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Allegiant Airlines / passenger handling

1 PO BOx 33244Las Vegas, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 702-430-3282

Do not fly Allegiant Airlines, we experienced a once in a lifetime, horrible ordeal with them. We checked in over two hours prior to our flight only to be told that our carry- on was "now" over there length requirement, "new policy",
so we had to take our bags back and rearrange to comply, which we did. Of course the plane was delayed from 6:00 departure to 8:00 because of "mechnical problems". Are we seeing a common them here?
In the course of exchanges of our items due to the new policy I asked my husband "What should I do? because you are only allowed one item of reading material and I had school books I needed to keep on my person, he replied with "I don't know" we did not have any conversation with the counter people, except to get one bag back to do some rearranging, as I turned away to go to a seating area to rearrange my baga my water bottle tossed to the ground. Here is were it would be funny if you can possibly believe this one, my husband who was still at the counter (behind me) was supposedly the target of my water bottle(we would find out this piece of nonsense much later). Would anyone like to comment on that one? He was behind me and I going the other way, my water bottle hit the floor in front of me and there was no one around that specific area. It gets better, my husband doesn't want to go through security because we have about four hours to wait and the Tri Cities Airport in Pasco, Washington is just a few gates once you clear security, so we sat on the "couches" RIGHT in front of where you would past through security for over an hour, this would one odd place for unruly people to sit, as time wore on we chose to get a drink, while my husband periodcially checked the status of the plane, finally they told him we should go through security by 6:15 because there where two other flights going out (different carriers) and it could cause security to run behind. It gets even better my husband passes through security, myself and another lady pass through, and some " lady airport cop" stops us (not my husband) and starts talking about "a problem", I just said I don't know what you are talking about and assumed that it had something to do with the other woman. She said I just ask about the delay situation. Well that did not end it, I guess lady cop was having a bad day and decided to get in my face, trying to egg it on, her words were along the lines of "we can take it there", what ever that means? I just looked at her, so she goes down to the counter and has Steve & Stephanie from Allegiant try to allege that I was intoxicated, which Steve later denied he ever said, but he did, and he would have had to because we had the receipt from the restaurant and the server could confirm if push came to shove. So we have established Steve is a liar and later we will find that he has a very bad anger management, too (but that comes later). We are still being cooperate (I don't know why) and then they tell us we will board last and requested our boarding passes, but we heard them radio to take our bags off the plan and they had the captain come out and say while he was a teetotalerand confirmed that neither of us was in any way inebriated, but by then I guess they had to cover their fanny for hassling us and total us we would not be flying, not a problem except because of their mechnical delay there were no more flights going out that night. I ask for the number to customer care and Steve decided to show his absolute true colors by yelling at me that he was off and he wasn't going to discuss it, he was done and a few other rude remarks. The bottom line here is this: do not fly this airline, cooperation will get you nowhere, they were obviously having a bad day with the delay and working over their hours on a Sunday night and had numerous people not so nice as us debate them about their "new" carry- on policy. We happened to get the bad deal, but Steve did said they were refunding our money back to our credit card, (he did give us the option of flying out on their next flight but this was on Sunday and they did not fly in or out again until Tuesday, so that did not work) . We ended up getting ahotel for the night, find ingother arrangements back home on a very nice carrier with no problems what so ever. One more thing "lady cop" came down when we got our bags and ask for my ID, which I provided and she wanted a contact number(what for?) We have never ever in all our flying years had this happen If anyone has had a similar experience and have documentation as I do, blog and I believe there is a remedy.

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  • Je
      20th of May, 2008
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    Lady, you are such a big brat and the biggest complainer ever. no wonder you got that treatment at the airport. Maybe next time u should check your attitude first? You are the problem lol, nobody else but you.

  • Jo
      5th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    It could not be said any clearer than Jess's remarks. Go Allegiant!!

  • Da
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ignorant traveler! What a pain in the ###! I remember being there with her (blonde, skimpy yellow dress, abnormally skinny, high maintenience hair and makeup)and most of the rest of us on the flight were thinking that she was a bit out of control. I mean we did not like the fact that the plane was 2 hours later either. It was a good laugh though when we took off and realised that you were not on the flight! We were all looking out the window when we were boarding and never saw you. That was cool to know that even the cheap carriers will not allow problem people like you on their planes.Sure flights get delayed on occasion, but that does not give you the right to drink (hicup)and then harass the airport and (hicup)airline personel. What a high maintenience ###, too bad she got her money back.Get some help ###.

  • Be
      29th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dear Sir or Mam. My wife and I just returned from Laughlin NV. on 9-28-08 and were not happy about the flight plan. We got up at 6am and left on the bus at 7:30 to get to the airport and got through all of the necessay crud of security by 8:40am. At 9am we were supposed to board for the 9:30 flight and then it happened. An announcement that during the inspection a mechanial problem was found and the plane would not be able to fly. The good news was that a plane would be flown from Las Vegas and would be here in One hour. One passenger started laughing and said it would be at least 5 or 6 hours before we would leave. At 10:20am they announced that they still had not found a new crew to fly in and so they were going to send us by bus back to Harrahs for lunch. The bus picked up about half of the passengers at 10:40 and the rest of us not until almost 11am. They told us at harrahs that we had 45minutes to eat and check back with them about leaving or the new schedule. They gave us 10 dollars each to eat on. At 11:45 they told us the bus would leave at 12:30 and the plane at 1:30pm. We got back to the airport at 12:40 and had to go through the entire securtiy check againl. The plane arrived at 1;30pm and we boarded at 2:05pm. Then it really got stupid and they announced that they had to stop in Amirillo Texas to refuel, because they did not have enough to fly non-stop to Kansas City. We landed in Amirillo at 6:15pm central time and after 30minutes (which the pilot said, but the stewardess said 60 minutes) we took off for Kansas City. We landed and I mean very hard landing, in which I thought the tires would blow out in good old KC at 8:o5pm which was a total of a six hour delay, which the passenger had said earlier, due to the fact this is his third time of a delay with this airline. My huge question is why in the sam hill was the plane not checked the night before or very early in the morning, so if there was a problem another plane could have been brought in. I had to call my work, in which I was supposed to be at 7pm and tell them I would not be able to make it and of course that was not a good thing. Other passengers had to miss work and one couple missed an important wedding. I lost a days pay and had to pay an extra day for parking, due to this problem of the airlines and mechanical problem. It is not about the money, it is just VERY POOR PLANNING. All the airlines crew did was say we are sorry for the delay problem. Gee how about free cocktails for our ticked off attitutes or Just may be a free airline ticket to somewhere in the future, and of course this plane was sent by Harrahs casino to come to their hotel and gamble and have fun, in which we did, until the last day from heck. You just need to be more considerant of your money spending customers.

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