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On may 11 2017 at 18:43 I paid the cashier for the items I purchased, because I used my Debit card I asked for money back, $60.00, the cashier was distracted talking to the men behind me, and I was a little annoyed about it but what can you do right? When I got to my car and started driving home I realized the cashier didn't give me the $60.00 money back, I checked the receipt and the charged was made to my card, so I went back to the store to get my money, the cashier said I don't remember not giving you the money, to what I responded, don't you supposed to initial the receipt as a mark that you handed the cash back, she responded, I sometimes forget to do it, but you have to wait until tomorrow after the book keeper looks at my drawer, you have to call to this number, and if the count is off then will see.
And she kept helping the customers in the line. I asked her that if there was another way to solve it and she said you have to wait.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Temecula, CAI said can you at least have the book keeper call me to tell me when to pick up my money?
Not only she didn't call the manager but she ignored my situation finishing my needs, I used to work on a grocery store, in a situation like this my cashier's would have call me(the manager or Assistant manager) to close the drawer and tally the money, that's what any store with good customer service would do for their customers, but no Albertsons Temecula.
I knew I could make that lousy cashier (Lani B.) To call the manager and have that taken care of, but if the way the cashier acted is any indicator on how the store works, I didn't want to loose any more time.
But what really gets me is that cashier could have do it on purpose, by sending me away, she would have the time to take the $60.00 off the register put it in her pocket and tomorrow the book keeper wouldn't find any extra money on the register.
Anyway you look at it bad customer service is obvious the situation, after I walked away from the store without my $60.00 dollars I had to use the ATM machine inside the store to get the $60.00 cash I needed, but because it wasn't my bank, it charged me $3.50 + $3.00 from my bank in fees for using an ATM non pertaining to my bank.
So now not only Albertsons Temecula made me waste time but mine as well just because of their poor customer service.
I do not want to waste more time, all I want is my Money and the reimbursement of the fees Incurred because of a lousy cashier.

May 11, 2017
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  •   May 12, 2017

    You left the store without speaking to the manager? What??? You didn't have to depend on the cashier to summon the manager, someone at the customer service desk could have done that. There's a good chance the cashiers are on CCTV monitoring and so the manager could have simply reviewed the camera to see if you were handed money and the drawer wouldn't have even needed to be counted. Future-going, remember it's your responsibility ultimately to ensure you leave with your money. You can't pin all the blame on the cashier.

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