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Port Everglades Florida downtown, US


I have already made a complaint with Alamo cust help but I just received the issue is solved but in the way that I get nothing. I simply can not accept that due to several reasons.

We have made booking at (booking ref [protected]) online while being in Mexico. Once we came to Alamo (Port Everglades downtown) and showed them our booking they sadi that we have eveyrthing includede and I remember that since we were renting 3 cars but only 2 of us have made booking up front. The 3rd one could not get the same offer since at that time we were already in USA and the terms/offer were different.
Once we came back to our country I saw that from my card two amounts was taken (Rentalcars as well as Alamos). Once I hace contacted them and made a complaint they said that this cost is for what we asked extra.

Why would I take extra assistance and insurance if it was already included in our booking?

They have also said that we have asked for car class upgrade which is not true since we have not asked for class upgrade. If they have give/charge us for that if they didn't have cars we have made booking for this is not acceptable. Once I was geting on a parking lot to pick up our car I saw that there was only the one we got and the rest was SUV's so as I said we have not asked for car class upgrade as well as other insurance as they have charged us.
I also remember that one of their high employees was looking at our booking and he said that we have all covered in our booking.

We were charged for getinf full gas tan kand that we can return it empty and regarding this we are not complaining since this was what we have asked for.

I have forgot to mention that we have booked Car Group: Chrysler 200 or similar and to be honest I don't think the car we got Chervolet Malibu is/should be treated as a class upgrade especialy if there was no other car except SUV.


  • Alamo Rent A Car Customer Care's Response, Mar 28, 2017

    Zagar, thank you for your thoughtful review. I see my colleague, Leslie, has previously responded to your concern and has informed our Fort Lauderdale management team of your concern and processed a refunded to the credit card on file. If there is something else that we can assist you with, please feel free to email us at [protected] with any questions or concerns and reference ID #[protected]. Thank you! –Carol H.

  • Updated by Zagar, Mar 28, 2017

    Dear Carol,

    Yes, you are right and I must say was was satisfied with Leslie and care she took with my complaint. The complaint wasn't that much about the extra charge but the thought that we should be worn about it. For example if we made booking for USD 120 with some provider of your service then I think we should be worn that with you there will be extra charge for something more. If this would be so then we would not complain since we would solve this issu immidiately. Mybe there was a confusion since we agreed that we would like to have fuell option "empty tank return" and we thought the difference in price from what we booked is this ammount. But the we was shocked since we have not talked or wanted anything else.

    However I must say I was satisfied with your service before and after complaint since it was taken care of.

    Thanks and best regards.

Mar 21, 2017

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