will not call to make sure that they do their JOB! Anyway when I finally ask to talk to supervisor and when I SAYED THAT she fixed the problem!

  • Ro
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    Go to one of you search engines and contact the Clark Howard Show ,he will review your complaint and beleive it or not,Alltel and all the others have governmental regulations too. The folks at Alltel will have you beleive that there is no gov. regulations. You do this the right way with class and Alltel will be begging you to give you whatever you have been screwed out of. I know I did it . Going with the BBB has a lot of red tape involved and Alltel knows you dont have the time to continue with BBB

  • We
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    My account is being charged for services never requested!

  • An
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    Alltel - Worst customer support, misleading information
    3971 ALPINE ROAD
    United States

    My partner and I decided to switch to a local carrier, Alltel; as soon as our Verizon contract ended. We needed to have 3 phones in our account, so we were advised to have the Family Plan that also had 1000 Text messages included. During the first month of usage I signed up to monitor this new account on their "Official Website". I recognized that this was a fairly brand new account, I gave them time to update customer usage information on the website. Two weeks passed and I used their e-mail feature for customer support. Never got a reply back. I call their 800 number, and after punching numbers to get any type of usage; which at the time my usage totalled "zero" minutes used. I kept pressing button to speak with a live person. When I expressed my concern, that still Zero minutes still shows in my lines. The representative connected back to the automated service. All To my horrible surprise, their website does not monitor any of my usage. All it contains are ways to look at bills and ways to make payments. The only time you are able to see any usage, it's when it;s too late and they want payment. The even sent text messages to notify that the bill is due, they don't even send an alert that the limits to my plan have reached, they just want the customer to be ignorant of the usage, so the bill get higher and higher. The only call I got from them was to inform us and threated us, that the current bill due is over $500 for overages charges, and if it was not paid at that moment the service will be interrupted. I still haven't seen any bill from them and, the website does not have my supposedly current or past usage. How do they expect me to monitor my usage if their system does not allow any customer to monitor any usage whatsover, only after the bill cycle had ended and we are stuck with a huge $$$$ amount bill.

  • Da
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    I agree that you are mislead or lied to directly by the customer service reps at Alltel. For Christmas I decided to give my two children the all access pass for their phones for $20/line. They like to text message. At the time the rep told me there was a package for just unlimited texting without internet access or picture messaging that was $12. In January I called back to switch t0 that plan I was told that plan wasn't $12 it was actually $14.99. I said ok to that. Then at bill time this month I see they didn't take me off the All access plan so I call to have it fixed and am told that there is no $14.99 text only plan that it was a mistake they only have the $20 all access. At this point I am angry and ask why I was lied to by not one but at least 2 people who told me there was a text only plan and am told they didn't lie that they made a mistake. I was never mailed a letter to let me know they made an error to see if I wanted to keep the plan or not and they offered no compensation for my inconvenience . I am very mad. I wish I hadn't just renewed my contract in december because I would switch companies.

  • Jo
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    Alltel - Simply Horrible
    United States

    Alltel has got to be one of the WORST companies I have ever dealt with. It is dificult to tell if their horrible service and dishonesty is merely severe incompetence or outright theivery. I have been their customer for 2.5 years, and am no longer in a contract. First of all, they do their billing really screwy. you pay your monthly service fee for the upcoming billing period that you haven't used yet. While you pay overages and fees and minutes in arears for the past billing period. Purposely misleading perhaps but not illegal. However, four out the last five months they have made errors on my bill, all in their favor of course. It has become routine, every month i call them to fix my bill. The usual overage they try to charge me is around 100$. So I have to waste an hour of my day to call them up and get them to correct a mistake they never should have made. Here's an example of their latest funny math on my bill:
    included in my plan: 500
    Used: 1,446
    Overage: 269
    charge: 107.76$
    Now I never used anywhere near that many minute, and they did correct it, but I shouldn't have to keep calling them to have it corrected. Also they overcharged me on my service charge. It's supposed to be 39.99$ per month, instead they charged me 59.99$ I asked them to correct this and they said it would be added as a credit on my next bill but I would have to pay it now to avoid damage to my credit. So let me get this straight, they admit the charge is bogus, but they refuse to remove it and demand i pay it, and they will refund me later. So apparently now Alltel has the right to use me as their personal bank! able to extort loans whenever they want, only to say "oh, we'll credit you later". ###! I don't want them collecting a cent of interst on my money. I have no problem paying for a service that I've used. However I refuse to be robbed. Alltel you are an example of what is ruining America.

  • Da
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    Alltel - getting billed for stuff i did not ask for
    100 blueberry st
    United States
    Phone: 912-278-6902

    i am beening charged 5.99 for something i know nothing about it has happen 3 times already and i want the money put back on my phone.

  • Br
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    Alltel - Billing issues!
    2485 versailles ln. apt. h
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 7046196020

    I checked my bill on the phone today and it says it was 420 dollars. My bill has never been that high so i called to ask why. The only explanation was I had been using the internet on my phone a lot but guess what according to my phone I DON'T HAVE INTERNET!!! It ask me to do a one day pass which is like 5.99 i think. The woman at Customer Service said i did it and i never did but still how is that going to run my bill up to 420 dollars. GOOD QUESTION HUH. But after she said i bought a one day pass then she says i have unlimited internet because i have unlimited text messaging. What kind of sense does that make??? Then what beats it all is if i had unlimited internet (which i don't cause i don't have internet period) How could my bill go up cause its unlimited?? She says its cause it would take it away from your minute plan. Ok so how is that actually unlimited??? Your guess is probably as good as mine. It doesn't make any sense at all. All it is is a big scam. They think people out here in the world cant figure out what kind of a business they are running. Thats why everybody i know is going to Cricket now. The customer service people just kept trying to find a reason for why it was so high but never could find a good one. She just wanted to keep blaming it on some internet that I DON'T HAVE!!! Please if you don't have service with them already chose someone else cause they are no good.

  • Ke
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    Alltel - Poor information about service
    United States

    I changed from a regular plan to a Pay as you go. I asked what I would lose in service. I was told I would lose nothing but on rare occasions I would have to dial the number twice. This rare occasion lasted for 734 miles between Louisville, Ky and the Florida state line. I was also told the number of minutes I purchased in advance would, based on my previous usage would last me 8-9 Months. Today I discovered my minutes expire every 2 months. Since I am now retired and not on the road very much, I won't need the service as much. I was not told the truth by a service rep. in your Invernace Fl. office.

    I am now stuck with a service I would never have accepted and locked into buying minutes I don't need. Why are your people so poorly trained and why wasn't I told everything when I changed from one plan to another. I had the previous plan for over 4 years.

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