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Complaints & Reviews

poor customer service

Tony Fernandez (CEO) should worry a bit less about expanding his brand and more on taking care of the people...

negligence on elderly passenger

"meet and assist" my ###!

After all passengers have alighted the plane, my grandmother was made to wait 15 minutes for the skylift and wheelchair we pre-booked. After the first 15 minutes, passengers on the next flight started to board and guess what? The crew asked my grandmother to get out of the plane - on her own without the skylift!

Why do you think we made sure we pre-booked the skylift and wheelchair? Because my 83 year old grandmother walks with a walking stick, has had operations on her knees, cannot walk very far or stand for too long!

My grandmother, being the sweet old lady that she is didn't want to cause a fuss and so she struggled to walk down the steep stairs!

Then when she reached the ground, there was no wheelchair! Did air asia expect her to walk all the way back to the terminal, given the ridiculous distance the plane stops at that even young people find it far?

So what happened next? She stood below the plane area and waited for another 15 minutes for the wheelchair!

What sort of "responsible corporation" is air asia? We have pre-booked this service and it is clearly stated on our confirmation slip. We had also reconfirmed with the singapore check in counter that the service will be ready upon our arrival. Then ironically, on the plane, the stewardess asked again whether we would require the meet and assist service! Isn't this absurd???

Is this the kind of cheap service that should be expected with cheap airlines??

Anyway, my grandmother suffered after she reached home, completely drained. Whatever pleasure she had while she was in singapore was washed away at lcct when she returned. She had to lie down, take pain killers and took a few days to recover.

I would like to take legal action. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer?

  • Ma
    maureenOKidd May 13, 2013

    Air Asia come across as parasites. Leaving an elderly lady to struggle on her own. Still, perhaps this gives an indication of how they treat their elderly!

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cannot change my ticket

I booked 2 flights through air asia. From kl to vietnam and back. I paid for the tickets. Now I need to make changes and the website will not let me in saying I don't have any tickets booked. It was charged in my credit card back in march and I already paid.

I can't call because I am in the united states and I have heard that their customer center takes forever to answer a call. It would probably cost more than the ticket itself.

Any advice, please? Write to [protected]@yahoo.com

it's a pain to call airasia

Have you ever call up to AirAsia customer service hotline? What do you think about the customer service...

air asia go holiday package

I have recently booked the Go holiday package from the Air Asia websites from LCCT to Bangkok on 6 of May 2009. I have booked the flights + hotel through the websites and there was no prompt on the website to buy the check in baggage. (there is a selection to buy the baggage check in on the normal Air Asia Ticket booking but not the Go holiday package).
I have check the FAQ section of the Air Asia Go Holiday section

The websites clearly stated that for all the passengers on the AK flights, they are entitled to up to 15kg of free baggage. However, when I check in to my flights, AK734, I was told to pay the baggage fees of RM20. I complaint to the supervisor(Mr. ...Subra Maniam) and show him the print out of the websites terms and conditions but he gave me the excuse of "the website is not updated" and he mentioned I should buy it online but in fact I can't. There was no time for me to argue any further with him as the flight time is approaching. I was forced to pay the baggage fees.

I am very disappointed with the confusing policy and the inefficiency of the air asia Go Holiday online booking system.Tony Fenandes, please do something !!

  • Mw
    MWQ Nov 05, 2009

    I'm also facing the same problem now, I purchased the holiday package since Sept'09, our trip will be in Nov'09. I tried to call them to book a seat and baggage, but for 2 months that I've been trying to call Go holiday no : 03-21719222 and 21719333 for that purpose, there is only answering machine and keep on holding the line.
    I've even posted my complaint on their website twice, yes they did replied me by email and advised me that they have informed Go Holiday and some one will call me soon, however it's been 10days, no one call me till now!

    Very frustrated, as I'm bringing my children for the trip, I need to book seats so that we all can sit together. And not only that, it'll cost lesser to pre-buy baggage than to buy it during check in.

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poor ground service by air asia

I had a bad travel experience with air asia yesterday 8 may 2009 from langkawi to kuala lumpur lcct then to singapore.

My bad experience started off with air asia rescheduling my flight langkawi to kuala lumpur (kl lcct) (ak 5327) from 1415 hrs to 1530 hrs. fine they have informed this 4 days in advance but I have a connecting flight from kl lcct to singapore (ak 709) on 1740 hrs which I need to reschedule that flight my self. air asia do not provide connecting flight service. the only thing they could provide is you may request for flight change if there is retiming done by air asia. anyway I had made a big mistake in the first place by choosing air asia as my flight to langkawi from singapore. I should have check malaysia airline (mas) and I found out that mas provide a direct flight from singapore and langkawi with slightly extra cost. so I went and change my flight after checking in to langkawi-kl flight at air asia sales counter in langkawi airport. at first the sales girl asked me to pay change fees for rescheduling my flight to singapore but I keep fighting that this is not my personal option to change my flight, it is air asia fault.in the end one of the supervisor came out and advised the sales girl to change my flight without any fee eventhough there was a different advise given by another supervisor from their office. yes I did manage to change my flight to singapore but I have lost like 45 minutes to argue and wait for that changed itinerary and me and my wife had to skip our lunch because of time lost. we managed to have a quick refreshments at starbucks and rush off to boarding gates with my 6 months old baby + stroller + my wife's vision/pyrex fragile cooking wares + it was raining before we board into the flight.

Then, after boarding I realised that I have left my mobile phone at the security scan point and I have informed the lead stewardess. one of the stewardess ran to the scan point and nothing was found. the lead stewardess advised me to do report at lost & found counter once I arrived in lcct. air asia flight attendances are good and they are competent in what they are doing but the ground services are terrible. after I reached at the baggage claim area, I went to the lost and found counter and the only thing that I got from the air asia guy at the counter is malaysia airport board (mab) phone number in kl and he asked me to call them for langkawi mab contact number myself. he did not even ask for my contact number but I left my contact number on a piece of paper teared off from used enveloped. so I did call both mab and thank god langkawi mab called me back and said they have found my mobile phone. mab langkawi had requested me to get permission from air asia kl to request air asia langkawi bring my phone via next flight to kl but the office just said in malay "air asia do not carry any valuable item on board on behalf of the passenger and air asia do not want to bear any responsibility of carrying those items" full stop!!! no solution no alternative. at that point I realised air asia stop servicing you once you claimed your baggage. strict policy, can't bend some rules to cater customer's special request. then I deal with mab myself and luckily the mab officer in langkawi named "mohd azwan bin jamaludin"is kind enough to courier my phone to my home address. thanks encik azwan.

Then after checking in our baggages for kl-singapore flight (ak709) and had our lunch/dinner we went straight to boarding gate and again we had problem at the security scan point. the security told us that we need to get air asia tag for the umbrella that we are carrying on board. we didn't get that warning in langkawi and the check in counter girl in langkawi told us that the item is fine to carry on board and it is not a sharp object. we thought of just leaving that rm27 umbrella that we bought in langkawi but the security told us that it will be just 2 minutes to run and get the air asia guy sitting at departure gate to tag our umbrella. fine I went down and that guy was not there in his post.in the first place, that air asia guy should have detected our umbrella without tag before we go in and now he left his post without replacement. I went straight to the check in counter and ask for the tag. after that I realised I am already late for the flight and we went straight to the boarding gate. guess what?!! the door is closed and we are 5 minutes before the flight departure time. they wont let us in anymore and I told them that my wife was inside the departure hall and she did not hear any last call announcement. for those who are travelling at lcct just be careful I guess because of the immigration checkpoint is one level up from boarding gate you might not hear any last call anouncement. I didn't fight for them to open the door so I asked for the next flight to singapore ak 717 on 2050 hrs but air asia ground staff had asked me to go back out collect my baggages at international arrival and go buy new ticket through a-z procedures again. what??? we are carrying 6 months old baby and you do not have other option to make my life easier that night!!! in addition, one of the air asia ground staff just said to us "that umbrella caused you delay". so you are not giving any solution but you are giving some rude comment. what a nice customer service!!! I did not catch the name of that air asia staff and he disappeared before we board in for our flight but he is really rude and I saw the way he treated another passenger with rude malay language. we really want to get his name and write in this comment but he is lucky this time round. I keep asking for other alternatives and at last they allow me to purchase the ticket from the gate and they will arrange for the baggages. as it is a budget airline it will cost me another rm430 for new ticket. fine I did not have anymore energy to fight over another ticket and my family are tired, I just swiped my card for the new ticket.

After 30 minutes purchasing the tickets, they announced that flight ak 717 to singapore is delayed from 2050 to 2225 hrs. god please what I have done wrong this time. air asia could delay my flight 1 and half hours and make me stuck in lcct but they could not open the gate that was closed 5 minutes before the departure time. life is not fair!!! where is the principle "customer is always right". fine there are safety rules and policies that we have to follow but that does not mean we do not deserve a good service from budget airline. I am a malaysian and I am proud with air asia's success receiving "world best budget airline" title but if air asia do not fix their customer service, air asia will not go far in this worldwide carrier business and your title as the world's best budget airlines willl be over soon. please train your ground staff properly because they are also your company's front image that communicate directly to your passengers not just your fancy website!!!

  • Di
    diamondc87 Jul 03, 2010

    Air Asia have a BIG problem communicating. They are unprofessional and rude and never take responsibility for their far below average services.

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  • Mf
    mfy Jul 09, 2010

    Me and my wife were treated the same way as you, we have purchased a extra weight for the luggage, during the check in time, the rude Airasia lady in LCCT refuse to check us in and tell that it is impossible to check us in although we have the payment resit with us, and both of us feel very angry with that and fight with her with the strong word, finally she give up and let our luggage in. but you know what, she on-hold our luggage at LCCT (and we are flying to Sarawak). how rude is that, that is what we call rogue behavior of the ground staff, the feel unhappy, they will use their authority to playful on you. Be careful to talk with them or else they will make your life hard. there is no "customer always right" in Airasia there is only "Please the ground staff as they are KING". No need to think of catch their name from their name tag cause they do not even bother to wear the name tag during their duty. all of us feel very disappointed with Airasia. as a frequent flyer with Airasia this time i am really sad what they have done.

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airasia: claim for compensatation due to flight delayed

Re: airasia-claim for compensatation due to flight delayed

My flight from kl (Lcct) to kota kinabalu no. Ak5102 on 01 may 2009 time 09.30am was delayed to about 12.32noon (More than 3 hours). I with 6 fami members with other many passenger were furious because it jeorpardise our plans and shedules and every look tired.

I am writing in to claim compensation for the delay. I understand that airasia will compensate myself and family members with necessary compensastion due to impact on mental and physical to myself and my family members. I am wondering is what going to happened if somebody have committed with the important schedule such to attend an important meeting (Rm2million) at 3:30pm on the same day ??.

I hope to hear from you soon for the compensation.


rude flight attendant

it wasnt my first time flying wif AirAsia, but this was the worst service i've ever encountered! i wa...


I'm very dissapointed due to the services which were given by Air Asia and would like to complain for my flight from Denpasar to Jakarta - QZ7519 which was delayed for 2.5 hours and request the On time Guarantee voucher to be sent to my attention as soon as possible.

delay 3 1/2 hour

My flight from kl to penang no. Ak5374 on 3 april 2009 time 19.45 was delayed to about 23.10. Many passenger were furious including me because it jeorpardise our plans and shedules and every look tired.

I wonder why air asia flight always been delay and some of my colleague also experienced this situation before.

I am writing in to claim compensation for the delay. I understand that airasia will compensate us with a
Rm200.00 voucher.

I hope to hear from you soon for the compensation.

My contact no is [protected] ms h'ng

  • Az
    azspots May 01, 2009

    A 3 hour delay and you're complaining??? That barely classifies as inconvenient, and certainly does NOT classify as something you should be compensated for.

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  • Be
    belinda kang Aug 20, 2009

    Our flight from kl to bangkok AK734 on 7 july 2009 time 08.25am was delay to about 12.00 noon .many passengger was furious including me, my sis and friend, because of this it jeopardise our plan and schedules and every look tired.

    I'm am writing in to claim compensation for the delay.I understand that airasia will compensate us with a rm200.00 voucher each.

    I hope to hear from you soon for the compensation

    My contact number is +60163707761 Ms Belinda Kang

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  • Md
    mdsha76 Aug 08, 2010

    that Egift voucher is only for certain cases.

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delay for more than 3 hours

My flight from kuala lumpur to penang flight no: ak5374 on 29 march 2009 time: 1955 was delayed to about 2300.

Many passengers were furious including me because it jeopardizes our plans and schedules.

I am writing in to claim compensation for the delay. I understand that airasia will compensate us with a rm200 voucher.

My contact no is: [protected].

Thank you.

  • Ya
    Yan Gin Sin Apr 05, 2009

    Posted 5 APR 2009 by Yan Gin Sin
    Delay for more than 3 hours.
    My flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang flight no: AK5374 on 4APR 2009 time depart 19:45pm
    was delayed to about 23:00pm.
    Many passengers were furious including me because it jeopardizes our plans and schedules.
    I am writing in to claim compensation for the delay.
    I understand that Airasia will compensate us with Rm 200 voucher.
    thanh you,

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  • Dj
    djeff2free Apr 07, 2009

    dear airasia,

    Delay of Flight more than 3 hours..
    My Flight from kuching to Kuala Lumpur AK5209 on 3rd. April 2009 time depart 1505pm was delayed to aout 1825pm. I was travelling on vacation with my family n furious because it jeopardizes our plan n schdules that has been arrange n paid earlier before.

    For info, i am writing in to claim for compensation due to the delayed of that flight as mention n i also received ur measage via sms through my handphone on 3rd April 2009 around 1300pm but i was already at the airport.

    I understand that AIRASIA will compensate us with RM200.00 voucher
    Thank You. Hope to hear from airasia soon.
    JEFFRY ISMAWI Kuching Sarawak 019-8279121/[email protected]

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  • El
    elishadotcom Apr 18, 2009

    Dear Air Asia

    Is there any particular email that I should send to in order to claim for my RM200 voucher.
    My flight was from Penang to Medan on 16 April 2009.

    My email is: [email protected]

    Thank you.

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  • Md
    mdsha76 Aug 08, 2010

    that RM 200 is not for all cases.. Only for certain cases.

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  • Jo
    Jolanda putih Jul 28, 2016

    We had a flight on airasia QZ521 on July 25th. It was suppose to take off at noon 12PM but was delayed at 7.10 Pm and then delayed again for a real take off at 9 PM !!!

    So I ask for a compensation for all this wasted time.

    Thanks for your fast reply


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cancellation service

We booked return [middle of the day] flights from Bangkok to Hanoi. Airasia sent me 2 text messages saying they had cancelled both outbound and inbound flights, they put us on evening flights. I changed them to [very early] morning flights [which is very inconvenient], Airasia charged me over 5000 baht for this. I tried to phone their Bangkok number several times but couldn't get a response and sent 3 emails without reply. I am very dissatisfied with Airasia's charging and lack of customer service

  • Je
    JELLAY Mar 28, 2014


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stranded in kl for 2 days

Air asia flight delayed 1 hour 10 minutes from vietnam to kuala lumper, connecting flight from kuala lumper to perth australia left 10 minutes early, plane was still on the ground but 15 people were refused and missed the flight.
Air asia did reschedule tickets but some people had to stay in kl for 2 days and some for 4 days. Air asia was asked about hotels, taxis and extra meals. Thier reply was we dont help with those things and left the 15 people stranded. As I had 3 paying tickets and an infant the total cost of hotels taxis and meals was around 750 australian dollars.
As the delay was due to a late flight arrival (Air asia) I and all others should be compensated for this extra cost to us through their mis-management. After 4 emails and 3 phone conversations to air asia starting 10 days ago still no answer or reply has been forth-comming.

contaminated food

I flew with air asia in november and december 2017 between perth and kuala lumpur. On december 21 2017 I flew with my mother from kuala lumpur to return to perth. We pre booked our food online and found that the food was awful.
To make things worst, we had stomach upset when we got home. My wife flew in on january 1st 2017 with the same airline and experienced the same problems. Something needs to be done to stop this. Small children can really fall ill someday. The airline doesnt have any provision for customers to send their feedback online.

  • Ma
    Marinus Florie Dec 25, 2011

    I asked for refund of the airport tax by mean of the E-form of a flight I booked but did not take. They responded that the refund was denied because they could not find my booking in their system. But I have booked the flight on the AIRASIA-site and when I login on my account I can see my booking (JD3LGH). I believe they just do not want to refund. I am very disappointed in Air Asia and I doubt that I ever make a booking again.

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  • Ch
    charissa87 May 12, 2012

    Did you end up getting your refund?? You should keep pursuing the matter and show them records of your travel itinerary!! Please make sure you are getting your refund as they are obviously getting away with doing this to many people!

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  • Ch
    charissa87 May 12, 2012

    No surprises there

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on time guarantee voucher

The worst airasia in the world maybe. Delay delay and delay. Call call centre you will be put on hold 20 - 45...

after 8 weeks still not see my refund

It has been almost 2 months since I received Airasia's letter (see below) in regards to my air tickets refund. As of today, Jan-1-2009, I have not seen the money being credited
to my card. The 2 air tickets are:

1) AQ1QBC - RM490
2) GK4QEA - RM340

When can I get my money back ??


> From: Noor Hisham Mohd Jaffar
> Subject: RE: clarification enquiry
> To: [protected]@yahoo.com
> Cc: "'Hani Nurlena'"
> Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2008, 2:27 PM
> Dear Mr. Richard,
> I truly apologise for the late respond. Regards to
> recent query, please
> be informed that we have included the change fees of
> in the refund
> process. Therefore, you will get back RM490 for your
> cancelled booking.
> We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
> Thanks & regards,
> Noor Hisham Mohd Jaffar
> Call Centre
> AirAsia Berhad
> LCC Terminal, Jalan KLIA S3,
> Southern Support Zone, KLIA,
> 64000 Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
> Malaysia.

  • Ev
    Eva May 12, 2009

    I am having the same problem, the Air Asia customer service officer over-charged me when I requested them to change the date of flight for four person. The right amount is RM936, but they charged me RM2, 200 to my credit card!!!

    I am very disappointed, frustrated and angry of the way they handle their customers. I have been calling them on and off to check the status of the refund progress, they told me the finance people has put a statement that it was done on 6/05/09. When I called my credit card centre, I was told there is no money shown refund transaction from Air Asia in my account on 11/05/09.

    I think Tony must do something about poor customer service in Air Asia, there are always a choice for us NOT to FLY with Air Asia.

    I will always remember these two ladies who are Air Asia customer service officers, Thanam and Mary, who are so unprofessional... I do not know how long should I wait to settle this issue.

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  • Zo
    zoe mamy Nov 23, 2009

    according to them they will NEVER REFUND $ Back to your credit card or account, they will give you back something called the credit shields and you will need to use it to purchase ticket from them.. do u want to check with them again ?

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  • Li
    LIYANAGE Mar 24, 2010

    Air Asia very poor customer service, Always online system errors, very difficult to contact them over the phone, Waist money & Time. Most of the staff members are rude

    Same problem 10weeks gone still I didn't get my refund

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  • Mi
    misseducated Oct 23, 2010

    Hi guys, have you all finally received your refund?? I am going through the same thing and it makes me sick that Air Asia thinks they can keep people's money this long!! Have you conssidered charging back?

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  • Mi
    Michael L. S. Nov 10, 2010

    Having Googled AirAsia complaints l see there are many - so here is another one:
    On 30th June 2010 I tried to make a return on-line booking BKK - CXM, each time the booking finished with an error. This occurred twice case no 018593316909 and 018665417794. The on-line help was pathetic, l must have received 50 messages in the 40 minutes l was waiting and when l did get through they advised me to contact Air Asia centre, which l did and finished up on hold.
    The failed booking was reported to Air Asia on 30th June and that a deduction had been made from my Visa card on 30th June of THB 2, 845.30 equivalent to HK$697.95. I provided the payment ref. to Air Asia and have sent a letter to the company. And todate no refund and no constructive reply from the company. Bottom line is never use the airline again. Does Tony M. ever read any of this stuff l wonder.

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  • El
    ell11 Sep 22, 2013

    I have the same problem, it's been 10 weeks and I didnt get my refund yet from airasia. the service sucks! they want to keep passenger's money for months to get the interest from the bank!!!

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  • Ri
    rinie88 Sep 26, 2013

    I have the same problem too...i have wait for 4month from mei2013 till now...they said wehave to wait 6month to complete the process...total rm1800...they told me that my case has been settled and credit to my account...but till now i cant see where my money go...i call the bank they said no refund from airasia...

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  • Ja
    Jarred T Mar 19, 2015

    I have had the same problem. I Booked flights with AirAsia but the flights never excessed there end. Have waited for over 5 months now without having my refund and still haven't received the total of $1996.40US. Will be very careful booking flights with AirAsia if I ever do again.

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  • Ch
    chetana meher Nov 18, 2015

    One more complaint in AA account..We have cancelled flight before 3 months and still AA members saying its in process but yet refund is not done.
    Customer care people is giving repetitive answers over the concerns raised by us. Moreover they are not directing me to authorized or senior person who can help me in a true manner.

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fake, lie

I now want to complaint the air asia, my situation is, now in air asia website is wrote "hangzhou (Shanghai) "so I wan go shanghai so I booked, but after I booking I check back in internet, hangzhaou and shanghai is very far city and is a different place, so the problem is I go to hang zhou then how I go to shanghai ?, is a very very ### problem here, so I want to cancel my flight I call to cutomer serivce "sharif" say can cancel then after 30 minute become canot cencel my flight ### customer service, if my booking can cancel then the money deduct the cancel charges, then become credit let me book other place for between 3 mth for air asia x is ok for me, but now is the website wrote there is (Shanghai) but actually is go hangzhou not actually shanghai, (Customer service say that is shanghai my god) from hang zhou to shanghai stil have to go about 2 hour by car, for a booking by 20yrs old girl is it safe for that, now the air asia website is having a big mistake for that, they stil say nothing wrong and cannot cancel anything.

  • Lo
    longen Apr 10, 2014

    Hello, we fly with Asia all the time
    travelling to Kuala Lumpur and connecting flights to Phuket, Bangkok, etc., we have not changed our seat
    allocations although we have found out that we have been split up all over the
    plane without notification, we spoke to Ali from air Asia who did not wish to
    provide any more Identification as to Verify himself,

    Air Asia representative was rude and interruptive.
    After non-stop verbal Communication Interference without letting us have our
    chance to speak fully, we ask to speak to the manager, again refused and continued
    to argue stating we change our seats and we are not getting them back or our
    money back. We were told to put in a
    complaint as he was not going to make any changes what so ever, I identified
    myself fully as I work with the Australian police sector and told him that the
    site was not secure as a inter non-permitted change was placed and I requested politely
    for the IP Address that the change was made from so it could be followed up, I was
    refused any information besides that the change was from the email login and
    because it was done this way, we had to be the persons held responsible whether
    accidental or deliberate. I explained that an accidental change was not an
    option as there is no possible reason to be logging back in to check out
    standard seats and downgrade was not an option due to leg room is a high
    priority. Then the representative said it must have been children or something,
    the representative refused to negotiate until I actually warned him that I would
    take it to the CEO and I told him the CEO Name, once that was mentioned, he was
    quick to get into action and the changes was applied without hesitation and
    confirmed it via email very promptly and immediate, I (as a customer) who highly chooses Air Asia
    and Recommends the Airline with past Experiences is in the process of thinking
    of changing to a different carrier as we travel to Thailand Yearly to relatives,
    Despite the unstable position of pilots with the situation of Malaysians
    Airline MH370 is a daunting system that is in place to fly with certain carriers, we feel that we
    need to trust Air Asia instead of feeling relaxed with the giant Airline is
    very depressing with the incident carried out tonight with Air Asia Representative
    Mr Ali Himself made us feel very unwelcomed and left us in a very untrustworthy
    position with the airline for future transactions, I plead to you to investigate
    to prevent other flyers having to deal with this unpleasant experience.

    I thank you for your time

    James Vogler

    Booking KDH4GQ

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no service at all

My parents were suppose to travel from Manila to their hometown, Surabaya with Air Asia on Dec 6, 2008. This requires 2 flights, 1 from Clark(Manila) to KL, and 2 from KL to Surabaya. Both of them are in their 70's and my Mom has limited mobility and needed a wheelchair. So we tried to call Air Asia to ask for a wheelchair, but after being put on hold for 1 hour, the call center agent just told us that that's not part of their job, and we have to request for wheelchair with the airport.
So of course we requested in Clark (Manila) without problems. But it turns out their flight was delayed for more that 3 hours. The flight was suppose to be 11:45 arriving in KL at 15:40. Instead it departed at 15:00. Naturally, they try to follow up with Air Asia staff, since they are very concern about their connecting flight to Surabaya, which we already scheduled more than 3 hours apart at 19:00. But of course their answer is, there's nothing we can do, we are a point to point service. Which seems to be their mantra.

Still they arrive late in KL, and miss their connecting flight to Surabaya. As if that's not bad enough, the wheelchair they requested was not there in KL airport. The funny thing is, the flight attendant told my Mom during the flight that she should wait for her wheelchair when they arrive, so they do have a record of wheelchair request. That flight attendant has since conveniently left them alone in the airplane still waiting for more than 30 mins for a wheelchair. So after many phone reluctant phone calls, somebody finally got a wheelchair, but they insist they were not notify for it. And then the guy who pushed the wheelchair had the audacity to ask for more tip when they were leaving the airport. My dad did gave him some tip, but he said it's not enough. A far cry from Philippines staff in Clark who even refuse a tip and even help my Dad load and unload his bags in the Clark Airport.

Finally they got out of the aircraft, and pick up their bags, no one was there to help my elderly parents to carry their heavy bags around this airport to try to get their next flight to surabaya. Air Asia refuse to take any responsibility for the missing flight to Surabaya, they insist they are a point to point carrier and not responsible for any missed flights due to their delayed flights.

My parents has to go around counter to counter, and finally found a flight the next morning at 10am. They then take a taxi to find a hotel and pay for hotels and taxi with their own expense, without any help or even advise from Air Asia.

The next day, not wanting to miss their flight to Surabaya, they arrive early at 7AM. There was a long line at the check in counter, after waited in line for 2 hours, the person in the counter told my dad he was lining up at the wrong counter, he's supposed to go to the same counter he went to the night before, so carrying all his heavy bags, and my Mom in a wheelchair, he found that counter, where the person there directed him to go back to the first counter he went to. By the time he got there, the person in that counter told him he's too late, and the flight is full. So after being sent back and forth my parents was finally able to take the flight to Surabaya with this 10AM flight.

But my Dad, who has a heart condition was so tired from running around their airport with the bags that when he tried to sit down, he fell from his seat. What if he had a heart attack there, should Air Asia be responsible for this? What kind of policy do you have, that you don't take responsibility for your 3.5 hours delay? And what kind of staff you hired, that don't understand the meaning of customer service or even have a shred of compassion for this stranded elderly couple?

Never again would I ever fly Air Asia. Just because you're cheap doesn't mean you have a right to treat people this way.

  • Ax
    Axel Vanderoost Aug 25, 2014

    We have had the same experience with their website and they also requested us to pay over 120US$ to change the departure time although we called them within 5mins of having confirmed the flight.
    Due to the mistake in the departure time my wife and child were forced to stay in Malaysia overnight which cost us another 50US$.
    The next day they flew out to Bandung in Indonesia.
    When they arrived in Bandung the trolley had been stolen.
    After more than two weeks and having to call them ourselves many times they confirmed the trolley was lost.
    They offered to compensate only half the value of our brand new trolley.
    Despite having subscribed to an ADDITIONAL insurance provided by Air Asia at aditional cost to cover lost luggages.
    Not to mention all the problems caused to my wife who had to carry around three luggages and our kid in her arms for days!
    This Airline s the worst ever service support.
    When we called them they requested us to call Malaysia giving us unreachable numbers.
    Then they asked us to call Thailand despite my wife being actually in Indonesia!
    This company is very poorly managed and they have absolutely NO RRESPECT for their customers.
    I strongly recommend you NOT TO USE THIS AIRLINE!!!
    Trying to save some $ we ended losing tremendously and suffering serious personal difficulties which NO ONE cared much about.
    This AIrline is an OUTRAGE!!!

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terrible service

Yesterday was one of my worse nightmare flight!

I was supposed to meet my fiancee at malaysia.
So I took airasia flight (2 flights transit)

The 1st flight is supposed to depart at 12.20pm and reach at 3.30pm
(From jakarta to kuala lumpur)

The 2nd flight is supposed to depart at 6.30pm and reach at 8.30pm
(From kuala lumpur to sibu)
(I'm supposed to meet my fiancee and her family here and we can then fly to sibu together)

So anyways, I have one luggage which I check in and 2 other luggage which I carry.
The 1st flight was delayed for 2.30 hrs! Making the flight leaving at 2.50pm and we reach kuala lumpur by 5.50pm and according to the travel documents I printed, the counter closed 45 minutes before the flight took off!

That's like what? 40 minutes before I can check in?
There's definitely not enough time!
By the time I got my luggage and ready to check in everything, it's already 6.30pm!
So I complained to the airasia manager and say that it's their fault that the 1st flight was delayed and that 'normally', they would at least put you on the next flight or something.

But you know what their reply was?
They say 'we have advice you that if you are transitting, you should arrive 3 or more hours before the next flight! If the flight is delayed less then 3 hours, we are not responsible and will not do anything as it is our policy that states so!'

You tell me! How can you not be angry!
(I wasn't the only one effected by the way, there was like a whole riot there)

But coincidentally, my fiancee (Who is already on-board) told me that her flight is also delayed! The flight hasn't took off yet! So I told them, look! Why not just shove me in as well? Like, the flight hasn't taken off yet! Then they said ok, they can do that but then I have 1 package to be checked in and they say that I would have to leave my package here if I want to take this flight!

So I argued again with them! (I mean heck, what's so difficult by just putting in an extra slot there when they plane is already delayed to begin with?) so after like 30 mins of heated argument, a government official (Who happened to take the same flight) helped me with everything and they said ok! (My fiancee's family knows him so they asked for his help, very nice guy)

But they still wouldn't let me check in the baggage.
So finally when the pilot says that he doesn't want to wait, they have no choice but to rush me into the plane. As for my baggage, well they just slot it into the cargo! The flight then leaves by 7.30pm and reach the destination around 9.30pm... And I didn't receive my checked-in baggage at all!

They bloody lost it!
So I reported to the airasia in sibu and they told me that they cant trace it because there is no record of me ever checking in anything!
Why? Because it was an unofficial check in and that there was no record of them ever putting the package in!
So I told them that I purchased insurance from airasia along with it and if I can claim it?

They say that I would have to call the insurance company myself as it is from 3rd party.
Heck it is under them! What 3rd party ###! You call! But again, heated argument which ends with no one winning! Sigh!
All of these could've been avoided if the manager in charge would've just allowed me to check in the package and let me in!
That way;
1st - it would save a lot of time
2nd - I would've still receive my package

Or, at least just put me on the next flight!
But they never did that! All they do is argue and they don't even want to take responsibility at all!
Lastly I would like to say that,
I think the reason why people don't complain is because it's cheap!
But seriously, I don't think it's right the way they treat people!
I haven't really read the terms and condition yet but i've gotta see this message about 'if your flight is delayed less then 3 hours, they will not be responsible' (It's like they deliberately make this rule just so that they don't have to be responsible for anything and people still buy them because compared to other airlines, it's cheap)
... Also even if that's the case, I deliberately choose the initial flight to arrive 3 hours earlier so that I will have enough time! Next time, they might as well say that they can't do anything because the plane is delayed by hours!

This is the worse service that I have ever encountered.
In fact if possible, I wish that either airasia changed the way they manage or people should start suing them for cheating their money!

  • Bk
    Bksingh Jan 20, 2015

    Regarding fakeairlinesin pune airport, kindly check the verneble points for air asia inpune airport.
    1)Display board is not mentioned at any pointin pune airport. Kindly check the no of seat against issued the ticket by compitent authority of air asia. K7ndly check with ciss authority(registered) regarding behaviour at the time of air asia flight. Check the closing time of boarding pass on daily basis which gets closed 45mins before the flight departure.
    The credibility of air asiaat pune airport is nt fair.
    Kindly consider our on dated. 20 jan 2015. The fight departuretime 7.40and We reached at 7 pm the counter was closed and authorityof air asia refused to listen our request. And behaved badly with lady passenger. Kindly requested to consider the complain and refund our total charges.
    Take action against airasia. Waiting for the p
    rply otherwise i will claim complain in court against airasian and puneairport authority.

    Bk Singh
    Booking id-NF2201640982989
    Flight no- I51425 tue 20jan 2015:7.40pm
    Pune to bangalore
    Amount - Rs.15207

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flight cancellation

I was on the scheduled with my sons (7) and (17) on flight d72702 from kl to gold coast. As the previous people have noted-it is a total lack of communication with passengers and total lack of any staff that could handle this situation that lead to may problems amongst passengers. We heard 3 delayed calls about 2 hours with almost no reason for delay except the last one telling passengers that there were some mechanical issues that were trying to be resolved and then later at 2.00am the mechanics could not fix and flight was cancelled.In all of this time the passengers were asked to move from one section of the gate section to another and back again with no communication between staff. The details of the many points of the lack of professionalism with the ability to relax the passengers in some form or to organize passengers in a manner that would cater for the young and elderly was almost non existant. The only shining light in this fiasco was the representative that was sent to our hotel (Sorry cant remember her name but was in her late twenties early thirties) who single handedly relaxed irate customers, listened and answered all questions, organised arrangements, travelled to the airport and again answered all questions from all passengers (200+) and was ther until we all boarded the plane. Without this brilliant person-kaos and anger would have taken customer confidence in your airline to a non returnable choice for passengers-their family and friends and from the outcry to the media in our country. Your company had no updates or crisis access for anyone wanting to find out any details of where we were, when or where we were arriving at. My wife, daughter, mother and sister seperately had no sleep and spent almost a whole day trying to get answers through air asia, kl airport, gold coast airport, malaysian airlines with either answers of we dont know or abrupt ignorance.
The main purpose for this message is for your company to address this problem with an immeiate contingency plan for similair situations and that your representative that helped everyone be rewarded in a manner that befits the gratitude of 200+ passengers
Brian kenny

  • Ja
    jamal Nov 21, 2008

    i've call airasia call centre using 0387754000 for call within malaysia today. the answering voice machine just keep telling me to wait until there are available customer service officer. i've waiting until more then 10 minutes and suddenly no more connection. it is because my phone prepaid credit have been deduct from $28.19 to only 26 cent left. they stole my $27.93 just using their phone line. to make it worst, i've not yet talk to their customer service and they already charged $27.93. wtf . so anybody who wish to call their call center... just forget it.. it is better to buy a lot of food for your stomach than be cheated like me

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