AliExpress / the supplier refused refund

Ludvika, SE

I ordered by your site
the product MAG250 +12 moths. order nr [protected].

It was delivered on 11th of February. As I got serious problems with the box I wrote a mail to Sinostar. I was promised to get the money back when I contact the michael.[protected] I waited for more than a month. Then I got the very short answer “Refund is not option”. I contacted as well the shop. We had a discussion they deny all the problems and they reject refund. It seems that both are just gaining time in order to refuse.
I was promised already four days after the receiving the package to return it. The dispute can be followed on my site of Aliexpress.
According to the product description the warranty is 3 moths.
They can't or doesn't want to solve the technical problem so I have to return the product.

Please help me to resolve the dispute.
The emails with Sinostar is available in pdf format.

Mar 22, 2017

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