AliExpress / [protected]/zmi 10 power bank

Kilkis, Greece

Product come about 3 weeks after the purchase and worked for 17 days in total. After that only 1 led flashes constandly and does not power anymore any device nor itself. Aliexpress buyer protection is no longer valid and when I contacted the customer support they told me that since the led flashes in the videos I provided, all is good. They just overlooked the fact that in the videos it does not charge my notebook nor that the led is stuck and flashes all the time. Bad, really bad customer support. I have made more than 135+ transactions within aliexpress and it was the first time I have contacted customer support, I am really disappointed with their attitude towards me. I will probably stop using Aliexpress and move to eBay again, thus they have better aftersales policy and I feel safer shopping from there.

order ID: [protected]
Service No. is:#CaseNo:[protected]#

PS: I will provide bellow all the conversation I had via chat on aliexpress and the links with the videos I provided.

Oct 23, 2018

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