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vpn problems

I am facing problem in VPN for the last one month. Link and data line not functioning well, because of this, my terminal starts stopping showing stock market rates and the connection gets disconnected.

Someone from higher authorities are requested to kindly look into the matter.

Rajneesh Garg

deducted amount without any prior notification

Today morning I got message that VAS download is done and 173/- is deducted from my account. With out any prior notification this was done. Even i don't aware of VAS at all.

For what sake they are doing like this!!!

  • Sa
    sankar singh Dec 18, 2012

    Dear sir
    Cell. 8290518703
    Deducting balance for no reason and blocking customer service number.
    It have been many time i have face such problem. there is no response from
    Custoner care, instead of help they block our service so
    That we cant call them and know for wat we have been charged.

    we are using air network from more then 2 years. But having
    Lots of troble from customer care service for not give proper answer
    Of unnessary deducting balance from account.

    when we query to tolfree no. They block over customer service
    and not able to Conctact them. it have been several time. Yesterday at 18.12.2012 after 9.30 again balance 30 ruppes have been deducted and not even a Single msg have been sent to my cell for wat reason i have been charge.

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not able to use it

I bought airtel india calling card from mumbai international airport rs 500 having serial no [protected] and card no [protected] on14/06/2007 in the morning at 6 am with the intention of call back to india from uae at cheap price but moment i reach uae and tried to call after scratching on the back to find out card no and then call as per the procedure mentioned i was unable to call up .the message was dial correct card no. even after repeating the procedure four times i was not able to call.kindly look in to it. As it is just a waste of money also cant be in touch with india.

  • Sh
    shabeer Jul 31, 2008

    i need to rate uae to india and pakistan nepal srilanka callback rate and details and pc to phone details and web phone details

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  • Ra
    rajesh Sep 18, 2008

    i have also same problem.From kochi intl airport i brought airtel card on 17/09/2008, while i tried to use that one in uae it is saying that access number is invalid. and the intresting thing is on the card date of pkg is written 27.11.2007 . on the side it is written first use within 6 months of date of pkg. in the hurry we often don't look in these out of things the question why they are selling this actually this is really cheat.

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  • Vi
    Vinod Singh Oct 03, 2008

    I am also facing the same problem, the access number provided on the card is not working, so the card is useless now. access number on card is 1800 1291.
    Anyone knows the correct access number?
    Or this service is disconnected by Etisalat?

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  • Ar
    Arun Nov 15, 2008

    Recently I purchased the airtel calling card online. I didn’t get the PIN no. For the last one month I am trying to get the Pin by sending reminders and calling customer call. There is no response.

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  • Sa
    sanjay May 14, 2009

    I have bought an airtel calling card however I am unable to access through etisalat toll free 08001291..not getting any response on 08001291..please let me know if u have any information..

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  • Kb
    K Brar Sep 24, 2010

    We have been Getting several Telemarketing Calls from Connect2world from India, they keep calling and calling day and night.

    Finally, we signed up for $20 with my Visa card. They Promised that they will activate my service within 10 mins of time. It has been more than 25 Days, my service is not activated.

    Moreover, today when i received my card statement, I was a bit shocked to see a $200 Charge by connect2world.

    Now, when I called the customer care number: 1-714-464-7400, no one picked the call. I was more Surprised when a Person by the name of Maksud Received the Call and said that the order was placed for $200 by me. When I said no, he started Arguing with me and later he started abusing me in very bad words.

    Finally, he said that he will block my service and make sure that I do not get my Money Back.

    For my uttermost Surprise, I also had a talk with the Call Center owner and he was just laughing his hearts out.

    I just want to aware all the Indians in USA and Canada, that please do not entertain any telemarketing calls from connect2world as this is my experience with them.

    I have nothing more to say apart from making a complain to BBB and lets see what else I can do to them.

    I did refer my friends to Maksud, I also need to check what He has done to my Friends.

    Connect2world is a Fraud Company, so please beware of Scams.

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  • Kr
    K Rameshan Mar 10, 2011

    Same probelem i too had on this long distance calling card bought at anna international departure hall paid rs 500/ same as above unable to access with etislat toll free number only three beep sound comes on and call gets diconnected. i have logged a complaint with sun urban police of chennai on line to look in to this, to avoid further many more passengers being cheated by this airtel outlet at chennai, and other airports in india. they have to componsate for the amount also the the time every one wasted on this.

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irresponsible behavior in spoiling roads / infrastructure

The neighbor next to our house has got an Airtel broadband connection. The cable was laid by digging across my house. When contacted the guys who laid the cable told that the trench will be closed and concrete will be laid over. After few days the concerned people came over and closed the trench and cemented only within the premises of the neighbor who had bought the connection. Rest off the trench from the main road till our neighbor's house was left open. I have been contacting various airtel people from the broadband agent , the concerned area engineer, the contractor etc...

For the past one and half weeks without any use. The trench now is filled with water from first monsoon rain. Airtel shows 0% responsibility towards the roads / infrastructure they are spoiling towards expanding their business. This is unacceptable that some XYZ company spoils the infrastructure developed by government from tax payer's money for their own interest.Will concerned people wake up and take note...

post paid termination

I had Airtel postpaid mobile connection in Trivandrum Kerala. I had to move to Bangalore. So before leaving Kerala i went to AIRTEM head office in Trivandrum and ask whether the termination of the connection is possible from Bangalore. They said yes. And i also gave them request for not to withdraw money through ECS from my account. But when i moved to Bangalore here i got the reply that you can't terminate the connection from here, in the mean time they kept billing on my number and although i had given cancellation request in writing they withdraw the amount of billing from my account. I mailed the customer care frequently, but they never got back to me.

This is simple ridiculous and not at all kind of service you would accept. I would never go for AIRTEL connection in my life neither i would recommend others to go for it.

  • Da
    Daljeet singh Dec 05, 2007

    [REFno of complaint :120233614336]

    As per my Telecon with your Customer care executive he told me that send the fax of your documents on 9810498104 no one picking up the call,i tried 10+times

    what positive response from your side for your annoyed customer ??????

    No one in airtel giving positive response since last month
    when we have already submitted this form with NOC on 29-Oct-07
    why its not done ???????????Its Still pending

    who will take care for the Same????????????????
    waiting for your call

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  • Ni
    NIRDESH Mar 10, 2008


    My name Nirdesh kumar. Aritel Mobile number - 9971017222.

    Airtel employ ( I don't know name ) told me about a Plan 998 that airtel connection rent for one year is 998. She told me that Rs 1/ STD and RS .5/ for local calls. I have broadband connection for Airtel. She told me 5% discount for broadband bill and 5% discount for mobile bill. I was asked " any other charge in this plan like clip charge " she says no…… other charge.

    After taking your plan, when I got first bill, I find many other charger which she did not tell me. Charge like STD A2All [email protected] Re 1/- (Rental Re 30) and CLIP Charge (Re 50 )& provisioning.

    I have complained to 121 to Mr. Surya kant. I discussed about this. I said I can’t help you - reference number- 634357825 and other complained reference number number is 15840103.
    But no response was there.
    That is my worst experience with Airtel. It was froad with me. Your employ tell a lie. your employ cheated for selling the plan. That is a case for forgery. Nobody will faith at Airtel.

    If you take any action please inform me.????????

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  • Sa
    sangeetha Apr 11, 2008

    You are kindly to request you to take a serious action or warn against your customer mobile number 9846857261. This holder of number calling and disturbing to my mobile and using wrong words I am facing serious problems from the above holder of number.

    I kindly request your immediate warn to this number in order to avoid any problems or distubs from the future.

    thanking you.

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  • Pr
    Prasanna Feb 02, 2009


    I want to change my airtel post paid connection to prepaid connection.I am staying in trivandrum.Could you please let em know the nearest airtel office address & telephone no & do ?I need to pay any amount while changing from post paid to prepaid.

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  • As
    Ashutosh khanna Jul 23, 2009

    No one is able to solve my problems at Airtel 121. Kindly contact me back.

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country club unwanted calls

I am getting unsolicited calls from Country Club (Phone Number: +[protected]) and the telemarketing agent asks me to become a member of the club. I have repeatedly informed the caller that i am a student, i cannot afford it and above all i am not interested.

Inspite of repeating the above reply numerous times, i keep getting calls with a frequency of 2-5 calls per week. I will be driving when i get calls and thinking it is an important call, i pull over, remove my helmet and answer the call only to find it is Country Club.

I have registered at the "DO NOT DISTURB" page at AIRTEL's website and even then i am getting these calls. I dont know how the country club people got hold of my number.

I need an explanation from AIRTEL and Country Club. I have been extremely tormented mentally because of theses calls. It is wasting my precious time while driving.

If i dont get a reply, i am going to Consumer Court.

problems with airtel internet!

Re: Airtel

For the past 1 or 2 months I am having this problem. My IP " does not have a reverse DNS system. Please read the following problem and please correct the problem as soon as possible.

Thanking you,
Ruth Lance.

When you connect to the Internet, you are assigned an "IP Address" by your Internet provider. Your IP address for example is " " When you reply to an ad on our system, for security reasons our servers perform what's called a "Reverse DNS Lookup" on your IP Address. The reverse DNS lookup should return a "Hostname" that corresponds with your IP Address and tells our systems what Internet provider you're connected to the Internet with.

If your ISP has not configured reverse DNS on their servers, no hostname will be returned which is what's happening with the Internet connection you are currently using and you will not be able to send a reply.

Once your ISP has reverse DNS enabled, our systems will be able to perform an instant lookup to determine that you're not using an ISP that's on our blacklist of ISP's that support scammers.

  • As
    ASHOK JAITLY Mar 01, 2008



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  • Vi
    vivek Nov 20, 2008

    what your isp phone number reply now

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cheating consumer providing misleading information

I was using Airtel Broadband connection for some time until i decided to disconnect it. So i went to Airtel Office here in Sector 14 Gurgaon and asked to block the connection. I also confirmed about any hidden or explicit charges for the same. I was very clearly answers that there would be no charges. My respite was broken when i received a bill of Rs. 500 saying that my connection is still i active mode and has not been disconnected yet as your request was not executed. Then again i sent a mail to block the connection but a bill for 15 days was again generated on the pretext that my request was processed lately due to a backlog of mails on Airtel Server. The Collection Dep. guy called me up asking the reason for leaving the connection. I answered him about the dubious bills generated and misleading info delivered. He promised a waiver of some amount with the condition that i will resume the connection after 2 months. But the connection was resumed after 1 month without a prior notice of information regarding the same which allured an extra sum of rupees 500 again without using the internet or the telephone. GUYS BEWARE OF THESE AIRTEL GUYS WHEN THEY DISCONNECT YOUR CONNECTIONS BECAUSE THEY TRY TO HARASS AND EXPLOIT THE CONSUMERS. BUT DONT LOOSE HOPE FIGHT FOR YOUR JUSTICE THE CONSUMER COURT STANDS RIGHT UP IN YOUR CITY. FILE A CASE AND YOU CAN GET A RESPITE HOPEFULLY UNLESS THE LUCK IS TOO BAD.

  • Su
    Suzane Sep 03, 2007

    They are big time cheater and liers.
    I am having a very very sour experience of teh same.
    Please dont ever call them if you have any issues,
    drop a mail so that you have a record of the same.

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  • Sh
    Shalabh Kaushik Nov 11, 2008

    Dear Sheetal,

    As I have purchased one postpaid connection as per no. 9810777340 yesterday from ur office at 7.00PM, but still card has not activated.

    As per ur commitment it must have started by last night.

    Pl. look into the matter and revert me with confirmation on the below no.

    Urgent Waiting !


    Shalabh Kaushik
    [email protected]

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beware of airtel!

I am a active subscriber of airtel-chennai-india for more than 3 years. Nowadays there billing system is trying to cheat customers and to pick their pockets. Since jan 2007, i am unnecessarily charges rs.30 per month extra as sms others. If i claim, they waive the amount, if i don't they won't.

Dear friends beware of airtel. They don't respond to complaints.

  • Ra
    Ravichandra.Raju May 21, 2013



    My number is 9686666771

    Today on 8th- May-2013 I had received SMS from AD-ARWSVC as below
    "Experience 3G on your Airtel mobile! Browse internet at no cost till 02-June-13. Post 325MB of 3G, speed will be revised to 80Kbps. Data charges post 02-June:3p/10KB"

    I had call to ur CC on the same day to enquire regarding this at around 9.10PM and I had spoke to an lady executive she informs me to IGNORE the SMS I received and then I had ask her to transfer the call to SUPERVISORS she.placed the call on hold or mute after a minute she came back on call and informed me that she will arrange call back then I had informed her that I don't have hope on call back I will be online transfer the call she informed me that IT'S ALREADY 9 PM NO SUPERVISOR AVAILABLE.
    If you people are providing 24/7 Customer Service supervisor should available at any time.

    Again I had call to your CC executive on the same day to enquire regarding this and your cc Agent has confirmed that for my number 3G pack of .31GB 3G usage pack has been activated from Back-end i can use post usage i will get charge 3Ps/10KB

    Post completing Free usage i had call t cc to deactivate the 3G pack on my number then again CC Agent has informed me that there is no 3G free back-end promo pack available on my number and i have to pay if i had used the service

    Later on i got the call from Airtel Regarding to get Feedback on CAR NO response then the lady who had called me she inform me that there is no free usage pack on my number.

    I am getting different answers from your executive.







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sick of being disturbed by sms's!

I am using airtel from past 2 years, and I am sick of being disturbed by sms's and calls from airtel selling me some ring tone or the other. I am not interested in purchasing any ringtone or ANYTHING else for that matter. They invariable call when i am on duty, disturbing me, or when i am sleeping the little bit I can, their call or sms wakes me up. I cannot afford to switch off the ringtones. I had registered for the 'do not disturb' thing 1 month back, but not only has it been of no use, I am also unable to contact customer care since then. I have wasted a lot of time trying to contact them. Apart from that I had some dedicated balance towards airtel to airtel std. Since 16th May, the amount is getting deducted from my main account inspite of having the balance in my dedicated account. I have spoken with several floor supervisors, unit managers, have personally visited the Airtel Office. Everytime they promise that it will be rectified but no use. Till now they haven't done anything... They are just fooling me around. I don't know what to do... really frustrated with Airtel... can any one guide me how to sue the company.

Thanks & Regards,

  • Me
    Meenu Jun 13, 2007

    I am using Airtel Prepaid Connection. I am just fed up these unwanted call from Airtel and SMS from Airtel. Daily i got several calls from airtel for marketing and useless SMS.

    Any suggestions?

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  • An
    ansar Jun 21, 2007

    I am using Aircel prepaid connection. I am getting daily around 20 sms from Abacus chennai, i phoned and fired the Abacus not to send my number after getting my number again they are playing with me by sending many number of sms, when once i tried to contact over landline they saved my no and avoiding to pick my call. They are fooling me around. I fedup with the sms sending by Abacus and other people, anyone suggest how to face or avoid the nonsense SMS.

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  • Sw
    Swati Dasgupta Nov 24, 2007

    Inspite of registering my name with the DND service, I have been getting around 10-15 promotional SMSs each day which is forcing me to keep my mobile switched off. When I try to contact the Airtel customer care telephonically, after a long time of pressing this n° for this & that n° for that, or of "speaking" one's response, I am never connected to the customer care department. What kind of service is this...

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  • Kh
    khalid Nov 25, 2008

    dear sir dont disterb me with sms of add agencies i will thank ful to u

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vistas software is not available!

We have been requesting Airtel (Sahara Mall) Gurgaon as well as R A Santana Company, Gurgaon from whom we...

fraudulent charges!

This company has fraudulently charged my credit card more than once to the amount of $400. I do not even have any account with them and have not done any business with them! Twice charges have appeared on my account under this business and the phone number listed [protected] is not working! I had to have my credit card canceled and file disputes with my credit card company. I would recommend that no one enter into business with this company or any of it's subsidiaries. The website does not provide easy access to customer service which I tried. Nightmare!

  • Br
    Brad Snyder Jul 10, 2007

    I just noticed a $100 charge on my credit card from this Bharti Airtel company, which I had never heard of before now. Calls to 877-247-5051 are greeted only by a busy signal. I have contacted my credit card company and am closing the account and disputing the charge. THIS IS FRAUD.

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  • Am
    Amie Spears Aug 31, 2007

    My boyfriend and I noticed charges on our debit card in the amount of $321.68 in June. We contacted our bank who promptly credited our account back and filed a dispute with Shazam (the debit card company). Today, 8/31/07, I was notified by my bank that Shazam was refusing to refund the funds because Bharti Airtel is an actual company! I am still working with the bank to get our money back and we've closed the debit card last June when this first occurred. This is a fraudulent company and you can not contact anyone at the # listed on our statement 877-247-5051! FRAUD!!! Looks like they (or someone) is doing it in small amounts to several different people - be ware!!!

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  • Vi
    vinayreddy48 Oct 21, 2010

    I am facing the same problem
    I too got charged from bharathi airtel with the same number
    Did u guys get the money back

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lifetime prepaid is not started as promised

From Airtel I have taken a plan of life time incoming free. I have been paying Rs 99 per month as per the plan for more than 12 months. Now I am getting the messages and calls from Airtel Customer Service that pay Rs 495 so that the number will be enabled for life time incoming free. As per the plan I have already paid all the money for life time incoming for the number [protected], But still Airtel is asking for more money. I want to register this as a complaint against Airtel. Today (10/6/2007) I talked with Airtel Customer support for this issue on 121, "Bharti" was the executive, she replied that there is different number for prepaid services and they gave [protected] as the number. When I tried calling this number for the issue, "Sagar" was the executive and he replied that there is another number where prepaid services are discussed. I think Airtel is just trying to play around with customers and do not follow what the say so in the advertisements. If anyone can help to resolve this issue will be great. There must be many people who must be facing the same problem. This will save many other people issues with airtel.

  • An
    Anshuman Feb 19, 2008

    Thanx, Actually i was plannig to register this plan. But after reading this complain, my plan is changed.

    I m happy with BSNL. Becoz Still bsnl is better than Airtel cheater.

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  • Ra
    Raghavendra R U Mar 24, 2008

    I too have exaclty same problem. Airtel - ELT (Rs. 99 - 12 month recharge scheme). Complaints are fraudulently closed and new complaint number opened without resolving the original complaint. complaint no. 3031613330600 was lodged on 16th till today its not resolved but complaint closed and new number generated every day I call up. We had a life time ELT scheme of ( Rs. 99 - months to recharge is 12 )where we had recharged more than 12 times but still it is not converted to life time. Every time we approach customer care to check why it is not converted to life time prepaid they ask to recharge. Till now more than 15 recharges are made but still complaint is not resolved. When we call up airtel, every time new person speaks and says that he is manager and promise to resolve, We have spoken to more than 25 people and around totally more than 3 hours on phone .. Also lot of personal visits to airtel centers ..but all in vain. Till today this is not resolved and new complaint number is generated every time . There is no proper esclation / complaint resolution method available its the same customer care channel it goes .. every time one new guy speaks and new manager and no result.. its horrible experience dealing with airtel

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  • Kr
    Krushna Chandra Padhi Sep 09, 2008

    From Airtel I have taken a plan of life time incoming free. I have been paying Rs 99 per month as per the plan for more than 12 months. As per the plan I have already paid all the money for life time incoming, this is my 14months recharging period but my card is disabled by Airtel, I talked with Airtel Customer support for this issue on last 5th September, 2008 one of the executive told me it will be renew after your valid period, but they didn’t do that, again I called on last 6th September, 2008 one of the executive told me that they have taken complaint and they will enabled it during 4working days, means they told me on 9th September, 2008 they will enabled my number soon, again on 9th September, 2008 I called customer care for this issue they told me my complaint is dissolved 48 hrs will take to activate me,
    Actually I don’t know what their intension is?

    My number is -9900944387,

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so bad customer care service provided by airtel orissa

I belong to airtel customer in (orissa state) not able to contact the customer care through 121 or ...

airtel is the worst service provider!

I had applied for Landline cum Broadband connection from Airtel on Feb 06 with caller identification facility. I have been given connection on feb 06. But the caller id is not working from the very Ist day. I had made more than 5 complaints for the same stating that the caller id is not working.

But, i used to receive a call from customer care that it is activated. Till October, after i threatened that i wont pay the bill, they had sent a service person and he after examination changed the instrument.

This is done after 6 months of my repeated complaints. One thing has to be noted that i have paid Rs 25 / month for all this 8 odd months as a charge for the caller identification facility or service, which is not provided to me. Airtel has failed to provide the service for 8 months, but collected the amount without giving the service.

But 2 months back, i asked the collection agents to collect my bill. But they missed /+ forget to collect my bill. So i paid the bill some 5 days lately. For this late bill payment you have disconnected my Line, also charged RS 400/- for Late payment & Activation.

Pls take a note that, they failed to give me service for 8 months and also charged for the service they didnt provide. But,because of their collection agents failure i delayed 5 days for which u have charged 400 rs.

I complained to the customer care regarding this on october and after repeated inquiry from my part at last i got information that the charges cannot be wavierd.

To ur information, because of poor delay in reply from cus care, i had given my canceling of my No on 02.12.06. But till now i didnt get any reply. I had gone to anna nagar shop to inquire the same thrice. I am seriously think whether to continue with it.

sms facility not working

I have taken a students prepaid plan, which has on offer 100 local sms free everyday. However after 2 days the sms stopped working and i get an error message from the network operator. I have tried using the sim card on different mobiles, but the error msg is the same. The error is entirely with the network operator. I have given a complaint with the local airtel service center, but they behave very rudely and are careless with tech complaint given.

  • Sh
    Shivangni Oct 06, 2007

    I heard that Airtel is the best and tries to be the best. But this of airtel's activity is very bad as for student's plan when airtel declared that 100 local sms will will be free per day for 6 months. This is ridiculous,why airtel is charging it. And that too only for 6 months, then what is called as student's plan!!!! too much

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  • Su
    sunil Oct 24, 2007

    I have student plan but i deactivated 2 months back. Now Im planning to use the same number. So I want to know that offers now also applicable or not...? and 360 plan new offers also applicable in my old student plan...?

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  • De
    Deepak Mamgai Jan 30, 2008

    airtel new palan

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a request for a duplicate bill copy

I am a customer of Airtel and using the connection since two years. I was out of country almost a year and before leaving the country I put my connection under the Airtel custody and it was available for six months.

When I arrived India, I came to know that my connection has already allotted to a different person without informing me. When I asked for an advance rent which I have paid against the connection, after a month conversation they said it has already adjusted in your Aug 2006 bill, when I asked for that particular bill copy where they adjusted the rent amount they gave me an excuse that the data is very old and we couldn’t provide it. I told them that I was not in India so I didn’t get that bill copy and I was not sure that you would have adjusted or not.

I am struggling with the issue for almost two months but the Airtel customer service is unable to provide me the bill copy. I have launched so many complaints for the same and also I put a request for the bill twice to, even though they are not replying me back. Everyday I call them up for the bill but not getting any positive response... they say we are trying to resolve that complaint.

Someone suggest me what I have to do?

  • Ko
    KOTTUR KONDA REDDY Jul 23, 2007

    My Mobile no is 9908 605050... I would like to have my bill for the month of May 07.. I have sent 4 SMS's to 121 no response till date..


    K K Reddy
    Asia Pacific Brands India Limited
    203, Gayatri Arcade
    West marredPalli
    Secunderabad - 500 006

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  • Ga
    Ganesh Kumar Nov 26, 2008

    Please send me Duplicate copy of my bill.

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  • Za
    Zakir ali Aug 17, 2011


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airtel customer service is a panic!

I don't know why our govt. Is tolerating such blood shocking company like airtel.. They are jusy shucking the blood of poor peoples of india...

I am also a victim of this company... As i have applied for gprs ... It is still not actived on my mobile... But they send me settings but was not been received by me till date bcoj that settings is on the way... May be that was on holiday... I hope some day i must receive that settings...

I don't know what to do with that company... Hoping for govt should take some strong steps to stop those cheaters...

  • Mi
    miss meenal barhate Jun 23, 2007

    Airtel connection is a big ###. I have a message at18th june for recharging 444 & get 395 talktime & 1 year validity. But i m not getting the validity up till now. I recharged at 19th june. Airtel connection &its customer care is big frod., no one have given me satisfactory answer from customer care & airtel gallery. Now i am going to give a complaint in consumer protection act against this.

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  • Ni
    nitin jain0427 Sep 02, 2011


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dissatisfied with service of international roaming

I have well informed airtel and had given them sufficient time to activate international roaming on my mobile where as even when I required it was not activated I had to finally suffer and faced a lot of problem during that time and even I was not been able to contact any one where as it results to loss of business also. Where as now I am thinking to file a complaint against the in court. And I would suggest you to not to use airtel any more... As the are running for number of customer whereas they are not bothered about services.

  • Bl
    Blr_Shankar Dec 28, 2011

    I'm not happy about Airtel international roaming charges. In website they are updated Rs100/- for incoming and outgoing. In my bill they have charged Rs175/- for 12 Sec. :-(
    Unethical way of making money.
    +91 9886324705

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emotional stress

To: Airtel

Due to site was under maintenance and due to emergency i have opt to call to customer care on [protected]. I provided every details as they asked to me ms ranjit was the attendant she asked me address i provided where i was currently living and as where credit card statements coming. As per her argument she matched:

1. Email id
2. Used id
3. Registered number
4. Street number
5. Street name
6. City name
7. State
8. Country
9. Zip code of the place and i disclosed my airtel account number which dont have to be disclosed on phone
10. Apartment number as # 115
11. First name and last name
12. Indias airtel number right now with me ( i was having retail outlet of airtel in india)

After providing bunch of details she replied that there is discrepancy in these details and i cant do the recharge its strange!!!

My father was seek (i didn't disclosed her) and i was facing emotional disturbance which i never expect from airtel as customer and never as was pert of airtel family as outlet operator in saurashtra. Then i requested ms ranjit to transfer to supervisor she mr.anshul and same situation again, he talked with me and suddenly call put down from their side (i dont know might be network problem !!!) you can check records of june 2 & 3 usa & canada pacific time. It was horribly frustrating and emotional distrusting stressful hard time with all those people. I dont have words to speak out the reality as an indian i was facing from an indian the hight of humanity, quality became hight of cruelty, the hight of emotions became the hight of stress and frustrations and much more.

I clearly told that i m living in hotel having 146 rooms and it may happen that at the time of registration i was living in the same property but in different apartment number (an apartment having 146 rooms) but your people was not able to understand the thing!!! Finally i was so much mentally harassed and instructed that they cant do anything. I requested manager's email address and or cell number so that he can help me out in response he give me [protected]!!! Mr. Anshul told me that he is the final authority at that point of time and he can understand the frustration i was facing but was not able to do anything.

After lots of argument he told me that he will talk to some higher authority!!! ( previously he disclosed that he is the final authority!!!) and get back to me after several hold he positively agreed that he can add as compensation 25 free minutes. I appreciate thing he done for me. I thanked him and also apologized also being an indian we have lots of emotions and respect and brotherhood. I dont want anything from your company not want file a suit but want to tell something that "you meet someone who is hacker doesn't mean everybody is hacker" we have to think like that everyone is loyal.

I called again i was unable to make recharge even site was working but some error in morning and talked at customer care with ms.neha she helped me and added 10 more minutes to my account so that i can have idea of the situation as i told my father was under treatment.

I request you to debit for those 35 minutes which you people provided me or charge to my credit card to my account. But finally i satsfied from the help of you people mr.anshul and ms.neha at chandigarh. Again i apologized for any inconvenience caused from my side. Thanks