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Complaints & Reviews

flight cancellation

I was on the scheduled with my sons (7) and (17) on flight d72702 from kl to gold coast. As the previous people have noted-it is a total lack of communication with passengers and total lack of any staff that could handle this situation that lead to may problems amongst passengers. We heard 3 delayed calls about 2 hours with almost no reason for delay except the last one telling passengers that there were some mechanical issues that were trying to be resolved and then later at 2.00am the mechanics could not fix and flight was cancelled.In all of this time the passengers were asked to move from one section of the gate section to another and back again with no communication between staff. The details of the many points of the lack of professionalism with the ability to relax the passengers in some form or to organize passengers in a manner that would cater for the young and elderly was almost non existant. The only shining light in this fiasco was the representative that was sent to our hotel (Sorry cant remember her name but was in her late twenties early thirties) who single handedly relaxed irate customers, listened and answered all questions, organised arrangements, travelled to the airport and again answered all questions from all passengers (200+) and was ther until we all boarded the plane. Without this brilliant person-kaos and anger would have taken customer confidence in your airline to a non returnable choice for passengers-their family and friends and from the outcry to the media in our country. Your company had no updates or crisis access for anyone wanting to find out any details of where we were, when or where we were arriving at. My wife, daughter, mother and sister seperately had no sleep and spent almost a whole day trying to get answers through air asia, kl airport, gold coast airport, malaysian airlines with either answers of we dont know or abrupt ignorance.
The main purpose for this message is for your company to address this problem with an immeiate contingency plan for similair situations and that your representative that helped everyone be rewarded in a manner that befits the gratitude of 200+ passengers
Brian kenny

  • Ja
    jamal Nov 21, 2008

    i've call airasia call centre using 0387754000 for call within malaysia today. the answering voice machine just keep telling me to wait until there are available customer service officer. i've waiting until more then 10 minutes and suddenly no more connection. it is because my phone prepaid credit have been deduct from $28.19 to only 26 cent left. they stole my $27.93 just using their phone line. to make it worst, i've not yet talk to their customer service and they already charged $27.93. wtf . so anybody who wish to call their call center... just forget it.. it is better to buy a lot of food for your stomach than be cheated like me

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airline block booking now to sell higher later

My friends and I experiencing this funny scenario when booking air asia ticket for the trip to kuching (from singapore) in order to celebrate the lunar year 2009 with family (26 jan 09). we book early because this is the time when most east malaysia working in singapore will return home and the flights are very limited. today is 13 october 08, and we are 3 months ahead of jan 09. however, in the booking portal at airasia.com, we noticed that there is no flight available for singapore / jb to kuching from 21 - 25 jan and also no flight available from 25 jan to 3 feb for kuching to singapore/jb. the service of kch-sin-kch by air asia is on daily basis and the plane departed from kch at 630pm, arrive sin at 8pm then it will fly back kuching at 8.30pm to complete the kch-sin-kch service. the funny part is, there are lots seat available on kch-sin on 21 jan, but nil for sin-kch on the same day. same booking status for flights on following days till the 25 jan, the night before chinese new year. and, from 26 jan till 3 feb, no seats available for booking for kch-sin, but the flight return from sin-kch, lots seat available.
Do you think the seats mentioned above were sold out and fully booked? I dont think so. the booking for kch-sin-kch was only started only few days ago (26 sept) and all 1500 seats in that period already sold off, are you sure?
So, my friends and I concluded that: the airline must have blocked the booking for that extreme high period and only sell them when it is near to 2009. they could definately make a big big profit from there as jb/sin to kuching has always been a demanding sectors for mas/ak during chinese new year.
So, everyone will can fly at expensive tickets...

Well done, your business model is not ethical at all.

  • Bu
    busybody Oct 26, 2008

    I think the point is even it is more expensive, it is still cheaper than other airline. If not you can always go for other airline.

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let everyone book and pay for their tickets before informing their flight to be cancel and force passengers to pay more for other option.

On the 1st week of sept, knowing that airasia (Them) would be discontinuing macau-kuching v. V for good effective end of oct, they still advertised their promotion over the media offering attractive prices travelling on this route.

Obviously, everybody flocked into their website buying tickets for the next 6 months or so. 2 weeks later, I was aware that they began to re-shuffle this route from daily to 3 times a week. A week after that, they decided to discontinue operating this route effective 25th oct.

I started making calls to their hotline, as I was holding more than 10 trips on this route (Tickets purchased without promotion price). To my dissapointment, I was put on hold for more than 30 mins each time. A total of 10 calls were made for the next 3 days. On 17th sep, 11am, since I was on my way to hong kong in klia, I approached their counter personally.

Nobody was manning their counter, as I stood there for more than 40 mins. The information counter reassured me that airasia counter was open, so I had no choice but to wait. Then katrina showed up followed by another girl. How could 2 person from that very same counter dissapear at the same time for more than 40 mins?

When I told katrina about my flight bookings, she said everything is still confirmed. I insisted that she double check, when she then made a call. She then reply " call our call centre, I cannot help you". I was given 2 numbers, one which is the same number, again on 'hold' and the other was a "wrong department!"quoted by the person answering the phone.

I don't have time to be kept waiting over the line ($ being spent) but katrina was not helpful and kept on telling me to call their call centre. She was impolite and was willing to give me her name so that I could write a feedback regarding her attitude back to her company.

Airasia had always being not one of my favourite no frills airline. They always re-time (Shuffling few flights to one if the loading is light) their flights not regarding if you have a connecting flight (In the same airline) , they will not be responsible and the word 'delay' is common. What pushes me to travel with them on this particular route is only the convenience which saves me time for a transit stop. With the attitude of their staff and the way they handle their operational disruption, my strong advice to fellow travellers is to avoid this airline by all means. Their price are not that cheap compared to other full service airline, sometimes they are more expensive due to hidden cost (Which cannot be refund if situation like this occurs). Most probably, they would re-route me at the end, giving me no choice but to transit in kl, because they operate mfm-kul v. V. 4 times a day (Daily) with exceptional light load.

They may be one of the most successful no frills in south east asia, that is because their passengers (Mostly malaysian) were not given much option to choose the airlines to fly. Besides, once tickets purchased, no after sales service even though if flights were disrupted. Probably, airasia tried to make passengers fed up from trying so hard to contact them thus giving up our paid trips. All my purchases were done using an user id, which I cannot see the reason why they cannot let me know that my flight had been cancelled. Until today, they did not issue a notice saying that they discontinue this route which I bet a lot of passengers would be furious during checking in on departure day.

This is my only channel to voice out and share this awful experience because negative feedbacks or comments were not welcome in malaysian papers, so as writing to them.

throw away unused tickets even worth more than usd200

On 10th October 2008, I received an email from Airasia informing me that my flight Kuching-Macau (23rd October 2008) would be departing earlier at 9am. Which is 6hours 25mins earlier from the same flt that used to depart a month ago. I had no idea that this flight had been re-timed, only upon receiving their email. Thus, knowing that I was not able to depart that early due to meeting constraints, I had to call up their call centre to re-book myself on a flight which departs later than that.

On 12th October, I called their call centre (long distance) and I was put on hold for more than 30mins(normal practice) before Amy Leong answered. I told her about my situation, she told me that I was not able to change my flight to a later date, because that is the only flight (KCH-MFM) left in the century. AK had discontinue to operate this route.

She told me that I cannot change the destination either as stated in the Terms and Conditions, eventhough I agreed to forge out the difference. She also informed me that I cannot refund this ticket and the only option they gave me was either travel on this date or change to a flight earlier than this date. I told her, I was on another booking which I will arrive Kuching on 19th October, which is 4 days earlier, and how could I possible leave earlier than that. If I could, I would not have to go thru all the fuss of scrambling to get a later flight after my original booked flight.

This means that since I cannot travel on my original flight, cannot change my destination (by paying the difference), cannot refund, AK had no other flights for me to change my date of travel, I would just have to throw away this ticket(costing more than USD200) and buy a new one to travel on a later date. This is pure STRIPPING out of their so called ‘valued customer’.

  • Fi
    Fireant888 Mar 03, 2010

    AirAsia is bad and with poor management, thus it reflects in their customers services and the services they provide. We should all join the group in Facebook to let others know about the poor and bad services AA is providing, not only that, how AA cheats money out of their "valued customers"...

    I will never fly on AA again. I hope others would also consider twice before making any bookings on AA...They claim to be a value airline, but in fact, their prices alot of times are more expensive than many world-class airlines, such as CX, SQ...E.g., flight from HK to Phuket can cost more than HKD4K (round trip), not including inflight meals, assigned seats, luggage cost...whereas in many cases other so called "non-value airlines" offer flights to the same destinations at much lower prices and include all the things that are not included on AA.

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stolen items/terrible customer service

Items were stolen from my bag while it was checked with the airline.
All efforts to inform air asia of the theft proved useless; I was repeatedly put on hold, disconnected, given incorrect information, etc. Over the phone. Every time that I requested to speak to a manager (Over the phone and in person at the airport) they were conveniently out of the office.in all, I spent 9 hours of my time trying to report the theft - and I still haven't gotten through! - very frustrating. They don't even care; it is clear that their policies are intended to actively deter customers from filing complaints or helping them with their problems. They don't care about their customers, and they don't care that they are employing thieves.

Do not fly air asia - there are plenty of other budget carriers out there. Terrible, terrible company.

  • Ai
    air asia users Nov 01, 2008

    to air asia,

    update your customer services...
    i already call air asia to book my ticket from last night and untill now, i can't reach...
    what wrong with your staff?
    is it too busy untill can't pick up phone?
    i feel really disappointed with your services.
    i can't book my ticket with my credit card through online..
    then, i call air asia to book my ticket but nobody answer..
    how comes?
    is it the best services for me as your user from 2 years ago?
    upgrade your services before we move to others company...

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  • Bs
    B.S Yap Dec 19, 2008

    I totally agreed on what they said, Airasia provide terible customer services.Noboby answer the phone, why don't apply hunting line ? Such of big company? World best airflight, I don't think so!

    (Five emails sender)

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  • Ck
    CKHC Sep 06, 2013

    air asia services really terrible, things was stolen at air asia plane, tell the staff, but they said many reason, busy, so at the end, helpless.they said it was your responsible to take care your belonging.hey, how i know air asia got thieves, this really unresponsible word, services.after many hour of non sense talk, they said you can complaint at our website.then a period of time, air asia just let it over without giving a word of sorry, a responsible explaination.AIR ASIA AIRLINE REALLY A BAD AND TERRIBLE AIRLINE AND ALSO A THIEF AIRLINE.

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a letter of dissappointed on air asia services offer

Dear Sir / Madam,

As per title, the flight schedule has delay about 5 hours without advance information

Experienced the change of flight schedule not only depart, but also return

This is a very disappointed experience where this is the 1st time we join Air Asia, a company with service improving version

We spending a lot of time and facing lost of money due to vacancy booking in tourism, accommodation & lost in biz

Hopefully, with Air Asia go insure return cover (Cert no : 8F995563 ), some expenses are covered,

Flight Details :

Depart : Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) to Bali (DPS) Economy

Saturday, 23 Aug 08 Flight AK 904

Origin depart : 16:45 Actual depart : 21:30 ( Arrived Hotel : 0100am)

Return : Bali (DPS) to Kuala Lumpur LCCI (KUL) Economy

Wednesday, 27 Aug 08 Flight QZ 9002

Origin depart Bali 07:50 Actual depart :6:00

Hope to hear Air Asia immediate response pertaining this issue

** Hotline is not reachable

The 1st letter written on 6th Sep 08, until today no reply received yet

  • Ad
    Adrian Sep 30, 2008

    I totally agree! The service is so bad at Air Asia!!!

    I complaint about a delay per email as well and the only answer I've got was that I should call the customer service. After 10 min. waiting time I could reach someone. The lady in the line was not really pleased and completely incompetent. The gave a another contact number which unfortunaly doesn't work!!!

    I feeled totally folled by Air Asia...never, ever again!!!

    Flight: Singapore to KL/ 20.07.2008/ AK127

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  • Be
    bee May 22, 2009




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change of flights not handled properly

I am writing on behalf of my sister and many other guests scheduled to travel on AirAsia X FLIGHT D72702 bound from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast today 31st August 2008 at 10.20am. I was informed by a friend that AirAsia has been experiencing technical problems with its vessel traveling this long haul route for the past week or so and that they are directing its passengers to board a different flight from KLIA instead of LCCT. Her husband went through the same problem a few days back and has advised me to check my sister's flight arrangement with AirAsia since she is traveling soon.

I acknowledge the fact that when it comes to technical problems of an aircraft, that there is not much that can be done. It is fully understandable and i congratulate AirAsia for taking prompt action by diverting its services using another airline's fleet. Nevertheless, did I speak too soon?

My main disappointment that has led to the intention of writing this letter is the way things are communicated to its passengers with regards to this issue. Being a communication practitioner myself, it is devastated my to see that AirAsia does not take the very essence of communication seriously, especially in times of crisis like this. Rule of Thumb, KEEP STAKEHOLDERS INFORMED.

My sister has been booked on this flight to Gold Coast. One week prior to this date, AirAsia X has sent a reminder via email of the confirmation of this flight and its details. For that, I thank you. However, 1 day before date of departure, she receives a simple SMS on her mobile that reads the following:

"FLIGHT D72707 to GoldCoast on Sun 31AUG08 Will Operated From Main Terminal KLIA (Not Low Cost Terminal). Pls Proceed To AirAsia Sales Counter in KLIA By 4.30PM Sun." Here's some communication "gaps" that I was able to pick up instantly from the first sight of this problem. Listed also are my complaints with regards to this situation.

* Firstly, there was a simple grammatical error in the message as underlined. (Please proof read. It may sound tiny, but it isn't)

* Secondly, I personally feel that this SMS has no sufficient details that is much needed for passengers bound to travel on the said carrier. Shouldn't it include the following?

1. The date and time of the new flight
2. Which airport it will arrive in (Brisbane Airport or Gold Coast Airport?

* Thirdly, why was this SMS sent only 1 day prior to the flight when AirAsia knew for quite sometime that passengers will be diverted to use another service? If notification was sent earlier, passengers could have ample time to make adjustments to their travel plans (i.e airport pickup, connecting flights, accommodation etc).

* Fourthly, wouldn't a courteous email be an easier way to communicate clear and concise details instead of only sending this inadequate SMS? Emails would give AirAsia room to explain the situation and give proper details of the situation and also refer passengers to the designated person(s) or department that is in-charge of handling this specific case. I was surprised that AirAsia did not choose this excellent communication tool which is FREE but rather subscribe to send instant text message that I believe would incur cost to the company.

* No information what so ever was made available through AirAsia's website. No announcement, no press release and no proper links. This is the fastest way to reach stakeholders involved, in this case the passengers. Furthermore, when I tried to check the status of this flight using the service provided on the website, it still states the previous bookings with no alteration at all. I am aware that this might be a computer generated information system BUT it could have been altered given that this problem have been going on for a week or so. IF under any circumstances that passengers' mobile phone were missing or they had problems receiving SMS, what is then AirAsia's contingency plans?

* My sister reached KLIA airport by 3.30pm today and made her way to the AirAsia counter. When she got there, the ground staff told her that she had to wait for the arrival of a certain AirAsia personnel, whom will turn up only at 5pm to brief passengers about their flight journey. Another 1 and a half hour of the day gone just like that!

* To make matters worse, she only got details of her flight at 6.30pm! We might not have paid a lot for the flight, but our time must mean something, right?

* Not enough with all that, she is then directed on a flight to Sydney, departing at 10pm Malaysian time, arriving Sydney at 7.50am Australian time, where she has to check her self out, go to another airline counter and arrange for the next flight out to Gold Coast. It didn't stop here, she has to now wait for 4 hours in Sydney Airport before the flight departs to Gold Coast at 12pm.How ridiculous is this? So much for a first experience on AirAsia.

I would greatly appreciate that AirAsia look into this matter seriously at the soonest. This may seem like just another letter of complaint but this also is an opportunity for AirAsia to see itself from an outsider's point of view. In this case, a communication practitioner's point of view. I may not be a professional in this field yet, but if I as a "nobody" could see into these tiny little details, why can't an international airline giant who has an army of professionals working for them see this coming?

Once again, I must stress that it is not the technical problem of the vessel that has led to this mail but rather the "crisis communication management" that this company puts into resolving this matter.

I'd appreciate a feedback on this matter as I, myself is a frequent flyer on AirAsia. It is things like these that hinders AirAsia's reputation, and this is what is at stake at the moment.


  • De
    Deric Low Sep 02, 2008

    Hi, I faced the same problem like your sister but the different is I and my family were the victims from flight D72703 from Gold Coast to KL on 30th August 2008. Air Asia only sms us less than 24 hours before the flight date. When we receive the message and tried to call their hotline in Australia. But we wait more than 30 minutes and still not managed to get somebody respond. Until we have to call back direct to Malaysia line just able to get the their respond. And do you know what is the reason they provided? They only feedback like your case, technical problem. This is what kind of reason!! So we checked with them again what they can do for us. Terrible!! Do you know what options their only can provide to me? Wait until 6th September 2008 to get the next air asia flight without provide us accommodation or refund the return amount to us. Do you see, there is no any consumer protection at all. So due to we not able to wait the next flight so my wife decided to take the refund. Lastly, we still need to paid more for return flight from other airline. When we came back to Malaysia, we thought that we can claim it from air asia GoInsurance. Unfortunately, the insurance only cover if we cancel the flight by ourselve and not the air line cancel the flight. This is a very worst of insurance that provide by air asia. So I and my wife and other passengers which we met at air port and faced the same problem like us still going to fight for our compensation with air asia.

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  • Ji
    jie Sep 03, 2008

    today im facing almost the same problem, mine is, they call me at 10pm last nite just to tell me than my flight change from 2pm to 5pm, due to "Personal from Management" how can that be? personal from management?? it only to me not to others passenger. when i ask what personal? he sound hesitating and just said the same reason. he even force me to accept the changes.. that i have no choice. when i ask him that did he change my time so that others may take it, he hesitate.. so its like he simply change my time for his benefit.

    after few argument with him, he told me there is a flight around 12pm & if im interested, i said i prefer not to change my flight. anyway i've paid. i've read their terms & cond. none mentioning that AirAsia can change our flight just like that.
    so i told me ok i will take 12pm but not the 5pm flight and that he will email me. this morning when i check my flight, he change it to 5pm no 12pm as he promise.

    i cant believe they keep a dishonest staff there.

    i plan to bring this up.. have contacted some ppl today who may know how to get directly to the big guy over there.

    hope to get some result...

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  • Ji
    jie Sep 03, 2008

    actually i agree with u all

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  • Ta
    TaRe Sep 16, 2008

    Hey Jie, if you do have a way to get their attention, please let me know... I have been trying to contact Air Asia for a week but only to receive "Sorry all our agents are busy due to overwhelming response from our promotions... " Tried the email but was unsuccessful. In fact, all I got was only an auto email reply.

    Air Asia sux... Never gonna try another booking with them.

    Btw, do let us know what was your outcome too... Thanks!

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  • I booked my tickets (for 6 pax) to Jogjakarta. But unfortunately the flight has been cancelled due to volcano errruption (mount Merapi) . until now i still have not recieved my refund. had writen numerous complaints and emails but no feedback . what can we do to get back the moneY?

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no one pick-up and engaged only

Very hard to get thru air asia phone included toll free, there no body pick-up or engaged only. I call since...

concern about safety

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to inform you of my concern and displeasure on my 2 most recent flights with Air Asia.

The flight detals are:
1) AK55 on 19th August
2) AK46 on 25th August

On 19th August, the plane was about to land in LCCT and it just a few metres above the runway when suddenly the plane pick up speed and took off again. It has caused great anxiety to the passengers and only later the captain said they had to take off again and wait for another 10 minutes as they did not get clearance from the airport to land yet. I believe this should not have happened at all. If the plane was not given clearance in the first place, it should not even attempt landing on the runway and call off the landing out of the sudden. No word of apology was issued. Needless to explain further, the safety of all the passengers in the plane has been compromised.

On 25th August, the plane took off from LCCT and after 20 minutes of air travel, it turned back and landed back in LCCT. Again, this has caused great anxiety to the passengers and it was delayed by an hour before it finally took off. There is no explanation until when it has taken off again, the pilot says there is some technical issues so the plane has to come back to LCCT. As I was seated infront, I can only observe a new crew member coming on board and suspected that the plane has intially left with 3 crew members instead of 4. Again, this should not have happened if procedures were followed closely. I would only assume that safety of the passengers has been compromised here, otherwise it would not return flight to pick up an additional crew member.

Being a passenger, I wish to ask for an explanation on the above incidents and if Airasia will undertake to compensate the passengers for the above incidents where safety has been clearly compromised and it is causing unnecessary over-anxiety of the passengers without any explanation offered by the pilots.

Last but not least, my baggage damage claim has submitted but not been processed, and i have emailed a Mr Yusrie at [protected]@airasia.com after 2 months from the date of its first report on March 26, 2008 but there is no reply. Please let me know the status and if Airasia is looking in ways to improve the safety of our baggages since this is the 3rd time that my different baggages have been pried open from the side.

I await your reply before making any further decision. Thank you

Yours sincerely,


  • Tr
    Trefor Oct 10, 2010

    I have used Airasia on a number of occasions and find them ok. My expectations are not that high because they are a low cost airline. However some aspects of their operation are a concern to me. Waiting for a flight from Bangkok to Singapore maintainance staff were changing a nose wheel when boarding had started. I think this shows that they need to operate available aircraft to cope with the increasing number of destinations.
    LCCT Airport Kuala Lumpur is a crazy experience with limited staff at check in and an overwhelming sense of barely controlled chaos.
    Take time to shop around for tickets with full service airlines because after paying for all the extras your low cost airline is sometimes not that low cost.
    Trevor. New Zealand

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  • Iv
    Ivy Tan Mar 31, 2011

    Seems my complaint also no new to airasia then.
    My flight was even worst to what Wong's experienced. All passengers was lift off from the seat suddenly for couple of time without a prior notification from our great AA pilot. Over anxiety is just not something to be taken care by AA. Disappointed

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tardiness & uninformative

My wife and I went for a short visit to Bankok to visit familly. We were in Singapore at the time so it was just a quick flight over. The way there went smoothly, but the way back we had a 2.5 hour delay. Every half an hour the ground crew would report an extra half hour delay. Why couldn't they just inform the customers how long the total delay would be from the start! I went to the counter to ask wat the delay was to get a gauge of how long it would really take. There one lady told me they were waiting on the engineer (WORRYING!!). The next one told me they were waiting on the captain (THE WHOLE CREW WERE SITTING IN THE LOBBY A COUPLE OF SEATS AWAY FROM US)! Also, the quality of the planes was a bit shocking. They looked like 4th hand planes from an Spanish company! Loose bits, outdated technology, etc.. I really was surprised to see that they advertise themselves on posters saying "We gaurentee to be on time..."! Wat, yeah right! Personally, I shall never travel with Air Asia & EasyJet (thats a whole different story) ever again!

  • Lm
    LMK Aug 07, 2008

    I had similarly bad experiences flying AA and helpdesk. Here's what one should do/not do if you want your complaints to be taken seriously:

    a) best to file complaints with organizations that matters to AA. In this case, it would be Skytrax which reviews and rates airlines all over world.

    Air Asia were the winners of the Best Low-Cost Airline Asia awarded by Skytrax in 2007. Commenting on the winning title, Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, said "It gives me great pride to receive this accolade. We are expanding our market, and to be known as one of the best in the Asian region is an astounding success story for a 5 year old company. Credit goes to all our staff. "

    No airlines would want to be consistently rated poorly by Skytrax. See link:

    b) Send email to Mr Fernandez, CEO himself. Then only the COO and other personnel will sit up and take your complaint seriously. No point sending complaint emails to AA or call the call centre. You'll get standard auto reply, stating they can't attend to all emails.

    c) Complaint letters to mainstream papers would not likely be published for "reasons" best known to the papers themselves.

    d) buy 1 lot of air asia shares. You can personally air your grievances to the top management / press / shareholders during the AGM Q&A session

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terrible service

I had fly with Air Asia a few times to Kota Kinabalu and last night when I arrived from Kota Kinabalu, I have a terrible experience with the wheel chair service personal. His name is Adaly. I arrived via AK5121 which touch down at about 1145pm. I had earlier book 2 wheel chair while I was in KK airport and paid the sum of RM12. When I arrived at KL, LCCT, the wheel chair personal said I have to pay extra RM12. What is this going on? We had an argument and want to put on the phone with the boss. When I ask I want to see the boss personally and he told me that the boss is not around. How would I know if he is cheating me? He also had become aggressive and even shouted at me and pointing finger at me. How can you have such person working for you? It will tarnish your image !!!

When I go to KK a few days earlier, KK side did not even asked me for any extra. Even your staff at KK check in counter did not even mention to me anything that I need to pay extra when I checked in.

And furthermore that guy (Adaly) said that he is from Caravan. But as far as I know, I am dealing with Air Asia and Air Asia at KK issued me a receipt, 1381596 and 1381595. He even very rude to me saying that if I don’t pay he cannot service me and just push the wheel chair like that. And on that wheel chair have 2 old passengers and one of them having walking difficulty. What if they fall down? Are YOU going to be responsible for it? Luckily I have friends with me and they helped me to push the wheel chair.

What kind of service of this that Air Asia is providing which is rude and also unsystematic on the wheelchair arrangement? As stated at your website ‘Yes, it will be provided upon request at the point of your check in at the counter before departure. Please note that a nominal fee of RM12 will be levied upon departure and only upon arrival to LCCT or Johor Bahru.’ From my understanding that I only need to pay once but why he ask for more?

  • Pt
    PT Oct 06, 2008

    Classic Air Asia - the boss is never around.
    Wonder if its a coincidence that I had items stolen from my bag after it was checked at Kota Kinabalu. Hope you had better luck than I did filing a complaint with the company. They were totally unreceptive to my ordeal. Clearly they don't value their customers at all.

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slow refund, bad customer service, low credibility

Recently I booked a Go Holiday package via Airasia to Siem Reap. I made the booking in August 18th...

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