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Airtel / most ill trained customer care

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We are subscriber to airtel 3 base line connections. We being harassed by airtel service so much that we have decided to harass them in return, so now we are going to use the telephone & internet on full scale but we will not make any payment.

Airtel has got one of the worts bill payment structure in the world. People who pay on time like us are barred from using internet and telephone, even after making full payment by cheque. When u call their customer care the behavior of customer care is also shameful

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  • Si
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    Before you read my complaint which I am giving below, I want to tell Airtel Company is Best but there ill trained staffs and their incharge one Mr.Faisal is very Useless in Cochin Office-Kerala. I dont know why Airtel Company Authorities do not monitor their customers grievances and do a remedial actions.! Or they are also lazy people??

    I sent a email to Airtel Cochin office- their Nodal officer One Mr.Faisal on 25th March. When I contacted after several efferts he said I didnot get your email'. So I enclose the original email below.

    Dear Mr.Fizal
    Nodal Officer Airtel, Cochin. Kerala

    This has reference to my telephonic call today I had with you at 1pm. As I wonder I didnot have any answer from you till this momement, May I have a reply at least for this third reminder please!!


    Airtel:98956 54436

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: PAS
    To: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Cc: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:47 PM
    Subject: Fw: So Sorry I am unable to reach your telephone numbers.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: PAS
    To: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Cc: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 9:38 PM
    Subject: So Sorry I am unable to reach your telephone numbers.


    Cell number: 98956 54436

    To: The Nodal Officer

    Airtel Kerala

    Cochin Kerala.

    Kind: Attn. Mr. Fizal, Nodal Officer.

    Sub: My Prepaid(Life)Cell Connection Num: 98956 54436(Airtel)

    I have been using Airtel Life connection(98956 54436)since so many years. Even My wife also having another Airtel connection with her in home. We are happy with the service so far.But...

    The reason for this email is, I have two big issues before with me to get a fruitful remedy from your good selves to the customers like me those who hold Airtel connections in Cochin/Kerala.

    1) Whenever I make an international call( like England and Bulgaria) I get money lost even without getting connection thru. I mean for the first ring itself goes to such countries my Airtel connection starts pulsing. Suppose I cut the line without call matured I get an indication that Airtel has charged me Rs.9.20 for one minute or less than a minute. This has been happening since months. I brought this matter to some senior officer in your Cochin office Last month he noted the matter and assured me would call back in days, but he never did. Now I am scared to make international calls. Because, I need to pay for non matured calls also even less than a minute or whatever it may comes on my cell. Therefore, I totally depend on other mobiles like Reliance or BSNL to make such calls.

    Yesterday(24/03/08) I tried a call to England 00447031914123 at 14.37 hrs; I very regretfully mention here that I lost Rs9.20 for 2 seconds even only it was ringing ringing.

    2) My second issue begins from here.

    I was trying to contact your Aortal customer Care service 121, 123 for about couple of hours though I was in a meeting a discussion(official)when I tried this England Call, I am very sad to say that I was not able to get any Customer Office means 121, and Num:9 for customer officer's person support. Everything was prerecorded announcement or some IVR reply.

    I don’t know how much time I wasted to get a person thru from your customer care office from these 121, 123 telephone numbers. I don’t know what these officers are doing during day time as well as off time. No one will be able to locate them. Wonder what a service people you have provided for customers for a Big Telecommunication Dept in Airtel office in Cochin.

    Today(25/03/8)I luckily got the Customer officer after much effort, one Miss Henna. She was so nice and cordial to listen me. Then I asked her about the Customer Nodal officer's Number she only gave your identity. Anyway. I got you after I did spend 3 hours continues trying on my Cell.Do you know I even got my phone set hot by constantly keeping on my ears!

    What I want to inform you and get some remedy is.. First Why it’s happening and losing money as I explained in the first grievance.

    And second thing, why there is difficulty in getting customer care officer directly without bothering 121: then some stories, then recorded announcement, then it’s get cut but have to try again same process holding mobile and paining ears. People will get really MAD!!.

    If we try 123 also same effects only. Don’t you have a direct contact number like 121 then 9 to customer Care officer without bothering this recordical announcement. I mean If I have time I am ready to listen your all announcement for 10 minuts, but when I am travelling or attending some functions like some official or some funeral-I won’t be having time to listen to you Wonderful recorded IVR announcement.

    Can't you provide some responsible person to lift the phone at the Customer Care Desk with a direct Number( may be a call waiting answer can provide)if the officer on desk is busy! Can you not able to inform this cry to your higher ups and do some remedial actions and do something needful to those who really love Airtel Communications.

    If you are not in a position to reply me kindly give me the your higher officials personal phones an email ids.Let them hear our cries.

    Expecting a reply.




    98956 54436

    copy to:CustomerCare Airtel
    (this 121CustomerCare Airtel acknowledged my email on 25th 03 08 and informed i will be getting an answer in 24 hrs.Thats all. I regret to say No Answer I did hear till this momment.)

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