Air Indiachecked in luggage

On February 8, 2015, I was travelling from Chennai (India) to Hong Kong (China) with a transfer in New Delhi. My airline carrier, Air India do not have customer service representatives at the New Delhi airport, however, they have private contractors who attend to Air India passengers thru the airline gates. Any passenger concerns can only be discussed online or if you are lucky on the phone (only in the USA). Two of my expensive tool kits were retained by the airport check-in security at the New Delhi airport, however, the airport check-in security at the New Delhi airport said that they could give my two tool kits to the Air India (airline carrier) personnel so that they can carry my tool kits as checked in baggage and I could retrieve my tool kits a my Chicago destination. When I requested the Air India personnel (acting contractors) to send someone to the security to collect my tool kits to have them treated as checked-in baggage, the Air India (acting contractor) asked me to wait at the security check in until someone from Air India comes over there to collect the tool kits.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Milwaukee, WI I waited for nearly two hours at the security-check in but no one arrived at the security check-in. Finally, when it was almost time to close boarding, I left the security check-in spot and went to the gate where I requested help. The Air India (contract workers) processing personnel told me that they do not work for Air India and they only process passengers at the gate and told me they could do nothing to help me retrieve the expensive tool kits from the security check-in. It is important to note that both my tool kits did not contain any sharp objects like knife or needle. Due to callous and indifferent behavior by the Air India contractors at the New Delhi Airport, I lost both my expensive tool kits worth USD 150.00. Phone complaints with the Air India representatives in the USA has not yielded any result. I request that Air India own up their responsibility for making me wait for two hours and have me loose my personal belongs with the security check-in. To add salt to the wound, two of my other checked in baggage (with Air India) arrived a couple of days after I reached my destination Chicago causing me huge inconvenience. I demand that Air India adequately compensate for the lost tool kits and the delayed baggage.

Feb 18, 2015

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