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I need to gift my fiance and her family a beautiful gift for which ask this seller which I find this torch as I already had this from another seller and when i need to purchase from that seller the torch is out of stock so I search to buy from another seller and I found this seller and I ask him which one is best one from my fiance and after his recommendation only I placed an order with Order ID: [protected] Order time & date: 19:22 Dec. 21 2015 for 5 pieces of LED Torch. Out of 5 3 are faulty I Inform seller regarding this issue but he did not response many time then he ask me to send proof of faulty I click pictures and send him then he ask me to video proof I capture it and send it then he ask me to place another order of at least I torch then he will send total of 4 torch then I ask Why I have to placed another order and after that he avoid to response.


Nov 13, 2016

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