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Simi Valley, CA, United States

Today I went into the Albertsons in Simi Valley on madera to put one of my many prescriptions in that I had just received from my doctor. It was for Norfolk #5. The girl Yashula said to me they couldn’t fill it until Friday. I am out and I am in the process of lowering the does on the pain meds. So I am out and you can’t be out of these! Anyway yashula nastily asked me if I took to many and the way she asked was in an accusatory way as if I were a drug addict. She doesn’t know me and I am extremely upset! She treated me with disrespect. She doesn’t know that I am a cancer survivor and she doesn’t know about my car accident that almost killed me and left me with pain. My husband and I get all our medications from this particular store. But no more, we will be transferring them all to another pharmacy that has employees that actually care about their customers.

Sep 27, 2017

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