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I shop at my local Albertsons often. Fri morning I went through their self check out. I was using two of their coupons on the paper for potatoes and cheese. I scanned the first one for the potatoes, and only got credit off one bag, was not able to scan a 2nd time because the machine kept telling me to insert coupon. Where you insert coupon, there is a note stating we need to give the coupons to the cashier. So I finish my order and give the cashier my coupons and mention I received credit for one bag of potatoes already. Cashier tells me to slide my debit card. So I do, and then ask if she is crediting my coupon savings of $5.49 to the debit. She said she is, and I asked how long before it shows up. She said instantly. Well it isn't instantly. I came home later that day and checked my account, no debit of my coupon savings, not to mention their bank also is holding $1.00. I called customer service, they gave me the name of the book keeper. I called and spoke with her and she said, usually it is in minutes. Then she said we have the option of debit or cash. I told her there was no option given to me. She said if it is not in there Monday to let her know. I just called and there is not a pending of my coupon savings at all, and my $1.00 is still being held. I am not happy! The option should have been given to me, it wasn't. Now MY money is being held, plus not being put in my account yet, therefore, feel like I have been ripped off a little bit, because until I get that savings in coupons, I have paid full price. This benefits Albertsons, because every day they hold my money a little longer, they get a little more interest on it. We are in a recession people, that is why I am so upset. I will not shop with them anymore after this. If you can't trust your neighborhood grocery store.

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  • Ha
      11th of Jan, 2011

    I work self checkout at Albertson's and there is plenty that i would like to say about your complaint. But I will limit myself.
    First off, you should not of slid your card until you saw her credit your bill at the register.. If she wanted to do it after you paid for the bill, then she should of manually refunded your saving onto the card. This would of been 2 seperate transactions. Second.. you should of pointed it out immediately to the cashier when the machine was telling you to insert the coupon. The cashier has complete control over that machine. She can make her STOP telling you to insert the coupons..
    Lastly. your just as much responsable for geting "riped" off.. you didnt scan the coupon twice. you didnt have to insert the coupon just because a machine told you to. What was the worst that would of happened if you would of held it in your hand.. would the machine kept your potatoes... come on people...self checkout is CRAZY for the attendant...people using it who DONT HAVE A CLUE HOW.. its called self checkout...

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