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AirTran Airways / unacceptable flight problems and rude customer service

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On Sunday, May 27, 2007 I boarded a flight in Akron/Canton to Atlanta then to Jacksonville, FL. My flight was to depart at 10:12am and arrive in Atlanta at 11:53am. AirTran delayed the flight and passengers had to board a new plane. This flight left Akron/Canton at 11:00am and we arrived in Atlanta at 12:23pm. This delay caused me to miss my connecting flight to Jacksonville resulting in a 6 1/2 hr layover in Atlanta. I approached customer service and have never been treated so rudely. I am a frequent traveler and found AirTran's customer service and its passenger treatment to be unacceptable. In my 25 years of flying (at least once per month), I've never experienced such horrible service. In Akron/Canton we were told that Atlanta was well aware of our delay and would make accommodations for us. The man at the flight door in Akron/Canton also said they would hold the flight for us. Additionally, two flight attendees said they would hold the flight in Atlanta. We arrived only to find that the flight to Jacksonville had departed. Not only did I miss an entire day of important activities planned at my final destination, I was lied to by three of AirTran's staff. This was my first experience with AirTran and I can't help but think it may have been the last for me, my staff, family and colleagues.

I received an email response from AirTran's customer service representative. Basically we're sorry you were unhappy, we met our obligation, but I can give you $50 towards another AirTran flight within one year.

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  • Sh
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    My boyfriend and I had a flight leaving from Las Vegas, NV on November 2, 2007 at 2pm. We arrived at the airport at 10am to return our rental car and to await our flight. At approximately 12:30pm we left our flight gate (D24) to get something to eat just up the corridor, we returned at exactly 1:30pm to gate D24. At this time we watched an AirTran plan back way from the terminal and taxi away. We continued to sit at the window next to the D24 terminal awaiting our flight. At approximately 3pm we approached the AirTran service desk to inquire about our flight. After showing our ticket to the guy behind the desk, Jason Carter, we were told, in a very indignant and perturbed manner, that the flight had already left and we’d missed it. We then asked what could be done to correct the situation since we’d been sitting by the terminal since 1:30pm and the flight was not scheduled to leave until 2pm. He replied sharply that someone would help us and then he walked away. The young female that was at the desk, Rashaunda Green, put us on stand-by for the next flight but stated that she could not confirm it. At this point, Mr. Carter returned and we began to question how was that we’d missed a flight that we had been waiting for in the same corridor and at the terminal for hours. Mr. Carter began to state in a rude and accusatory tone that if we were at the terminal then we would not have missed the flight. Ms. Green grabbed her belongs and began to walk off stating repeatedly “I don’t care” when we asked her for her name. Mr. Carter questioned in a very condescending tone “you didn’t see 140 people lined up at the terminal?” After expressing our frustration at how we were being treated to Mr. Carter and the inconvenience of the stand-by for the next flight, he retorted “I am trying to get you on the God-damn flight!” At this point my boyfriend demanded to see Mr. Carter’s supervisor and he responded “I am the supervisor” and stated that the other supervisor had gone for the day. After getting the name and number of the other supervisor Zeke we walked to the AirTran desk in the main airport terminal. We called Zeke who was in fact on duty and still at the airport. Zeke and a young lady by the name of Vivian was very helpful and sympathetic to our situation and were just as out-raged by the way we were treated by Mr. Carter. Zeke gave us the number to customer service to file a complaint that my boyfriend called and spoke to a guy named David (ID#: 6435) who was just as rude and disrespectful as Mr. Carter. He hung up the phone and called back and spoke with a guy name Zavario who was very helpful and took all the information for my complaint down.

    We have never been so disrespected by any airline and we use AirTran frequently. I am seeking the termination of Mr. Carter, strict reprimand for David (ID#: 6435), and some sort reward for Zeke, Vivian, and Zavario for outstanding customer service. I would ask to be compensated in some fashion for the way we were treated but I don’t think I have to. I want to be notified immediately of the action taken against Mr. Carter for cursing at long-time AirTran customers and David (ID#: 6435).

  • Ca
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    We also had problems with air tran we flew out of seattle and had a connecting flight to Orlando, when we arrived at the gate for our flight to Orlando they informed us that they gave our seats away, they didn't think we would make it. We informed them that we were on time and we wanted our seats we were travelling with thee children. They finally removed the people from our seats and we left. I wish that was it but its not. We flew back to Atlanta for our sons wedding and on the return flight for home they gave all our family different seats our three year old was going to have to sit with strangers for 5 and a half hours. When I approached the gate they said to talk to the stewardess so I did they told me to talk to the passengers and see if they would change seats they would not help. Finally one man did trade and I got to sit with our three year old but our other two children sat with strangers and my husband was up in the front. They also told us our luggage was oversized on our return home, funny thing is everyother airport said it was fine. They charged us 87.oo dollars more. Would I take airtran again, not in a minute. They were rude and not in the least bit helpful.

  • Jo
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    Garden variety complaint here. Made an online booking. AirTran's system sent me a confirmation email with an error in the itnerary. I checked my email in a separate window immediately following the booking, so I returned to the confirmation screen in the window that I used to book. The confirmation email indeed differed from what I was shown in the booking confirmation page.

    So I called customer service. They straightened it out, but charged me a ten dollar booking fee. I expalained that since the error was caused by them, that I should not have to pay the direct booking fee. They agreed that it was their error, but "There is nothing we can do about it."

    There is something that I can do about it. I will avoid AirTran. And I will encourage others to avoid AirTran.

    In fact, the real name of the airline is AirTrash.

  • Tr
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Are you people kidding? Nobody promises flight holds. What airline is gonna hold a flight (when it has to get it's destination and immediately turn to the next flight) for 4-5 people?

    Grow up or fly Greyhound.

  • Tr
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    As for the folks who missed their flight in Vegas. Well DUH!!! 140 people showed up and made the flight on time. You didn't. Hmmmmmmmm 140 vs. 2. Who could possibly be in the wrong? Certainly couldn't be the dip ### who didn't even ask about the flight until an HOUR after their departure time.

    And for the dimwiths who claim that "they gave everybody diffent seats". They don't GIVE everybody different seats. They give seats left to give. Check in early if you have a group, or check in ON LINE. Like the rest of America, you wont' take responsibility for your own INACTION.

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