Albertsons / unlawful business practice: pervasive consumer fraud

Billings, MT, United States

Robert gerald miller

Dear mr. Miller:

As a montanan, having witnessed the sale of albertson's and the ensuing unlawful and pervasive consumer fraud perpetrated on montanan consumers, I have requested the office of the governor intervene and request an audit of your business practices.

For 12 months, I have been tracking albertson's advertised prices distributed through the billings gazette, in flyers located in its stores and prices on the shelves. Consistently at checkout, your centralized computer system has wrong, higher prices. 90% of the time. I believe this fraudulent activity is not by accident but by design.

My hope is that you receive the justice you so richly deserve and that fines and prosecution will ensue.

I am disgusted with your deceptive, false advertising and the absence of governance in your slimy organization.


Colleen bradley

May 17, 2017

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