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I was in your north college Albertson's in Fort Collins Co just picking up a few items on my way home from a hard day's work. I stopped at the Deli and tryed to order some lunch meat. The Deli manager "Bev" was going off on her employee's on how they are not allowed to take a break or lunch until after 7 PM. It was shortly after 3 PM. Are you really so hard for money that you dont allow your employees to have breaks? I also do not understand how you can keep help. I would never allow an employer to talk to me that way. Do you think that because someone works for you that makes them crap? I talked to a manager up front "Dawn" and complained about the treatment in the Deli Department. She said she would address it with Bob the store Manager. I was in again and "bev" the Deli manager was again publically yelling at her employees' I will be telling my friends and coworkers NOT to shop there. I don't care to hear about private ILLEGAL acts after a hard days work. I would also like to know why she does not have to wear a hat, hairnet or gloves while waiting on customers.

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      Feb 27, 2008
    Albertson's - Denied check
    Zion and Waring road
    San Diego
    United States

    I wrote a check for 20.00 and was denied.....I have fair/good credit and it is improving all the time. I have not had a check rejected in years. I resent this and intend to fight.

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  • Re
      Sep 26, 2015

    Santa Fe store 986:
    no bags were offered- groceries left on table until I picked them up (amounted to 7-8 items or about a bag full)
    no help bagging offered
    no receipt offered
    charge for paper bags
    no hand carry baskets for third time in a month
    parking lot littered

    good -bye Albertson's, hello SMITH's

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