Air Asia / don't let it phase ya, air asia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Review updated:

Hi Air Asia,

We know you are attempting to become the most un-Australian company of all time and your so close. For starters, your getting above the likes of your competition such as Tiger airways whom have ditched the RyanAir approach due to competing with you as the number one hated airline.

Don't let it phase ya Air Asia, although I see you have gotten a little upset now, I'll lift ya spirits an remind you how ya becomming Australia's most hated. Your keeping at the top with ya customer service skills, good idea outsourcing those skills to non-English speaking employees on fuzzy sounding phone lines. Let us not forget that you wont let the customer call you rather you have to call them, (4 days later) Genius Air Asia!

Your keeping up there by your advertising techniques that get the customers dollar in and give very little out, sorry did I say very little, I meant to say you give back nothing in return. But the main thing keeping you above all others is your options anomoly, why a passenger can change the flight time, change seats, change food, change insurance actually can change just about anything else EXCEPT a name. But what is in a name ay Air Asia?

Just the fact that all those other options are pointless when you can't change the name of your ex-girlfriend because she dumped you. It's alright though Air Asia, because you won't let me change the name, I'll go by myself cos even though it might be a promo flight, it still bloody cost me an arm and a leg but I guess I won't be flying alone because I will be with you, the numero uno un-Australian airline.

Just don't let it phase ya, ay Air Asia!!!

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