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I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with Allegiant Air. Hopefully, my mistakes will serve as a warning to others who are lured to use this discount airline to save a few bucks. Remember, “You get what you pay for.” I missed my return flight from Springfield, MO to Orlando, FL because the ticket counter was closed 30 minutes before the flight even departed! Don’t be late for this airline. In spite of a Delta Airline employee calling to let someone know that I was waiting at the Allegiant counter, no one cared enough to come and check me in for the flight. Apparently, all the Allegiant air personnel were out preparing the plane for departure. As I waited impatiently at the empty Allegiant counter hoping someone would come and let me on the flight, I looked around and saw that other airline counters were open and ready for business. Had I not tried to save a few bucks and flown with Continental, American, or Delta I would be home or well on my way by now and not worried about rescheduling appointments with customers next week and contemplating the possibility of financial losses because of this Podunk airline. Once there was absolutely no chance of making my flight, Tom came to the counter to offer assistance. He was able to get me on the next Allegiant air flight which is scheduled FOUR DAYS LATER! He also boasted that he was able to make these changes without charging me any fees. Wow! Thanks Tom. Allegiant air does not have good policies to protect and accommodate passengers. They have no contingency plan for people who arrive late for a flight. I acknowledge that it is not good to check in 30 minutes before a flight, but sometimes it happens. Reputable airlines have the financial wherewithal, plan of action, and employees who can accommodate a passenger when he/she arrives late. Additionally, the maintenance of Allegiant airplanes did little to build a good first impression. The condition of the plane on the flight from Orlando, FL to Springfield, Mo was discouraging. The exterior of the plane seemed to be missing paint. The first aircraft I boarded had a distracting foul almost urine smell to it. Before take off a member of the flight crew mentioned that “pesky lights” were being worked on. Later, it was determined that a computer needed to be replaced. Finally, all the passengers were deboarded and had to wait for another plane. Thankfully, we did not have to wait FOUR DAYS for that other plane. Because of the inconvenience passengers were given a complimentary cup of soda (can not included). So, I guess my hour or so of a delay waiting for a different plane is worth a cup of soda. Thanks Allegiant Air. If all goes well, you may save money flying on this airline. If something goes wrong, you may be in trouble. The initial savings may not be worth the possible stress and eventual loss of time and money that could result from flying with Allegiant Air. On a positive note, there were no chickens or farm animals on the first flight. We will see what happens on the flight back home.


  • Js
    jsg41 Aug 02, 2016

    Where do I start. Worst Airline at the worst Airport in the US. Rude counter people. Nicest thing said to me was "next week the checked baggage weight limit drops to 40 lbs."
    Carry-on is a nightmare.
    Priority boarding is so well hidden it is useless.
    Everyone with the exception of the young lady doing the ID check for the TSA is just plain rude.
    Never fly Allegiant and never fly into or out of Phoenix Gateway Airport.

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh Aug 02, 2016

    What was the reason for the cancelled flight? Was it the weather, a problem with the airplane, did Homeland security ground the flight, did the pilot not show up??? MORE INFO is what is needed.
    The reason for the cancelled flight would be the answer as to if you get a refund. If it is something that is beyond the control of the airline then you are out of luck. If they cancelled because they had a problem then I am with you that they owe you...???

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  • Ll
    Llives Aug 02, 2016

    I purchased a ticket for my daughter to travel to my wedding. I received a text at 4:14pm that the flight was cancelled. The phones at Allegiant indicated a 60 minute wait. My daughter went to the airport at Medford and a sign at the ticket county said an agent would be there at 5:50 pm. At 6:15pm someone showed up and said the flight was cancelled and they would not book her on another airline. They said there would be a flight tomorrow but no details were offered. She asked for a refund and was denied. They said she would get a $200 credit. I had to pay almost $400 for a ticket on Alaska.
    Allegiant customer service is non-existent. If they would have put her on another flight I would have been satisfied. But this is not acceptable.

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  • St
    Stacia68 Jul 10, 2015

    I was flying allegiant from Huntington Wv to Tampa/st Pete on July 8 got to the airport over an hour early got my bag checked and stood in line at security for and hour many other passenger said the security lines opened late was why it was so crowded just as we got thru security other passengers were coming back saying they were not letting anyone else on. This was 20 minutes before the plane was to take off. I later spoke a supervisor with TSA he said they were aware of the problems had several new people and so on he apologized but said that is the way allegiant is they don't care that 21 people missed there flight because they will happily reschedule you for $75. And you have to go two days later. Now the big problem was my bag was on the plane. What kind of security is that? Out $400 dollars and missed the wedding I was going down for not happy and you can't get thou to anyone I have waited on hold for over an hour three times and haven't spoke to anyone.

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  • Ol
    Olga Bailess Mar 30, 2015

    I just experienced the worst customer service experience in my life. Rude, unprofessional representative, almost like talking to a machine instead of a human, and she disconnected without helping me. Here is the chat...
    Please wait, an agent will be with you shortly.
    Your chat session has started..
    Hilda: Thank you for contacting Allegiant Travel. My name is Hilda. Thank you for your patience.

    How may I assist you today, Olga?
    olga bailess: Hello
    olga bailess: I have booked a flight, cancelled the flight, and I was supposed to received a refund only on the baggage and taxes
    olga bailess: but i didn't receive anything yet
    Hilda: I'll be happy to look into that for you. May I have your itinerary confirmation number or the passenger's name please?
    olga bailess: yes
    olga bailess: M669894
    Hilda: For security purposes, please provide the email address and phone number that appears on the reservation.
    olga bailess: [email protected]
    olga bailess: [protected]
    Hilda: A refund?
    olga bailess: Yes
    Hilda: We have you as a now show for your flight.
    Hilda: Allegiant Air does not offer refunds or credit for a missed flight.

    Per our terms and conditions, all passengers must check in at our Allegiant ticket counter 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Our ticket counters close 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time. Passengers must be in the boarding area 30 minutes prior to departure. The aircraft doors will close 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Allegiant Travel does not overbook its flights; therefore, if you do not show up for your flight or cancel prior to your scheduled departure, your entire fare for that segment will be forfeited.
    Hilda: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    olga bailess: I didn't miss the flight
    olga bailess: I call to cancel
    Hilda: To cancel is a $75.00 fee per person each way, and must be done 7 days prior departure, Olga.
    Hilda: You contact us on 02/13 trying to cancel the reservation.
    Hilda: I advice you that no credit or refund can be provided.
    Hilda: We have all the notes.
    olga bailess: Right! I was told I would be refunded the taxes and the bags fees
    olga bailess: And I am glad you have all the notes, then you can see they were going to at least give me a partial refund. This was cause by an accident, my son was in the hospital for 4 days and we could not fly.
    Hilda: Under the agreed Terms and Conditions of purchase, passengers who fail to check in for a scheduled flight will be designated a 'No Show' and all fares for that segment will be forfeited
    Hilda: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Hilda: Due to inactivity, the chat session is closing. Thank you for contacting Allegiant Travel, Have a great day, Olga.

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  • Do
    DOT.govNEXT May 21, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Allegiant poor consumer affairs, and negligence with bookingwebsite and unwritten rules. DO NOT BE 3MIN late, they close the ticket counter 45 minutes prior to flight and youforfeit money! NO SUCH WARNING when wepaid for the tickets!
    Flight from Phx/Mesa Gateway Airport to Provo, UT at 6:20amMay 16, 2014, BUMPED DUE TO UNWRITTEN RULES and ONLY recommended arrival timeson itinerary. 40 minutes is too late?
    Flight from Phx/Mesa Gateway Airport to Ogden, UT, at 3:19pm May 16th, 2014. POOR WEBSITE FUNCTION
    Checked in on-line the nightprior. No posting of “last call”procedure at Williams Gateway Airport being at 45min prior to departure
    No verbiage in Terms andConditions regarding forfeit of flight and charges paid if you are NOT throughsecurity at least 1 hour prior, only suggested time
    No verbiage regarding “closure” ofcheck-in to flights procedure and times
    No verbiage that the airport doesnot have the ability to print a boarding pass after the flight is “closed”
    No hard stop times listed forairport with smaller staffing to accommodate delayed travelers. Only suggested arrivals times like all otherlarge airlines and airports
    Was in-line at the ticket counterto have boarding pass printed at least 35 minutes prior (airport surveillancevideo has been requested via “Public Records Form” 5/21/2014
    The ticket counter staff statedthey did a “last call at 45 min prior, then a “hard stop” call at 35 minprior. And we were not in line. If this is true, was I informed of this riskwhen we paid money for this transportation?
    15 minutes after “Closure” offlight check-in, our names were announced on the intercom to go to the gatebut we could not because they would not print a pass.
    No posting or warning of $5 Printcharge at the ticket counter if you are unable to print when checking inon-line
    3 separate addresses listed forairport: 5803, 5835 and 6033 S. SossamanRd.
    No warning on booking trip sitethat there are no more flights available for the date you selected.
    Current date regularly showing asavailable flights when there are not. 3separate attempts and all three defaulted to the next flight date with nowarning to the online booker.
    There are multiple other warningsor indicators when you didn’t accept a charge or complete a section on thebooking trip portion. EXCEPT when thedate you selected doesn’t have a flight available
    Allegiant would not refund theflight booked in error because there was less than 7 days to re-sell. They weren’t sold to begin with until thewebsite misled us!
    Customer Service is rude on thephone. Stated to a paying customer, “would you like to call back and talk to someone lower, because I am a lead.”
    Ticket counter is completelyunwilling to accommodate new travelers or those not familiar with the “rules”
    Allegiant neglects to inform of rules that seemto occur time and time again. Similarcomplaints listed on multiple on-line boards, BBB, and with the media inArizona alone.

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  • Br
    Brittanyciomei Feb 01, 2014
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    Verified customer

    We chose to leave our vacation home a day early to be close to the airport. We arrive in Punta Gorda to find several cops/sheriff deputies near and around the airport. Our flight was scheduled for February 1st so we stayed in a hotel close by. Well around 7:38pm on January. 31st we get a text and email saying our flight is cancelled due to irregular operations. You could not get this ridiculous company on the phone for 2 hours when you would call it would say, we're experiencing high call volumes goodbye. I finally got through to the automated system and sat on hold for and hour and 10 minutes just to be hung up on. So I persisted and called back on two phones waiting to talk to customer service. FINALLY after an hour and 30 minutes I get an answer and I was able to change my flight but they would tell, you nothing. Mind you yes I changed my flight but now I have to drive 3 hours from my location up to another airport. Ahhh I hate this airline.

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  • Fi
    Filmguy Dec 21, 2013

    I think if you dig deep enough and follow the money you will find that the entire Alegiant Air operation is money laundering. It is the only explanation for such wonton customer abuse. They don't care because the purpose of the airline is not what it seems.

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  • Rl
    RLOBO Sep 11, 2013
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  • Su
    Susie MR Jun 13, 2013

    Allegiant luggage policy states medical equipment as a carry on is no charge but Sanford Allegiant told me I had to pay $50!! It gets worse-- they charged me $104 which overdrew me costing an additional $46.50 ...I was on hold for 40 minutes only to be told I needed to contact Customer Relations...asked for their number was told they DON'T HAVE ONE . Stealing from disabled people - way to rip Allegiant!!

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  • Br
    BR3 May 06, 2013

    This airline is a complete dumpster fire/train wreck! Avoid if you can.

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  • La
    Landon Stovall Dec 31, 2012
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    Verified customer

    My wife (to be) and I traveled from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas on 25 November 2012 and returned on 30 November 2012. On our way to Las Vegas it was so cold on the plan that my wife ended up in the bed very sick for the entire time we were in Las Vegas. We requested the cold air be turned off but nothing happened for over an 1/2 hour in flight. On the return the same thing happened. There is no reason for the flight to be so cold that people get sick and I believe that something need to be done about this.

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  • Me
    meeshul Jul 10, 2012

    Yes, I too hate it when companies strong arm me to book w/ them and then expect me to read the Terms & Conditions of traveling w/ them, because c'mon, who reads those? So it is definitely the companies fault that I refuse to read or put forth any effort to actually understand what I'm paying good money for before I process my credit card. Shame on you Allegaint for exploiting my stupidity. Grow up people.

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  • Le
    Lea Kawer Jun 26, 2012
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    Verified customer

    We are Allegiant frequent fliers, we accept, as many customers do, the no frill company policies, which make a trip more accessible.
    Although with all the additional costs, luggage, seating etc., it might not be the case any longer.
    Our last trip to Las Vegas from Bellingham WA airport was unlike other prior trips a very important one for me. (Unbeknown fact to me at the time of scheduled departure).
    We were booked to take the 7:00 AM flight, and due to blunt negligence on behalf of ONE of the counter Allegiant’s representative, we were unable to make it. We arrived with more than sufficient time to take the flight, no long queues, yes issues with luggage by some customers but, the lack of interest and cooperation from this agent made us, miss our scheduled 7:00 AM flight and adding insult to injury, sent us to a public telephone just pointing her finger to " GO THERE, CALL THEM" them? Is she not representing Allegiant? We did use the pay phone because we were not about to incur in the roaming costs of our Canadian cell line. While my husband was on the phone trying to talk to an agent, call was cut off over six times; I was using the computer to contact anyone, to no avail. Time lost, which almost made us miss the 9:20 AM flight. Until finally another representative took matters in her own hands, did take responsibility for Allegiant’s mistake, and escorted us through security check and the boarding area.
    A flight delay is common, can happen, we did not cause it, no accountability taken by Allegiant's rep, and the unnecessary stress and frustration that we had to go through just because a counter rep did not bother to ask for a Supervisor to come and answer our questions. Utter disrespect.
    Upon arriving to Vegas telephone calls to Allegiant's main office took place, nobody but a receptionist to talk to, no public access to the company, complete disregard to our enquiry. Another waste of precious time to what should have been a pleasant vacation time.
    It was not until we returned to Vancouver that I was able to actually talk, not an easy task, to a manager, K. Anderson, I tried to explain as best I could what that delay caused us, not just a missed day in Vegas that we can survive, but a surprise trip for me, planned by my family as a mother's day gift.
    A trip to Vegas, arriving at 10 AM, and with a rental car drive to L.A. to meet my sister was visiting from South America. The plans were a complete surprise to me.
    Granted, this is a personal and emotional issue, and I apologize for the added details, but it pained me, to see that my sons’ plans, and hard-earned money spent were ruined by Allegiant's negligence and disrespect.
    I did not want to make any of this private information public.
    Not until our return to Vancouver, that I was able to talk to a receptionist who, upon my persistence, forwarded my call to a manager, K. Anderson, who provided me with her e-mail, an actual existent e-mail, as the one that appears in the website, to wit: [email protected]/[email protected] are NON - EXISTENT.
    The telephone conversation with Ms. Anderson was attentive and cordial, with a follow up e-mail from me.
    Prior to sending the email, I checked the rules and regulations of the FAA as far as following the proper channels.
    I wrote to Ms. Anderson, not only explaining our disappointment, but also requesting a SATISFACTORY answer. I added clearly that it was not our wish to neither escalate the complaint nor make it public, unless we would be forced to.
    My e-mails were disregarded. I have all the records of e-mails sent, received and read by Allegiant's rep., my server notifies me when my e-mails are successfully relayed and read, time and date.
    After an appropriate lapse of time, I sent another e-mail advising Ms. Anderson that due to the lack of response, I will escalate my complaint against my original wishes. Therefore, I did, to what I was led to believe a rep from FAA. To my dismay, I just found out, 10 minutes ago, upon checking the BBB website (Allegiant Air not a member) that my "escalating" e-mail was sent to the consumers Allegiant's department ... more of the same.
    I finally did receive an answer the so called attentive mode of my telephone conversation with Ms. Anderson turned into a blunt reply, disrespectful in tenor, in my opinion, "OUR FINAL ANSWER, NO CREDIT FOR YOU" ... wrong assumptions ... the word credit was never used by me in any communication, be it spoken or written, I requested a responsible satisfactory answer from an airline as a customer who keeps said airline in business.
    Allegiant Air is in business thanks to its customers. I am a company owner, and as such, I relay to my employees that no matter what, we owe our livelihood and good standing to our loyal customers. No customers no business.
    I was mesmerized by the fact and expressed it that in Allegiant's website there were no e-mail addresses for anyone of the Management staff, from the CEO down.
    I found the needed information through other displeased customers I met and provided me with the appropriate websites and steps to follow. I know have Mr. Gallagher’s e-mail, Allegiant CEO and President.
    This issue became a matter of principle and I urge everyone, discontented customers not to silently allow companies such as Allegiant in this case to continue with what I consider irresponsible and disrespectful actions. They should take full accountability for their actions, employees and keep us, the customers who keep the company in business, satisfied with their service.
    There is a fine line between “inexpensive and CHEAP”.

    Lea Kawer

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  • Se
    Sean Berk Jun 25, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to love to fly this airline and would sing their praises for a great business strategy for rural states. Now, due to their horrid service and nickle/diming passengers--- I recommend never to fly Allegiant. I will sooner fly Delta, Alaska, American, or go with Southwest-rent a car- and drive for 5 hours before using Allegiant Air. The staff was spiteful and went out of their way to inconvenience my family this morning... NO More Allegiant Air for us.

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  • Se
    Sean Berk Jun 25, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to praise Allegiant airlines when they first opened in Mesa, AZ for efficient travel to rural states like Montana. I was a great advertiser for the airline. Over the years their prices have gone up, they nickle and dime you, and the service is getting terrible. Today I dropped off family with small kids and a handicapped grandmother. The ticket agent named Alexis in Mesa screwed up the tickets so they were turned away at TSA. They returned for a fix and she never even apologized. Furthermore, she didn't want to provide a gate pass so a family member could assist with the children and handicapped grandmother. Then, to further the insult, no effort was made to assign seating for the children so they could be "near" their parents. Also, they stopped family boarding as well... I will NO LONGER be using Allegiant Airlines. Due to their horrid service, I will now be flying Delta, American, Alaska, or the best airline (Southwest) and driving to Montana from Boise or Spokane.

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  • Be
    bedr1 Nov 10, 2011

    Paul, ummmmmm...Allegiant Air is obligated to stop all passengers from boarding at the 45 min mark because of Homeland Security. They need enough time to process the people through the planes to see if they are on the terrorist watch list, and they also need to be able to screen the baggage. Pretty standard stuff. As for the seating, its the standard arrangement for that plane type. A three seat and two seat combo, five seats per row.

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  • Ar
    armstrong0731 Jun 26, 2011

    The person complaining about being late and not being accommodated has no legitimate complaint. Rules are rules and people need to realize they apply to everyone.
    I am sitting in Youngstown airport and have a ticket on Allegiant to fly to Myrtle Beach. The plane has been "delayed" so far for 4 hours and we have no idea why. The plane is sitting at the gate and no one is working on it. Gee, I do have to agree with those that say you get what you pay for. I for one, will NOT fly Allegiant again, my time is worth more than this!

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  • El
    elvisangel Mar 31, 2011

    I will never fly Allegiant Air again. My 17 year old niece was visiting me from Florida and this was her first time flying. They said because of "Weather Conditons" and she was under 18 she wasn't going to be able to get on the plane. This was a Sunday and the next flight wouldn't be until the following Thursday. I spoke with the representative at Allegiant and she was very rude and not willing to help at all. She said it was for her safety and that if they were to have to stop at another airport she wouldn't be able to get a hotel room. OH, but it's ok to leave her in an airport till Thursday. I called customer service and they were unwilling to help and rude as well. They weren't will to transfer her to another airline to get her home. We went to the customer service desk after the flight had taken off and of course nobody was there to help. My sister had to purchase a new flight from Southwest for 300 and no refund from Allegiant Air. They were so unwilling to help in any way. They really have no idea how to treat their customers.

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  • Ma
    Mark Van Hook Mar 03, 2011

    My wife was told that her carry on bag would need to be checked as the plane was too full and ther would be no charge- when she got home our camera and other personal articles were missing-- I called Alliegant customer service and was told it wasn't thier fault - the woman was Quite rude- I asked if ther was anything I could do and she told me nothing-

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  • Gi
    Gingerd Dec 30, 2010

    Plain and simple. DO NOT FLY WITH THIS COMPANY!

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  • Gi
    Gingerd Dec 30, 2010

    Save a buck, really? DO NOT use this airline if you have a handicap of any kind. They treat you like any other passenger with no sympathy. Rather than type this all out I will just forward the email I am sending. As if it will do any good.
    was waiting for flight 2560 from Vegas to Missoula. My dad called to say
    that there was a problem with the plane and they were waiting for a part. He
    sat on the plane for an hour. He had a brain aneurysm so you can imagine
    with a brain injury hearing the words that the plane needed a part, to be
    quite nerve racking. They finally decided to transfer planes. By this time my
    dad was practically hyperventilating. I told him to give the phone to the
    stewardess. I explained to her what was going on and told her that he needs
    someone to calm him down due to his situation. She said they were transferring
    planes and what do I want her to do. I told her to find someone to calm him
    down. My dad then called from the airport, nobody helped him. He sat at the
    new terminal in a state of panic and did not get on the new flight because he
    was scared. I tried to call allegiance but something was wrong with the
    phone lines. I called the airport and they just transferred me back to
    allegiant. I then went online to the chat and was told that they had 149 other
    passengers to deal with and what do I want them to do. I can't believe this
    service! 149 passengers with normal conditions at that. I know that my dad will
    not fly with allegiant again after this. How do I go about trying to get his
    money back. This is not a normal situation and if I have to, I will contact
    his Dr. and his lawyer. If someone would have listened to me, they could
    have calmed him enough to get on the airplane.
    Looks a bit like Discrimination to me.

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  • Bu
    buycable Sep 20, 2010

    Departure time is departure time and the bridge closes ten minutes before. Tickets are purchased so there should be exceptions, my God they got their money our seats were assigned and I paid extra for them so there was a spot for us on that flight. Anyway, a half and hour before departure after driving over two hours to airport, construction and traffic then long term parking topped off with no employee at their counter equals MISSED FLIGHTS! Unlike a smart [censor] comment above in regards to passengers waiting on late ones...if the damn plane hasn't left, let us on! Do they refund tickets when the
    crew is late? Or plane problems? NO! Des Moines, IA counter guy (black with glasses) didn't get his name after he finally came out was cold and rude and lied in the comments he noted which another CS rep read back to me after calling their CS # on way back home which really did no good, she told me to write and complain on the way we were treated. It was noted he tried to get us on that flight, bull crap it was complete opposite! He lied about what we had for bags out of three travelers one had a carry on, and two of us had each one piece of checked baggaged (nothing more)which I offered to leave mine if that meant saving time and us making the flight, but nope it didn't matter. I even told him he could put my suitcase on the flight the next day, he just gave a crap look and said it was too late. I begged him and asked if he would please make an exception and he said if I make an exception for you I have to do it for everyone. Well, such as life isn't it?! Sorry, can't pull over and help you change that flat tire I would have to do it for everyone I see. Or ummm sorry, can't donate that money to Salvation Army parked outside every store around the holidays because if I give to one I have to give to all. He was a complete jerk, his customer service skills were horrible he could have been nice and undertanding even if we couldn't get on the flight! What else sucks is he told us there were no more flights leaving Des Moines when that was a lie and to find that out after our over two hour ride of shame home is just disgusting! Plus to lose rental car for four days which you cannot cancel even if you get to your destination and decide you don't need a car you are screwed! How about instead of these ticket counter agents arguing about it's half of an hour before departure and blah, blah, blah they smile and bust their [censor] to get tickets printed and get you on the plane?! To act rude and like you don't care well, we all know what karma is! And before anyone comments oh you were late, well no kidding we fly at least twice a year and certainly we not expecting the delays we had and never once thought that we would not get on the flight. We knew we were cutting it close, but hearing him saying what he did made my stomach turn! First time missing a flight and it will sure be the last, because this was not a good expierence at all. $1, 000 tough lesson to learn along with missed work, plus Husband and the coach missed the ball tournament! Has anyone actually gotten their money back from forfieted flights? Can't say they are missed because we were there :)

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  • Sw
    s wyrick Jun 23, 2010

    Never Never fly this airline. Plane left early taking my daughters luggage and left her. Customer service phone line to busy to take a call. Luggage found at 'lost and found' after booking with another airline when she arrived at destination. Employees did not know if baggage made it or not. Homeland Security?????????????

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  • Fr
    Fromundas Apr 03, 2010

    I scheduled a trip to Blaine Washington from Palm Springs for my wife to spend her birthday with our grand children. Booked the flight 3 weeks ahead of time, and surprised her with the planned trip the morning of her birthday.
    On April 1st, 2010 arriving at the check in counter of Allegiant Air in Palm Springs at 10:37am for a flight scheduled for departure at 11:20am (43 minutes before departure) we were informed buy the attendant assisting a family of 4 just ahead of us that the counter was now closed, that we were considered a "NO SHOW" and we would not be allowed to check in and that we had forfeited out air fare. At first, I thought this was just an April fool’s joke. To my AMAZEMENT, it was not.
    As we argued our importance of boarding this flight, another passenger scheduled for this flight, a young mother, with an infant daughter, whose husband was based out of the local 29 Palms Marine Base and was serving duty in Iraq, joined us in line to check in. This young girl was traveling to Blaine Washington to be with her mother who was in the hospital and was scheduled for stage 4 cancer surgery the following day. She explained her situation to the attendant, asked for consideration for her boarding this flight, as she could not afford to forfeit her fare, and could not afford the $258.00 fare for the flight departing the following evening.
    On witnessing this poor display of customer service, 2 couples, waiting to check in at the competitor airline next to Allegiant Air check in counter came over and purchased the ticket necessary for this young girl to travel to see her mother the following evening.

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  • Di
    disgusted and annoyed Apr 01, 2010

    Pretty sure I met that same cop, the flight attendants were rude and disrepectful! I swear its a ploy and their sick way of entertaining themselves by humiliating the passengers

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  • Jo
    Jose Rdz Dec 12, 2009

    I was a passenger of the flight from Laredo to Las Vegas, the fligts where cancelled due to bad weather, while Continental was landing and departing from Laredo EASILY. The flight attendants have terrible customer service, im Mexican but I do speak and understand english 100%, but still the attendant look at me like I was a stupid mexican...

    full story:

    On Monday December 7, I was supposed to leave at 12:30pm, at 7:00pm after "waiting for the conditions to be better" the flight was delay one day, and everyone had to pay for hotel night. Next day the flight was supposed to leave at 1:45, it depart at 6:00pm, so all that day in Las Vegas was also lost. On Friday December 11 2009, flight depart on time from Las Vegas but like last Monday it had to land on McAllen "due to weather again.." When we arrived at McAllen the weather was as bad as it was last week when we couldnt depart from Laredo. Flights from Continental and other airlines DID land on Laredo that same day!!!

    People were really angry about this, and when landing in McAllen everyone was complaining. The corresponsal of Allegiant there, called a cop that to put "order" he wanted to arrest somebody. Everyone was then very quiet and afraid. The cop was going toward a man when he said to him "Do you want to be the first one arrested", the man then said "Hey take it easy we are just talking", but the cop was already angry too. The man's sun stop between his dad and the cop and tried to convinced him to talk, but the cop disagree and push hard the son to get out of his way. Other members of the family intervened and finally the man's son was arrested.

    To ammend the cancelled flight, Allegiant offer the customers a bus that will take them to Laredo Intl Airport, but this Bus came all the way from San Antonio TX, then to Laredo (to take the passengers that were going to take the same plane to Las Vegas, to McAllen where the plain was) and last stop would be McAllen!!! During this time, they said that the bus was going to arrive at 7:00pm after arriving McAllen at 1:00pm approx. At 7pm, they said that it was until 10pm that the bus was arriving to pick up us all!!!

    For me, "bad weather conditions" fit like the perfect excuse to cover something else, or some problems they have with Laredo Intl Airport that didnt allow them to land. That of course is something we might never know. My advice is to pay some more and to NEVER EVER FLIGHT WITH ALLEGIANT AGAIN!!

    -1 Votes
  • Li
    lilvixen69 Sep 21, 2009

    Wow. I'd hate to be on the plane and have to hear, "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We know you lead busy lives and all have important places to be but we can't take off just yet because ONE measly, slow-### passenger couldn't be bothered to get to the airport on time. He's just too important to follow the rules so we have to wait while he checks his baggage, goes through security and boards the plane. Sorry about the MAJOR inconvenience and we'll be happy to take off when Mr. All-Too-Important finally arrives on the plane. Have a nice flight."
    Some people are such ###s.

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  • Hp
    hppyevraftr Aug 22, 2009

    I had a flight scheduled for tonight @ 8:00 p.m. I got there by 7:00 p.m. was given a boarding ticket, they took my bag, and then told me the flight was delayed 4 hours because of mechanical difficulty. I waited 4 hours, then came back @ 11:00 p.m. and my flight had been re-scheduled for the next day @ 10:15 a.m.
    I have yet to take this trip, I'm waiting to see what happens tomorrow morning @ 9:00 a.m. NO ONE was at the Allegiant Air desk to inform me of this decision. A random baggage man helped me figure out that the flight was not going to happen. He then gave me the # to Allegiant to find out where my bags were. Thankfully, the man I spoke to @ Allegiant's 800 number was very courteous, professional, and did all the could. He explained to me the flight had been re-scheduled until tomorrow morning. He was very helpful, HOWEVER, I found it completely shocking that no one was there from Allegiant to tell me the flight was re-scheduled for a 3rd time. 1st time-8:00 p.m. 2nd time-12:00 p.m. 3rd time-Tomorrow @ 10:15 a.m.
    I just hope this happens tomorrow, hotel is going to bill me for tonight for a room that I haven't even slept in because I made reservations. I'm not pleased thus far, consider what I experienced today VERY unprofessional, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.
    The funny thing is, I never heard of Allegiant before, a friend from work recommended this airlines to me. I found out just yesterday that this "Friend" from work has been complaining to my boss's boss about me not being a team player. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she started dating someone who was married & has two children. She's 21 and he's 37. Thanks Loser, you give such great advice!

    I could of spent and extra 160 dollars and would be with my fiance now as I write this...

    Hope tomorrow works out! I'll post more if any difficulties.

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  • Pa
    PaulD May 11, 2009

    And I should say that I was late to Allegiant because the Enterprise rental counter was abandoned, so I had to search out someone who could help me figure out what to do, and they told me I had to run back to the car & leave the keys.

    But I still BLAME ALLEGIANT. They could have EASILY let me AT LEAST TRY to make my flight. But they STICK SO RIDICULOUSLY to their rules, that they don't even let you try to make it. They said we had NO CHANCE of making it thru securoty on time. BULL! We actually went to Southwest, bought & paid for tickets, AND STILL MADE it to the Allegiant GATE on time. 10 minutes early, in fact. UNBELIEVABLE.


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  • Pa
    PaulD May 11, 2009

    And DO NOT believe the TONS OF ROOM stuff. 100% BS. I flew Allegiant to Vegas, and it was EASILY the smallest amount of room EVER. It doesn't even seem legal they can pack people in so tight.

    I agree with an earlier post, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, and with Allegiant YOU GET CRAP.


    1 Votes
  • Pa
    PaulD May 11, 2009

    I am RIGHT NOW sitting in McCarran in Las Vegas waiting for a Southwest flight that has run me $1, 000 to get to Portland (5 people) BECAUSE I WAS 43 MINUTES EARLY to the Allegiant counter, not 45 minutes. I easily, EASILY could have made my flight. But I was denied a boarding pass anyway.

    Yes, DO NOT BE LATE. Even 1 second late & you will not be allowed to board. People got to another flight right behind us who were less than 60 seconds late, and they were also denied a boarding pass.

    NEVER, EVER AGAIN will I fly this LUDICROUS AIRLINE. I am OUT $1, 000 because these ###S. I hope Allegiant goes BROKE.

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  • Be
    bedr1 Feb 21, 2009

    I can tell the people that don't travel often by their comments. They are negative.

    If you read Allegiants Terms and conditions you will see they give NO REFUNDS. How do you think they can sell tickets for $15.00 ea way? If you want to pay $400.00 roundtrip on another carrier because you might miss the flight - do it.

    Some tricks when flying Allegiant:

    1) Bring a Carry On if you can - this avoids the baggage fee by the way which most other
    airlines are now charging too.

    2) Don't select your seat - this will normally save you $30 roundtrip

    3) If you need a rental car, book through Allegiant - its usually cheaper

    4) Allegiant usually does not have multiple flights coming in per day - so if the plane gets
    caneled for weather related or mechanical you will have to wait until the next
    day. Sometimes they send "rescue" planes, but not always. So if you are going on a
    cruise or have something big booked - give yourself a buffer day in case this happens.
    If you are traveling to Florida and your airport has multiple destinations there and they
    have another flight out - they usually will stick you on that other flight if there is space.
    We take cruises out of Florida alot, and always use Allegiant and never fly the same day
    as the cruise, even though we have an early flight into Florida. We always fly the day

    5) Bring on your own snacks and soft drinks, Allegiant allows this.

    We fly out of Springfield, MO - Our airport has 5 destinations through Allegiant:

    Las Vegas
    St. Petersburg
    Las Angeles

    I have flown all the routes except for LAX and I have had great experiences with Allegiant.

    I have gotten tickets for as low as $3.95 ea way!!!

    I have had one plane delayed 6 hours because of mechanical and they flew us in a "Rescue Plane" and then gave us $75 vouchers and free Pizzas at the airport, and food and drink on the plane.

    Our airport makes it possible to take an Allegiant flight from Florida to the west coast because of how the flights are set up. We have many people do this - NOTE: DO NOT CHECK YOUR BAGS - Carry them on, it can take as much as 45 minutes to get your luggage and your can miss your next flight - Allegiant does NOT transfer your luggage, you must go back through the airport and pick it up and then go back through security.

    However you can fly from Orlando or St. Pete to Springfield, MO and then to Vegas or LAX for Less than $99 ea way sometimes. INCREDIBLE

    I have also used Allegiant to connect to other cities that it does not fly to. For example:

    Allegiant to Vegas and then Vegas to Portland, OR on Southwest - Remember to give yourself 2 hours between flights because Allegiant does NOT transfer bags to the other carrier.

    Comfort - I have flown many airlines, and unless you are flying and paying for first class, Allegiant has a ton of room. Very comfortable leather seats and lots of head room on the MD-80 - I am 6'0 - 200 and I can tell you I have no problem.

    The basic thing to remember here is to use your brain, Allegiant is a discount carrier, no frills, but hey I don't need frills just cheap. I mainly sleep on the plane anyway.

    I have flown with them over 50 times, and can tell you they are an excellent carrier.

    Its also nice to fly into smaller hubs and leave from my home city, its so much nicer than transferring from OHare or Atlanta and being stuck in the airport overnight because your flight did not make it.

    -1 Votes
  • Be
    bedr1 Feb 21, 2009

    Ummm...every airline in the industry will not let board prior to 30 minutes, not just Allegiant. It Homeland Security rules.

    I am also from Springfield and I have gotten tickets 35 minutes before the plane is to take off. They are there - get there earlier.

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  • Pa
    Pat Fisher Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every flight that I have been on the Allegiant Airlines has been a great experience and I have had no problems whatsoever.

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  • Ge
    Gee Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am a Canadian from vancouver, bc Allegiant traveller wow I have a true story, this Febuary 4 2008 I was in Las Vegas with my wife and 2 friends, we checked our bags in 2 hours before boarding, my wife realised she forgot her phone, so we all went back to the Stratosphere hotel and found it. When comming back traffic was hectic we made it back 5 to 10 minutes late of boarding call. The plane was gone??? WTF these "professionals" or abiding FAA specialists have 4 seperate suitcases on a plane with passengers from Los Vegas to Blaine, and the 4 people who own them are sitting waiting for another flight. Imagine the worst happening again? Any fool want to defend any reasoning for why this happened ? unreal but in truth disgusting, I hope this gets into the right persons hands...

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  • Ja
    Jason Vaira May 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Las Vegas and have Allegiant for the last three years. My wife and I fly everywhere with them, never had a problem and they are super cheap. Thanks Allegiant, keep up the good work!

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  • Pa
    pat May 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customer service is downright rude, there is no reason to treat a customer like an idiot. I fly every week and have for 30 years, I have never experienced anything like the complete disregard for common decency this airline exhibits. They must figure everyone will only fly once so the heck with them.
    Karma's going to bite you in the butt someday!

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  • An
    Ann Kildow Feb 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My last two flights have been delayed by about 5 hours. My last delay caused me to miss seeing a a good Show is Las Vegas that I had been waiting months to see. Even though it is a direct flight from Wichita to Las Vegas, I don't think I will be flying with Allegiant again. I have a grandson living in Las Vegas so I try to visit him often, but next time, Iwill pay the difference and go with another carrier.

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  • Du
    Ducky Feb 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'll admit I used to work for them. Some things you should realize--first of all, most of the counter employees are not employed by Allegiant. They are third party employees and cover several positions within the given airport. Don't now about the story about going PIE-RFD-SGF-PIE. In my time with the airline, we experienced only one delay, but you should have heard the complaints. Would you rather have it ensured that you are flying safely or would you want risk several lives to make sure you arrive on time? As for the ticket counter, the reason AA was closed it probably that that's the only flight of the day and, yes, the staff also works the gate. Every other airline closes check-in 30 min prior, but they have other flights, so they still have staff at the counter. Your flight time is take-off... wheels off the ground, it's not what time the door at the gate closes. Boarding always starts 30 min prior to take off time. I can vouch for the stories at Customer Care--unless you tell them you work with the airline industry, they rarely listen. Even when arranging travel for work, I got one of them screwing up the reservation. That, I would say, is just human nature--people are less commited to excellence on the job these days.

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