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Our air asia flight from kl to jhb (Ak5276) on 22-dec-2009 was delayed an hour from 2115 to 2215. This is the 2nd time delay after our previous delayed flight from kl-langkawi (Ak5328) on 20 dec 2009 from 1610 to 1730. The good things is we had bought air asia goinsure travel protection insurance and it does covered flight delayed. The bad things was, we only can claim if the delay time is 6 hours long, no less (This is for domestic travel, for international you have to check).In addition, to make a claim (If you are entitled to do so) you need to surrender a written report from air asia for the delayed confirmation (This is because the insurance services is from another company and not managed by air asia). Just imagine the work need to be done for making claim here. There are also a lot of hidden policies for this insurance which is more likely to secure money from customer than protecting them (I remembered the ceo saying that they are making profits over it, I don't blame him, it's a business anyway). To conclude, buying an insurance for traveling with air asia is an option but does it really providing the cover you need? And is the process of making the claim is at ease? Please re-think again before buying goinsure with air asia. Btw, why you need a travel policy anyway? All air services company is responsible for its passenger safety during travel. Adios!

M. Jihadi
Johore, m'sia


  • Ts
    ts_ong Apr 13, 2010

    im totally agree wif u. Air asia r sucks...time delay, late notice, slow response from customer services, n now "force" us to call them at a rate of rm2 per minute...dun believe?...try call da existing number, c anyone answering ur call or not!


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  • Ko
    Kopi-teh Jun 27, 2011

    i agree with M.Jihadi on airasia insurance shortcomings. Of course, flight companies need to write the types of policies that would not bleed them in times of claims, would they?

    But M.Jihadi failed to see the true reasons why travelers need to buy travel insurance. Most insurance offered by airline companies are protecting the insured during the flight. Once the insured touched down and leave the airport, the insured will be on his or her own throughout his travel in the visiting country. Anything can happen during his ground tour/activity: accident, falling sick, emergency that needed airlift evacuation, evacuation out of natural disaster affected area, snatched passport or money plus whole lot of other benefits. This is when the real benefits of having a comprehensive travel insurance come into play. So, IT IS essential to buy a travel policy before you fly, but it is advisable to get one directly from insurance company, not through the airline-built-in insurance.

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  • Le
    LeighAmity Apr 30, 2013

    Yep and when you do have a legitimate reason to claim (ie wife taken to hospital in motor bike accident) to actually get a claim through and refund takes a short 2-3 months with 4 or 5 emails, and several phone calls, followed by being told that they will only reimburse you the flight excluding taxes and baggage and do an international transfer that will cost you an extra $20. Awesome - definitely more stress free flying 'naked' (insurance wise). But make sure you have medical...with someone else...someone good!!!

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  • Ye
    Yee Teck Ten Aug 20, 2018

    Yeah...Airasia is suck and always want to charge every single thing but Airasia have you ever think how poor is your service? let me tell you... Airasia is like SHIT!!!

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