Air Asia / refused to proceed with my ticket

I'm writing to complaint about my flight to kul (Malaysia) from upg (Indonesia). I booked and purchase one way ticket online on 24 feb 2016 to malaysia for family business, not knowing that now days it's required to have return ticket whatever asean national wishing to travel to another asean country, well that's how they told me at the checking desk. They refused me board for that reason. She (The counter staff) arguing that my passport is new, therefore I need a return ticket. I argued that every passport is official and valid document, it's none of your concern if in malaysia I get refused entry for no return ticket, and if something amiss arise, it's solely between me and malaysian immigration on case per case basis and I believe no such thing as compulsory as return ticket because my sister just traveling there, also me traveling there back and forth on many occasion in the past several months and no one at the immigration asking a return ticket as a prerequisit to enter the country. If it the case, than airasia fails to build an awareness about this issue. It must inform all its asean costumer about this rules before we finalize a purchase - not at the counter. We're as a costumer feeling misled, this is outright cheating. Airasia must pay compensation for the damage. It's not the money, but principle. Before you make everyone fly, make sure everyone fit to fly before cashing in the money.

Feb 26, 2016

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