Over the course of the 1 year and 7 months I worked there my manager would verbally harass me. she would constantly yell at my on the sales floor in front of customers, and pull me into the office to yell at me some more, to the point I would cry because I didnt know what to do...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bakersfield, CAI needed the job to pay my bills and go to school but I couldnt really talk to my higher management about the issue because when I did it would get back to her and she would "punish" me buy messing with my schedule, (giving my short unusual shifts, bare minimum hours, things like that) things that couldnt really tell, things that she could get away with because she wrote the schedule... when I finally did talk to higher management things just got worse to the point I had to quit because I couldnt handle it anymore.. I was getting physically sick from all the stress... shortly after I quit I found out she had been promoted (again with in 1 year of her other promotion)... she is definitely not suited for a promotion when she tarter her workers so poorly... but it seems that the company just gives promotions to people who dont deserve them...

Mar 22, 2017

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